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clients and students weigh in. . .


You leave a session with Naomi feeling totally empowered from the inside out. It’s the delicious sensation of spiritual validation. Naomi is fearless and totally confident in her intuitive abilities. She takes risks and tells it like it is.


Your teachings are indispensable, and I consider them high-priority for all those who are navigating the seemingly ungraspable ways of relationship. You have the codes for the most puzzling and painful love conundrums!


It’s Naomi’s innate wisdom and inner knowing coupled with her intellectual background that creates the perfect combo for bringing the spiritual into the material. Her intuition is next level.


I have been coming to Naomi for years. With each reading, I have grown and changed and been able to respond better to all the ups and downs that life has to offer.


Naomi, in you I feel I’ve met such an AMAZING Goddess!!! I feel honored and inspired to have been a part of this workshop. Every single woman was so unique and interesting! Everyone shone like a precious stone!


Naomi’s clarity, her accurate details of events that are in the near and distant future as well as her general insight and advice have always supported what I felt to be true and indeed, have come true.


All throughout your workshop and continuing through the evening, and even all throughout yesterday and this morning, it was as though this giant internal knot unraveled and I was able to see myself with a sustained compassion I’ve only had glimpses of.


I have been to other intuitives but none of them can match the wisdom, humor, kindness and importantly, the details that Naomi provides.


Naomi doesn’t preach, push, sell a false bill of goods or give you her ‘own’ opinion. During a reading she is connected to you and a place of higher knowledge and tells you what you need to know.


You're a divine inspiration to me and to so many others. An angelic oracle gracing this earth, having polished, cultivated and refined your diamond-like brilliance even whilst going through this volcanic pressure cooker called life. What great good fortune I’ve found you!


Your teachings on the art of relating are utterly and entirely transforming and liberating.


Naomi’s work is profound. She’s an incredible messenger that is deeply in service to our highest self. Each session is a reminder to honor the self totally and fully. I constantly remind myself of the loving guidance Naomi has passed on to me in the areas of self-care and self-love, and how we are all a work in progress.


From the first seemingly small question I asked, Naomi was delving into the major life lessons I was struggling with in a comprehensive, rational narrative that lifted a weight I didn’t even realize I was carrying, awakening a rush of inner well-being and confidence I didn’t know I was capable of.


I am so grateful for your huge investment in my growth and success; and am truly appreciative of your tremendous wisdom and masterful skill at channelling and conveying messages. Total game-changer, every last word.


LOVED everything about this workshop! You’re doing something truly extraordinary here and I’m thrilled to have been a part of it.


You once told me I had a ‘contract of overcoming fear’ with the universe and truer words were never spoken, but you must know how I’ve been working hard in numerous ways to get beyond my fear and I thank you for that tremendously.


Your rich and extraordinary inner database of knowledge, paired with your true wisdom and embodiment of Love creates a most powerful quantum ground for shift and evolution.


In the JOURNEY TO Y-O-U: ACCESS YOUR TRUTH AND YOUR GREATNESS, I really learned how to live my life more fully. Also, as a woman who has already achieved great career success, I finished this course feeling far more empowered and motivated to do all that’s within my heart to do.”


I don’t know if you know that your readings are much more than prophetic, they are real tools of encouragement. If applied correctly to one’s life, your readings have the power to initiate real powerful and positive change. You are a gift.


I always walk away from a reading with Naomi filled with joy, purpose and most importantly, a sense of what is possible, of what I can and should be doing.


I’d like to thank you, Naomi, for putting together such an extraordinary workshop! I am still under the influence of our magical gathering. My intuition expanded and I know that will stay with me into the future. I also got quite a healing that feels like it’s continuing even after the workshop.


I had this incredible reading with Naomi. She was so accurate! She brought up stuff that she couldn’t possibly have known… She spoke of the deeper meanings of what was happening to me, and I believe that the best intuitives do that. Her gift is absolutely dead-on. She’s a hundred percent. I’m telling you guys, she may not be so famous yet, but grab her before she is—she is going to be sooooo busy!


Naomi totally changed my life. She taught me how to live my life with, as she puts it, ‘my high beam headlights turned on.’ Through our work together, I have learned to get the most out of my life and to embrace the brilliance and power that lies within me.


I have been guided by Naomi’s wisdom toward positive and amazing results, in matters of love, money, work, and finding my footing on my life’s path.


I’ve learned more about myself in these first few modules of this 7-Week “JOURNEY TO Y-O-U” than I did in decades of intensive talk-therapy!


You are without question one of my life’s pillars! How many times have I said to myself, "thank goodness for Naomi!" or "what the heck would I do without her in my life???!"  


My life has been completely transformed as a result of my Intensive with Naomi. The benefits of working with her cannot be overstated. During my full-day session Naomi said, ‘I want to be straight with you. The guides are telling you to stop playing it *normal*. There’s nothing normal about you. You’re a real mystic and they want you to claim that. That was a huge turning point for me. It was like coming out of the spiritual closet.


Thank you SO MUCH for the incredible, life-changing workshop on Sunday. It was sheer perfection. You created an incredible healing dynamic, which produced real healing in the room, such that the women even started to seem less polished and more vulnerable as the day went on, in the most beautiful way.


I am just beginning to absorb the incredible time we spent together in our VIP Intensive. The magnitude of the healing and wisdom you gave me is becoming clear and I am filled with overwhelming gratitude. My life will never be the same.


Whether in an intensive or in a regular session (I’ve had both, in multiples), Naomi creates a safe space of self-accountability. You can’t hide from her and you certainly can’t hide from your guides! With Naomi, you get #realtalk. Plain and simple. 


After attending your workshop, I just felt dramatically strengthened overall, as though I could handle anything. And there’s just this easy, loving happiness and peace that’s taking over the way I look at everything, including uncomfortable, fearful issues that need to be addressed.


When you go to see Naomi, you just name your goal and then Naomi orchestrates the map. Naomi masterfully shows you the most direct path to getting whatever you want, in love, money, relationships with anyone, health, and your career.


This workshop was wonderful in every way! Great community, interesting ideas, helpful handouts, tons of useful information. I loved doing the worksheets. They made it easy to take what I learned into my life after the workshop. I’m glad I can look back at my notes and refresh. I loved the vibe you created and laughing with everyone.


Naomi’s gift is to speak to you in that same language as the most intimate voice inside your own mind, the one that always knows more and better than you think you do. Always supportive, always loving, always empathetic, always honest, she speaks your own truth to your own ears. Amazingly, they always listen. Suddenly—-here you are, committed to discovering and building a true life out of whispered dreams. I have nothing but appreciation and love and enormous gratitude for the beautiful guidance she has given me.


The life altering knowledge I’ve gained through Naomi’s guidance continues to help me in all aspects of my life. Therapy can take years to arrive at answers, but Naomi can get to the bottom of a question in an hour. I’ve sent my boyfriend, friends, and several family members for readings, and shared their buzzing clarity and exuberance afterward. To the even slightly curious, all I can say is, go!


There is nothing like Naomi’s bellowing laugh when she knows her client has had a transformative insight. Working with Naomi, you can count on the synchronicity and magic that is bound to occur.


What’s most impressive to me about Naomi’s talents is her ability to combine various knowledges to provide the most insightful and comprehensive readings I’ve had from any intuitive. Naomi’s ability to combine traditional tarot skills with her knowledge of the metaphysical and spiritual arenas, Jungian psychology, the Enneagram, palmistry, and the art of natural healing infuse her sessions with profound insight and startling accuracy. At times I have felt naked in front of her!


The JOURNEY TO Y-O-U: ACCESS YOUR TRUTH AND YOUR GREATNESS was an exceptional online course in every way. The teachings in Naomi’s beautiful video lectures were engaging and keenly held my interest. The assignments helped me to assimilate and live out what I was learning. The course gave me brilliant insights on myself and my life that I couldn’t have gotten anywhere else.


What makes a session with Naomi even more intoxicating is seeing the level of joy Naomi receives in providing guidance and help. She’s a true giver. Having just had another uplifting and life-altering session with Naomi, I would encourage anyone who is looking to go deeper into his or her spiritual learning journey or seeking guidance on the most important questions in life to contact Naomi. You won’t be disappointed. 


As a result of attending your workshop, so many internal contradictions that were really slowing me down and keeping me stuck resolved themselves, including dilemmas about the importance of the body, how the conscious/unconscious mind interact, the need for discipline vs. the need to be gentle with the self.


When I first came to Naomi, I was trapped in a job, school, and living situation I hated. I was so confused I didn’t know what to change, and my weekly appointments with a traditional psychotherapist only exacerbated the confusion. Feeling like a perpetual screw up, I never imagined my ‘call to action’ would be to take care of myself through exercise, baths, beauty rituals, writing and other seemingly self-indulgent activities, but her prescription cleared my confusion within weeks as I spent less time immersed in other people’s energies and more time present in my own. With over ten readings behind me, I have a college degree, a job I love, and I’m in a loving, committed relationship.


In the process of expertly trouble-shooting the practical matters of your life, Naomi somehow manages to also facilitate your lost connection to the universe. In my case, until discovering Naomi, that was a connection I scarcely knew I had.


What can I say. Every time I come out of a workshop with you I’m overwhelmed and amazed. I’m now more than confident than ever that I can rely on that inner voice. Then the more I rely on it, the more reliable it becomes. The confirmations and affirmations keep coming. Thank you so much, Naomi.


I have been working regularly with Naomi for five years. I can’t believe how my life has evolved and is evolving beyond my wildest dreams. And meanwhile, those dreams are regularly heading into higher and higher stratospheres.


This workshop was AMAZING. It really, truly sold the self-love concept to me on such a deep level, such that for the first time ever I actually felt it was attainable.


What Naomi offers to you is a clear, bright spring where you can kneel and wash off those parts of yourself that are tired, confused, disguised, or afraid and see them reflected in the light and clarity of her intuition. She illuminates the most direct path into your own heart when the forest becomes blinded by its own leaves so that you, too, can find those secret, amazing possibilities planted in yourself.


Many thanks for our session. I left the East Village with a new level of awareness and tremendous feelings of gratitude for all the gifts that life has been giving to me.


I, a woman who has always loved women, can’t believe this, but I am quite, quite smitten with a man. And, I remember you telling me a couple of years ago when I had my first reading with you that you saw me with a man. So, as frightened as I am about changing lifestyle, I am forging ahead and embracing change and growth because my new love inspires that in me.


I don’t know where I’d be without the incredible work we’ve done over these past few years. It’s been crucial to my personal development and to every aspect of my life, including my career, my finances, my health, my spiritual journey, my love life, and all my relationships.


I was so riveted by these video lectures for the JOURNEY TO Y-O-U that I [the CEO of a Fortune 500 Company] couldn’t stop myself from watching them on my computer while in the middle of my workday!


Not a day goes by that I don’t think about you with the deepest appreciation. I can’t overstate the value of of what I’ve learned from you and how I’ve benefited from your tutelage. I am forever grateful.


Naomi really is the easiest person to talk to with a massive heart! You can talk to her about ANYTHING and she totally gets it. 


I have always been deeply connected to my spirituality, but in my reading Naomi was very firm that I needed to bring it into my professional life in a meaningful way. Fly my spiritual flag. Now I have a website, several widely read columns on sex and spirituality, and am a coach myself. She really delivered the message I needed to fully step into my mystical power and prowess. And my doing so changed everything.


Taking this course with you was and continues to be a godsend! I am deeply inspired by your knowledge, your enthusiasm and vivid passion for this work. It has been a remarkably expanding source of awareness and growth. The manner in which you organized and presented the class was very effective. The combination of independent reading, weekly video lectures and the personalized group conversation reinforced the lessons while covering all the bases. I was amazed at how effective it was to review the group intuitive coaching recordings and the lectures—which I continue to do even now.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your generosity of time, energy, and soul and for the part you continue to play in my expansion. I absolutely loved my VIP-intensive. You looked after me impeccably and I am truly grateful for the amazingly tender care you gave me throughout—from our beautiful, comfortable and harmonious surroundings to your constant vigilance over my well-being. You are a gift from God. 


I love that Naomi is walking her own talk. Just being around her makes me feel very alive and reminds me that I can take loving responsibility for my life rather than reverting to the little ways that I might sabotage my life out of habit.


I loved having this class in my life. The way you framed it made it feel delicious to be learning this subject matter. For it’s really about new levels of awareness rather than a sense that we needed to be “fixed” or to learn the “tricks.” It was a highlight of the season, and I really look forward to continuing to come to other classes and seminars you teach.


I worked intensively with Naomi to take my business to the next level. Without my telling her anything, she saw the whole layout of my business—the stagnant energy and that it was too “mom and pop.” She shared with me the specific actions, strategies, and people that were needed to catapult my business. Her words were just the push I needed to take actions that I was dancing around and avoiding. After my intensive, I felt so clear-headed and excited. Everything has now changed in my business. Naomi is such a gift!


Thank you for everything at your workshop yesterday. I learned so much. I’m glad I gave that time to myself. I had many new realizations, and as I am still processing them all, I am sure there is more growth to come. The most important thing for me now is acknowledging and accepting that I am down about so many things in my life. I feel sad and must allow myself to grieve, to feel the pain, to love myself, to cherish the things I am learning from this pain, and to commit to moving forward with grace, and without drowning in my mix of emotions. I got lots of healing at your workshop. I now feel I can open up more, and that I can give and receive more.


In the aftermath of my intensive with you, my soul feels full, nourished and imbued with complete love and support. I am honored by the conspiring of guides and masters in other realms to provide me with this escalation of revealing at the highest level. Thank you! Thank you!


What I LOVE most about working with Naomi is how alive and vibrant Naomi is, how true to herself she is, which is so inspiring for living in my own authenticity. There is no judgment from her, just a true sense of her love to help and heal and illuminate the best paths for my life.


I just wanted to thank you again for our session. What an amazing way to bring in my 40th year. Your insights have been nothing more than transformational for me; I feel blessed to have been ‘brought’ to you.


I loved coming together with a community of women who were each very radiant in their own way. I loved looking around the room and thinking about everyone present, “you’re awesome!” I loved having healthy foods and snacks with room for indulgence (dark chocolate, yum!). I also loved that you shared from your own experience.


Naomi, you beam with brightness. I can’t thank you enough for your incredible wisdom, support, and intuition. Your guidance is nothing short of brilliant and has served me tremendously and helped me push further in all aspects of my life. I am realizing my dreams! Better still, you’ve helped me come to understand myself better. Having that increased knowledge and acceptance of myself has made such a huge difference on my path.


I was at the end of my rope in every possible way when I first went to see Naomi for a reading. I was destroyed mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially. And to make everything worse, I was addicted to both cocaine and alcohol. My world was literally collapsing around me. I was totally freaked out and had no plan of action. Naomi met with me and helped to guide and support me through my darkest hour into my own light. Her intuitive abilities are brilliant, magical and always for my better good.


I have been feeling like we tapped into something very deep and promising. My head is more clear, my chest broader, my attention more focused. Those are, of course, physical evidences of the most real kind about the space you are able to hold with people. I am sending great appreciation out to the universe in your honor.


I love Naomi’s amazing light energies and how inspired I feel when we talk about creating magic in my life. I always know we will cover all my pressing questions and get to the bottom of things. She never leaves me hanging with open ended concerns. I always know I will leave a session feeling excited about stepping into my life with a new clarity.


Naomi has helped me to figure out how to reconvene with my own soul and soul’s purpose. Going to see her is like therapy for the soul! Naomi has helped me to explore and learn about myself and my own capabilities, gifts and intuition. I thank God I found Naomi when I did. It seemed like the end for me. But she helped me to see that it was the beginning of a new beautiful life. I believed what she saw for me and kept pushing forward in light and love instead of pain and fear. Naomi is an amazing healer, teacher and intuitive. I am blessed and honored to work with her.


Thank you, Naomi, for being my guardian angel!


I just wanted to let you know how amazing your reading was last summer—and how accurate! I’m seven months pregnant and very much in love with the man you described in the reading. What a year it’s been . . . everything is going really well. Thank you for your generosity and wisdom that day in the East Village—it was extremely helpful, and I have thought about the things you said in the past year many times, words of reassurance and guidance.


It’s very inspiring that although Naomi is tapping into these very high energies of source, god, love and helping to restructure my life for the better, she is also a career-woman and a present, active mother of three. It shows me what’s possible and that you can be in both worlds. For a long time I felt I would have to pick between my spiritual life and my more mundane everyday life. Naomi proves you can be deeply connected to spirit and also a perfectly ‘normal’ human being.


Naomi, You Are The TRUTH! You have most certainly watered and fertilized me.


I adore Naomi’s playfulness, her cozy down to earth-ness... Her total honesty no matter what she reveals. In her readings, she cuts to the chase and makes it very real, no wishy-washiness.


My session with you helped me tremendously during that day and in the following days. You helped me with your sensitivity and insight to unblock some obstacles and clarify some feelings that had made me blind and stagnated. You also made me feel very comfortable and relaxed during the reading. I am still shocked at the beautiful gift you have—congratulations!! I feel very lucky to have found you!! Looking forward to many other sessions!!


Naomi Pabst changed my life for the better. Period. She has an incredible gift and is truly amazing. One of the many things that sets Naomi apart is the fact that she is a great teacher and listener. Her intuitive guidance was coupled with practical exercises that helped me to rediscover myself, encouraged me to listen and live more profoundly, and to obtain the answers, clarity and direction I was seeking. Naomi helped me to uncover the answers that lay within myself, and because of her I have been able to manifest my most important desires.


Naomi, I just wanted to say a gigantic thank you for seeing me for a session. I am so glad I came to you. I am feeling clearer and much less confused about everything! Thanks to your recommendations, I now have a great collection of books that I am really enjoying. I am deepening my explorations of who I am and what I need with a talk on ‘spring detox’ at the NY Open Center tomorrow. Best of all, I’m making a conscious effort to be aware of my actions, choices, thoughts, and feelings. What a difference this has made for my life already. Can’t tell you how good it makes me feel. Finally it feels like its all getting into gear! My session with you has done me a world of good and I am so happy and so very thankful to you!


I have had a reading with Naomi several times and her advice is always of great value for my private or my professional life. Her readings confirm that my ‘vague’ feeling is the right one and that I should trust my intuition. In times of overwhelming chaos she has brought energy, light and wisdom into places where I needed it the most.


I met Naomi in a deep crisis and awakening period and have done many readings with her. Throughout the years, her readings and her guidance lead my “almost divorce” relationship back on track. It was impossible to believe given everything I was going through, but she consistently insisted my husband and I would get back together and work things out. On the dot! Every time! But most importantly, she helped me fall in love with myself all over again. With her frankness and honesty, Naomi helped expand my career as an artist and helped me find my personal path as a writer.


The thing that impressed me the most about our session was the incredible intuition and accuracy of all the things that you perceived right away.


I came to the session with no questions and no expectations. However, this relevant episode in my life was on my mind and haunting me, despite the fact it had not been a recent event in my life. Though this issue was coming to me only on and off as a flashback, it was the first thing that surfaced through the cards, which really shocked me, since there was no way you could have known about it.


Thank you for the very fantastic gifts you’ve given me from the realm of your wisdom, knowledge, and intuition. I call the messages you’ve given me my “fantasy gifts” and I am so glad you’ve shared them with me! Knowing you has changed my life completely. I cannot thank you enough for the guidance and insight you’ve offered me throughout the time we’ve worked together. I’m floating on air.


I know Naomi is a messenger from God, the angels and the universe; therefore, I can trust and rely on her 100%. She is direct, kind, insightful, wise, and most importantly discrete and private. Every time I go for my session, I exfoliate and leave my old layers behind, and I receive spiritual cleansing and a thirst for a healthier life. I am truly grateful for her generosity and her amazing talent! She’s truly ~~~~ gifted!


The other day, my daughter said to my wife privately... "Daddy is Very different. He's Changed. I never thought I'd be able to talk to him the way we talked. He Understands Me."


Thank U!!!