ULTIMATE BESPOKE TRANSFORMATION: four hours of pure, life-changing magic

Naomi Pabst and Chella Ferrow's one-of-a-kind Ultimate Bespoke Transformation is a four-hour experience like none other. You will receive a deep soul-feeding and a profound spirit-fueling on every level: mind, body, heart, and soul.


• You will receive a channeling from Chella in the form of an ultra-illuminating letter, written to you personally, downloaded directly from spirit.
• You will receive an enlightening tarot reading from Naomi specifically in service of that day's healing.
• You will engage in a gripping "soul sister" dialogue with Naomi and Chella receiving wisdom, teachings, and needed messages from the beyond.
• You will be guided through a meditation to connect you deeply and permanently to the wisdom of your own soul.
• You will be immersed in the matrix of your destiny, and any blocks and obstacles to the straightforward unfolding of your life path will be revealed and ultimately removed.
(Please note: Sometimes removing these blocks completely takes more than one additional smaller healing session, but each Ultimate Bespoke Transformation session is truly revolutionary unto itself.)
• Chella will give you a beautiful, signature energy healing that will uplift, revitalize, recalibrate, and realign you.
• Naomi will prepare a signature essential oil healing blend for you, and a set of crystals will be selected to bolster your session, chosen in honor of precisely what you are needing at this time.

The experience is above all custom-designed to restore Y-O-U to true well-being and to eliminate any blocks or limitations standing between where you are now right now, and absolute thriving.*

*          *