Naomi with her collaborator, soul sister, fellow healer and alchemist, Chella Ferrow.

Naomi with her collaborator, soul sister, fellow healer and alchemist, Chella Ferrow.

The name of this offering says it all.

It's a powerful, life-changing journey guided by Naomi Pabst in partnership with her collaborator, Chella Ferrow, a fellow healer, intuitive, and alchemist extraordinaire. In this one-of-a kind, five-hour transformational experience like no other, you will receive profound insight, extreme illumination, a powerful catapult, and an extraordinary healing. You will reap the rewards of a deep soul-feeding and spirit-fueling on every level: mind, body, heart, and soul. 

You will undergo a quantum recalibration, a clearing, and a palpable thrust forward and upward on your life path. 




•  You will receive a channeling from Chella in the form of an ultra-illuminating letter ("A Love Letter Divine"), written to you personally, downloaded directly from Spirit

•  You will receive an enlightening master tarot reading from Naomi, offering you custom messages, insight, and guidance, in the service of that day's healing.

•  You will engage in a gripping "soul-sister" dialogue with Chella and Naomi, receiving wisdom teachings, deep insight, and intuitive guidance on all aspects of your life's landscape. 

•  You will be guided through a visionary meditation to connect you deeply and viscerally to your own soul and spiritual support system. 

  Naomi with her collaborator, soul sister, fellow healer, intuitive, and alchemist, Chella Ferrow.

Naomi with her collaborator, soul sister, fellow healer, intuitive, and alchemist, Chella Ferrow.

•  You will be immersed in the matrix of your destiny, and any blocks and obstacles to the straightforward unfolding of your life path will be revealed and ultimately cleared. 

•  Chella will give you a beautiful, signature healing transmission. This deep bathing in divine love will recalibrate, realign, uplift, and revitalize you. 

•  Together Naomi and Chella will prepare a signature healing oil blend for you, and a set of crystals will be selected to bolster your session and continued healing, chosen in honor of precisely what you are needing at this time. 

The Ultimate Bespoke Transformation is custom-designed to restore you to true well-being, and to eliminate any blocks or limitations standing between where you are right now and the life you are meant to be living; between where you are now and absolute thriving.

Undergoing this experience will raise your vibration, enhance your magnetism, and up-level your good fortune.



For this service, please note that there will be a period of time necessary between when you book and when your session takes place. Naomi and Chella need ample time to prepare and download the channeling. As well, they will each spend a good amount of quality time connecting to you behind the scenes (remotely and energetically), planning, strategizing, tuning in, meditating on you, and asking Spirit what precisely what's needed to facilitate your life-changing shift. 




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Chella Ferrow is a master healer, transformational teacher, and actress. Her healing gift is a vivid alchemy of over 20-years working with master teachers in physical and non-physical realms. Chella grew up in South Africa, graduating from high school the year Nelson Mandela became president. She earned an undergraduate degree in Psychology and English, then moved to London where she completed her graduate study at the Drama Studio. Recently, Chella won two Best Actress awards for her leading role in the award-winning film, African Gothic. Chella is based in New York City where she has a buzzing healing practice and co-leads life-changing workshops and master classes with her regular collaborator, Naomi Pabst.

In Chella's own words:

"I am a guide in the healing and integration process that is being led by your own Soul. Thus, I facilitate the shift that you yourself have already activated by your request and intention to heal and expand through L O V E.

We are multi-dimensional beings, living out a composite of many layers and dimensions of experience, much of which are being driven by unconscious aspects of self. When we are in pain and struggle, there is always information to be found on the soul level that will uncover what is hidden, and provide the healing codes for wholeness and resolution so that we may live as joyful, fulfilled, radiant beings aligned with our unique purpose and deepest heart's truth.

I am eternally humbled and amazed at the miracles that are possible in this sacred quantum work that is so powerfully and gracefully guided by the Divine Intelligence that we are all a part of.  It is my great joy and honor to be of service to you."