EMBRACE these 21 precepts for prevailing over our polarities


1. Fly above the turbulence


Just because the turbulence is there doesn’t mean you have to engage with it. YOU set your priorities. Engage with what truly calls you, not just with what lands in your lap, or in your inbox, or in your social media feed. There’s a huge, vast world out there. So much of meaning to get engaged in, in every direction you look. Find YOUR lane in it all. Dive in where you feel called! Commit to making the difference only you can make.


2. Know that all of what’s truly *True* lies in the bulls-eye of the paradox.


“Truth” lies in the contradiction, the glitch, and the exception to the rule. The Truth lives outside the box. Duality—the tug-of-war we seem to be engaged in—is the illusion.


It’s short-sighted to position yourself smack dab in the tug-of-war. Because any tug-of-war requires two equally rigid, closed-minded camps stubbornly holding taut their end of the rope! The actual Truth about any given thing—especially those things we wish to change in the world—will never lie in the taking of a “side”!


3. Refrain from speaking ill of other people, no matter what.


Yes, it can be a real challenge to just not go there, but it’s the way you keep your vibration high and your karma clean. That way you don’t add any poison to an atmosphere where there is already plenty of poison on offer. Just trust that everyone else is playing the role they were assigned to play. Reject the role of “judge and jury” and instead commit to playing the actual role YOU were assigned to play.


You have an important role to be the light. You have an important role to be the one who sees from a higher perspective than others. The one who goes about your life accordingly.


We were all assigned to our own classrooms in the school of life. Leave people to their own course of study. Let them learn their lessons in their own way and in their own time. Meanwhile, shift your focus to YOUR assignments. Give your attention to the learning curves you have sitting in your own lap.


4. Take responsibility for the part you’re playing in your life’s unfolding.


That includes the good and the bad, the ugly and the beautiful alike. While you’re at it, take responsibility for the part you are playing in the way our shared reality is unfolding.


Don’t see yourself as a victim of circumstance. Don’t sit in your armchair and lob critiques at things. Don’t sit on your lofty perch and fault-find and rail against the way things are. And if you assumed you were fundamentally “apart” and “separate” from those things which you oppose, you would be mistaken…


We are every one of us a piece of the same puzzle, an indispensable spark of a larger whole. We are every one of us contributing to the state of our world—in its current form—whether we realize it or not.




Truly hear! Be receptive! Take it in! Absorb! Expand! Contemplate! Process! Adjust and refine and expand your outlook accordingly.


6. Open your heart and open your mind to people and ideas that stretch you beyond your comfort zone.


See how your own take on things requires those other perspectives to exist, in order to offset it. To give it a context. Without those contrasting perspectives, your own outlook would make no sense. This is how we are all a piece of the same puzzle and serving each other in invisible ways.


All of our outlooks act as a symphony and a sacred geometry and a patterning and a webbing. All of our outlooks are contingent upon one another. The sum of the parts adds up to the whole.


7. Be a creator of “what is” and not a reactor to “what is.”


Wave your very own wand to design the world you want to live in. Honor your status as a natural born magician. Activate the wise wizard that already lives within you. Be a proactive bringer-into-being of the reality you wish to see. Rather than simply “facing reality” as if you are a mere fly on the wall of life.


8. Refuse to complain.


Accept that there is a simultaneous “dark and light” theme to all of life. Accept that there is a simultaneous “good and bad” theme to all of life. This is a matter of taking life on its own terms. Therefore, absolutely do not participate in negative speech, vitriol, backbiting, cattiness, or toxicity.


No need to devolve to the base level of so much of our social media, the news, politics, and sometimes even the conversations at our very own dinner tables. Why? Because complaint serves in an invisible but palpable way as an ironic vote for the thing you don’t want.


Your complaining gives added power—a boost of adrenalin—to the thing you are complaining about. You wind up undergirding and underscoring the problem with your focus upon it.


Shift your focus to envisioning and bringing about what you DO want. Establish what you’re FOR. Pin down what you’re in favor of. Ask FOR what you want in a spirit of gratitude and anticipation and trust that your wish will be granted.


9. Be self-reflective.


Be more invested in the high quality of your own conduct than in the conduct of others. Mind your thoughts, words, deeds, and the energy you are emanating outward.


Your “vibe” is your personal broadcast signal to the world. Your “vibe” is an on-going contribution you are making to the world. YOU are the only thing that’s truly within your control to change. So start right there and you will have taken a giant step towards making the world a better place.


10.   Find a way to have your life be of greater purpose.


Do something meaningful to YOU, something that makes a powerful contribution to the world around you, something that makes the world a better place.


Mind you, you do not have a mandate to immerse yourself in the epicenter of the “issues of our time.” If you are so called, go for it. But ideally you position yourself squarely in whatever issues are determined by YOU to be in honor of YOUR life purpose.


Engage with the issues that give your life meaning. Take on the issues that you are passionate about. Do the things that offer you fulfillment and satisfaction and genuine quality of life.




Open your eyes wide… Take a step back and really look… Become an astute, keen observer of the self, of others, of the world, of life itself. Watching and discerning more closely will inevitably shift and refine your outlook. It will also dramatically deepen your level of understanding of whatever it is you’re focusing on.


12. Don’t take things at face value.


Look deeper for the hidden and the higher meanings in the things going on in your life and in our world. Look for what’s written between the lines. Probe the grey areas. That’s where you will find the Truth.


13. Activate your inner Wisdom Warrior.


We all have that magical part of us that transcends “information” and “opinions” and the taking of sides. We all have a higher self that is above measuring by the yardstick of “right and wrong” or “good and bad.” We all have a magical part of us that is tapped into a more elevated ideal, a more visionary vision, and a more truthful Truth.


14. Don’t measure by the yardstick of who is “right or wrong.”


If life is indeed a game, play the game to win at being the love, light, and inspiration that is missing. Play the game to be the best YOU that you can be. Play the game to be the most authentic YOU that you can be.


Let go of the need to be “right,” let go of the need to have the answers, let go of having something to prove, let go of the impulse to make other people wrong. Have no investment in the superiority of your own outlook versus the inferiority of other people’s outlooks.


No matter how distasteful and misinformed other people’s outlooks might seem to you, do not look down upon them. Don’t inadvertently reinforce the human habit of hierarchizing by the way you yourself see certain people. Nobody is “lesser than,” no matter what you happen to think. Realizing this is the path forward, upward, and out of our cultural quagmires.


15. Consider the bigger picture and what will generate a true WIN-WIN…


What outcome is truly for the greater good? How does the vision and the strategy shift once we go beyond our own self-interest and once we go beyond the interests of a particular group we ourselves happen to belong to? What does it look like if we expand our circle and consider a whole lot more angles?


16. Ascertain what you are FOR.


Loosen your tight grip on your distaste for what you are against. To be against is to be in an uphill swim. To be FOR is to be immersed in the slipstream of life. Poised to bring about actual transformation. Generating speed and momentum in the flow of the swift downstream current… moving in the direction where breakthroughs and miracles and spontaneous shifts become possible.


17. Don’t assume YOU have all the answers.


Be curious and open to learning something new that expands your thinking. Be open to being the student and not just the teacher. Be open to the possibility that you yourself might be missing some key information. Be open to the fact there might be a key missing ingredient that would change the recipe you are right now deeply invested in.


Consider that there is a whole lot in this world you don’t even know that you don’t even know about, and that for this reason, all of us are operating with limited information. We are all ignorant about so very many things… It’s a condition shared by all of us. Not just those we like to point our fingers at.


18. Engage your intuition!


Daily meditation helps tremendously with living more intuitively. By using our sixth sense, we can more readily read between the lines. We can “understand” with our hearts and souls involved, along with our minds. Fully engaging our Inner Knowing, relying on our inner compass, and tapping into the wisdom of our gut instinct will allow us to access a much deeper truth than the one we would normally tend to run with.


19. NOTICE when you’re talking at cross-purposes…


Often we are missing the boat of what the other person is saying altogether… All the while assuming ourselves to be going toe-to-toe… And because we don’t even realize we are operating on entirely different premises, our conflicts are more than anything misunderstandings.


Our conflicts are the product of fundamentally misunderstanding the other person’s WORLDVIEW. Just as much they are a matter of misunderstanding the other person’s social positioning. By extension, our conflicts technically arise from inadvertently dishonoring other people’s WORLDVIEWS and social positioning.


20. Examine your PRESUPPOSITIONS. 


How are your personal assumptions affecting your interpretation of what you are seeing or hearing? How is your own “naturalized thinking” setting the terms for your communication with others? Perhaps there is a line of thinking you take to be “common sense” but that isn’t actually shared thinking at all if seen from a broader perspective.


As we start to see for ourselves that we are being ruled by our own presuppositions, we can learn to honor other people’s presuppositions and not judge them so harshly. We can also notice how vastly different other people’s presuppositions may be from our own.

And then it dawns on us that maybe, just maybe: different does not equal “bad” or “inferior,” after all. It’s just differing PRESUPPOSITIONS, go figure, and these need not lead to conflict and discord.


21. Honor your view point AND allow other people to maintain their own view point.


Honor the differing classrooms life has assigned each of us to. Whether you happen to like a given course in the course catalog or not, alas, there it is. We tend to want people to be more like us… And that is a rather silly agenda for us to have for 7.3 billion of our fellow human beings on this planet.


How ‘bout YOU play to win this particular battle instead, by loosening up your grip on the controls. By releasing that particular agenda altogether… Because you will NEVER get everyone to yield to your way of seeing it. You may not even be able to get ANYONE to yield to your exact way of seeing it.


Because we—each of us—can’t help but to see things in our very own way. Each of us is a world of one, even as we also occupy various groupings which flavor how we see things. Notice, you can’t even get your friend, your neighbor, your kid, and above all your spouse to see it your way! And that is exactly as it’s meant to be.

Naomi Pabst