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How do we come to terms with being different?

No matter what your life experience has been, only you can set yourself free from the limitations you find yourself experiencing. Only you can deliver yourself true quality of life. Only you can choose to thrive rather than merely survive, and then brazenly blaze that trail to make thriving your default setting. Only you can transcend the ways you experience yourself to be a victim of circumstance. Only you can rise into being a true agent over the unfolding of your life. Only you can reclaim your true status of the creator of your own reality, and then bring into being the reality you actually want.

You can absolutely set yourself free. You can absolutely recenter yourself squarely in the epicenter of your own life. You can absolutely come home to yourself once and for all. Therein lies the better life you know full well is waiting is for you. Step into the life that is possible for you. Reclaim the life that is meant for you.



How does this transformation happen?

  • You join me for TWO power-coaching deep dives.
  • You receive truth and illumination from me.
  • We engage in a lively Q+A.
  • Our time together happens online, on Zoom.
  • Our two sessions are held on subsequent Mondays, one week apart.
  • Sessions are two-hours each.


Really *get* the ALCHEMY of difference


EMBRACE your own otherness and set yourself free



EMBRACE other people's otherness and set them free


your investment: $440

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