EMBRACE the dream of a better world

I dream of a world in which ALL OF US honor our differences AND our sameness. A world in which we bear in mind that we are all in this miraculous, yet crazy game of life together.


I dream of a world in which we wake up to the fact that we are in need of a brand new, futuristic yardstick. One that evolves us out of measuring things in terms of who is right/wrong, good/bad, smart/stupid, who is to blame, who is at fault, while not acknowledging how we are always contributing to those things we are judging, in ways we are not aware of. 


We are never “separate” from the things that we oppose.


For without realizing it, we reify that which we critique--it's the nature of critique. You can't point to something without three fingers pointing back at you. The world will remain in stasis and at an impasse until we account for this inconvenient fact.


There is so much beauty, magnificence, and wondrousness in the world. That beauty is within us as well. There is also so much tragedy, suffering, and negativity in the world. That “darkness” is within us right along with the light. We are touched with it. “Infected” by it. We can’t avoid this predicament, this truth that “light and dark” are one, within us and within the world.


The tragedies we see in the world around us arise from the misunderstanding that there is “separation” rather than interconnection between all beings. And between ourselves as individuals and the world around us. When we cordon ourselves off, we create division that isn’t real. For the division that arises is purely the product of having cordoned ourselves off.


Dividing lines are arbitrary and illusory and human-made. We only make them real by believing in them. When we see extreme cases of divisive-thinking in action (overt hatred and violence) we see how toxic and downright dangerous it is. We see how it literally ruins things for all of us and makes our planet an ugly, conflict-ridden place to be.


And yet the change we wish to see in the world will come when we root out the “separation consciousness” within ourselves. Maybe within us it’s barely there. And that little bit of it is well-concealed. Maybe the “separation consciousness” that lives within you or me is truly mild and miniscule in its proportions. Especially compared to the louder, more vehement evidences of it in others.


But if it’s there at all, even just a spark of it, it is contributing to the default setting of the collective consciousness. It is contributing to the makeup of our shared reality. It is contributing to the way things are right now in our world. Change begins with you. Change begins with me. It begins with us. Let’s stop looking over “there” at “them” and instead pledge to transform that which is within our power to transform. We ourselves.


I dream of a world where we honor our own incarnation down to its last details. We honor the magic of our one-of-a-kind individuality. And while we’re at it, we also fully honor the "costumes" and the contexts into which every other person on this planet incarnated. To me that means living our lives highly conscious of our fundamental interconnectivity and oneness.


I dream of a world in which we honor our status as eternal Spirits. For we are all Spirits in a very temporary process of having a human experience. We are all wizards and magicians, gods and goddesses, sacred seeds of divinity, every one of us. If only we realized this. If only "we" AND "they"--in our fundamental convergences—realized this. It would be a game-changer.


In the world I dream of, we take seriously that ultimately love is the bottom line. It's the most powerful force in the universe and aligning with it is our only hope for real, lasting transformation.


In my dream world, we tap in to our incredible and infinite potential to create brand new realities. For ourselves and for our world--from right where we stand, WHEREVER we happen to find ourselves standing.

Naomi Pabst