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Attend this powerful monthly mini-workshop and receive just the information, inspiration, insight, and illumination on race that you are needing right now. The evening includes a teaching with a different theme for each month and a lively discussion held in a spirit of curiosity, questioning, and open-heartedness. This is a forum for grappling with the hard questions one finds at the intersection of culture, spirituality, and individuality. Everybody is welcome. All backgrounds. All levels of sophistication and savvy about the topics being addressed. Just bring an open mind and a healthy positive regard for your fellow human beings. If you are prone to shaming or punishing people for saying something you disapprove of, you won't be at home in this context. If you feel you have more to teach others than to learn from others you also won't be at home in this context. Here humility is our default setting, vulnerability is prioritized, and ignorance is allowed for, as these are ideal starting places for miraculous, exponential growth. 

Earlier Event: April 6