Todd Qillaq

During a reading [Naomi] is connected to you and a place of higher knowledge and tells you what you need to know. I always walk away filled with joy, purpose and most importantly, a sense of what is possible, of what I can and should be doing.

“You’re doing something truly extraordinary here and I’m thrilled to have been a part of it!”

After your workshop, I just felt dramatically strengthened overall, as though I could handle anything. And there’s just this easy, loving happiness and peace that’s taking over the way I look at everything, including uncomfortable, fearful issues that need to be addressed.”

“I am deeply inspired by your knowledge, your enthusiasm and vivid passion for this work. It has been a remarkably expanding source of awareness and growth for me.” 

“Your workshop was a highlight of the season, and I really look forward to continuing to come to other classes and seminars you teach.”

“You have the codes for the most puzzling and painful love conundrums!”

“Throughout your workshop, it was as though this giant internal knot unraveled…”

“What can I say. Every time I come out of a workshop with you I’m overwhelmed and amazed. I’m now more confident than ever that I can rely on that inner voice. Then the more I rely on it, the more reliable it becomes.”

Gary Davis

“As a result of attending your workshop, so many internal contradictions that were really slowing me down and keeping me stuck resolved themselves…”

Janet Brown

"Your teachings are indispensable, and I consider them high-priority for all those who are navigating the seemingly ungraspable ways of relationship.”