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 join me 1:1 for my signature 3 MONTH transformational intensive.


Welcome to your personal alchemy.

Become a match for all you wish to do, be, have, and achieve. Expand yourself so that you can play a bigger game. Become who you need to be to make a bigger mark in the world. Deepen your connection to your purpose. Walk your one-of-a-kind life path with grace, aplomb, certitude, and confidence.

Blossom into all of who you are.

Become who you're meant to be; be who it's possible for you to be. Embody your truest truth and your greatest greatness. Embark on a gripping journey back home to yourself. Dive into the depths of your inner landscape. Awaken into more of who you are. Awaken the dormant faculties and aptitudes that are already installed within you. You have tools available to you that you may not even be aware of. An abundance of inner resources you haven't discovered yet.

Are you ready to live your life at a higher level?

Are you ready to step into greater levels of personal power? To have more impact and influence? As you make the difference only you can make in the world, it's also imperative that you feel fulfilled. A percolating well being. A genuine satisfaction. 

Do you want to truly live? 

Do you want to feel inspired and exhilarated, and as though life has intrinsic meaning? Then you must cultivate a far more intimate relationship with yourself. That is what's missing for the vast majority of people. We are living in a state of disconnection from ourselves, without even realizing it. 

Plug back into yourself.

Walk with clarity and confidence on your life path. Connect with your purpose. Fulfill on the reason you came to this planet. Embark on a thrilling journey of self-discovery. Seek the treasure embedded within you.

Mine your invaluable trove of inner resources.

Reclaim the elaborate booty of raw materials you were bequeathed to work with on this one-of-a-kind life journey of yours. Along with "discovering" the depths of who you really are, you will learn the art of self-creation. Master the art of creating your most luminous, magical, and empowered self out of the basic ingredients that make you who you are. You will be offered the tools to become who you are meant to be and shown the way to step into a life you truly love.

You will be whole, free, and empowered.

Even in these turbulent times, you can live your own custom version of true quality of life. In a world gone haywire, you can be the change--you can catalyze the change--you wish to see in the world.




You will need to devote 2-3 hours per week to THE PROCESS, over the course of the three months, in order to harvest the full benefits.

• We will undertake *7* one-hour INSIGHT sessions together over the phone. These will be scheduled every two weeks. 

• You will undergo *7* guided meditation journeys with me, so you plug into and bring through your own inner guidance.

• With me as your personal guide, you will make your way through my essential 7-module online course, JOURNEY TO YOU. This will serve as our map and itinerary. The course includes 7 HD video lectures, one-hour each. The themes explored each week will form the foundation of the self-mastery journey you will go on.



• Your magnetism

• Your love of self

• Your knowledge of self

• Your healing journey

• Your personal empowerment

• Your inner guidance

• Your care of the self

With each of these modules behind you and all added up together as thoroughly-honed life tools in your tool kit, you will have access to a whole new level of wholeness, freedom, and personal empowerment.

There is a one-hour HD video lecture given by me that goes into depth on each of these seven topics. You will watch one of the videos every two weeks. In the alternate weeks you will live and assimilate the teachings from the videos, incorporating what you've learned into your life. In the alternate weeks you will also have your 1:1 INSIGHT session with me and your guided meditation experience.

• For each of the 7 modules, you will be given a reflective writing assignment to help you process and assimilate all that you are learning and experiencing in THE PROCESS. In other words, you will be given a writing assignment every two weeks over the course of the three months.

• You will receive a SUGGESTED reading list. The reading is optional, but certainly helpful as a boost, during or after our three-month journey together.

Your investment in yourself and your evolution as you undergo THE PROCESS is:
$3997 (payment plan available)