i change myself, i change the world.
— Gloria Anzaldua



Into the big questions that lie at the intersection of culture, spirituality, and individuality.


We ask:


Who are YOU?

Who are you meant to be?

Who is it possible for you to be?

We ascertain your unique formula for being your best self and living your best life.


We ask what can YOU do, what are you meant to do, to make this world a better place? What is your unique call to action, what is your one-of-a-kind sacred assignment, what is the difference only you can make?


Here we take into full account how the "me" overlaps with the "we." Here all cultural backgrounds are warmly welcome. And here we take cultural contexts and social forces into consideration on our path to developing ourselves.


Here the mastery of the self is its own reward, and it truly is that. Because self-mastery is the pathway to true quality of life and a key stepping stone on the journey to realizing our dreams for our lives. Whether those be in the arena of health, relationships, career, finances, or the deepening of our spiritual journey. Here the mastery of the self is the journey that's being offered.


Equally so, here self-mastery includes the ability to relate more harmoniously with others. To truly be able to SEE and HEAR and honor others. It includes mastering the art of relating well with others, of communicating effectively, of being able to connect with others in meaningful ways. Here self-mastery is in great measure a matter of being able to navigate the bumpy minefield of human differences--differences that do matter--and to do so with aplomb, finesse, and dexterity.


Here self-mastery is about you actualizing yourself and rising into your highest potentials while also actualizing your skills as an adept and creative navigatrix of our current cultural landscape. You self-realized means you having mastered our cultural landscape AND your inner landscape. It means truly understanding your inner workings. It means truly knowing who you are. AND it also means you having mastered the art of truly GETTING other people, even those who are different from you in some key way.


Self-mastery means having discovered the tools and actions steps to live lovingly, gracefully, and harmoniously, even while immersed in a sea of diversity. A vast collective of your fellow human beings, all of whom are bringing to the table their own unique understandings, outlooks, backgrounds, values, opinions, and cultural lenses.


Self-mastery means you living with an enhanced understanding of the great variance among the people of our planet and the great variance even within our own cultures. It also means you--where necessary and appropriate—having deconstructed some of the things you've been taught along the way. You loosening up on some of the presuppositions you are coming to the table with. Re-examining some of the truths you take to be true, but aren't necessarily true after all.


Self-mastery means you unlearning and you un-becoming some of what you've learned on your unique life path. It also means you discovering how to transcend certain socio-cultural norms, expectations, and mindsets for the sake of living out your very own unique version of freedom.


For EMBRACE ALCHEMY is ultimately a journey to a powerful version of freedom that can only be found within you and bequeathed unto yourself.



these twelve inquiries form the core of EMBRACE ALCHEMY…

  1. Who are you really—allowing for an open exploration of race AND going way beyond race?

  2. How do we overcome Otherness and come home to ourselves?

  3. How do we bequeath a sense of belonging upon ourselves?

  4. How do we proactively take up residency at the center of our own reality; aka, how do we become the captains of our own destiny?

  5. How do we master the art of giving far less power to what other people think—whether that be individuals or collectives?

  6. How do we overcome fear and choose love, courage, and flow?

  7. How do we get beyond the racial quandaries, misunderstandings, and “talking at cross-purposes” that characterize where we currently stand as a culture?

  8. How do we put the past in the past and move forward into freedom?

  9. How do we evolve our understandings of race and connect across our would-be divides?

  10. How do we communicate—and listen!—masterfully, across our lines of difference?

  11. How do we become more sophisticated, savvy, aware, and informed about the actual nuances of race—no matter our background?

  12. How do we honor our Oneness as human beings?

there is only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving... and that’s your own self.
— Aldous Huxley