4 HOURS $1997 (phone) | $2397 (in-person)

Longer sessions are my favorite way to work with people. This one yields by far the most powerful and transformational results of any distance (phone) session I offer. If done by phone, your session is broken up into two parts. We connect for two-hours each time, one day apart. For PLATINUM level work with me, I take your questions in advance. I tune in and ruminate on your concerns and queries, and I meditate on them (and on you) in advance of our session. In this session, you can ask me up to five of your most pressing questions.

In this session we go supremely deep and we get extremely thorough as we excavate the contours of your life. We will address the themes you are working through on your path, the challenges you are facing, the problems you wish to resolve, the dreams and goals that you have and how you can achieve them. We will assess how you can best create the life you want to be living and how you can instantaneously blossom into your best possible self. In these four magical hours, you will be the beneficiary of my expertise, wisdom, knowledge, insight, and intuition.

THE PROCESS | blossom into who you are

3 MONTHS $2997 (payment plan available) 

Welcome to your personal alchemy. A gripping journey back home to yourself. A game-changing three-month transformational experience. A dive into the deepest depths and the truest truths of who you are. Do you wish to experience genuine satisfaction and fulfillment in your life? Do you want to truly live? Do you want to feel inspired and exhilarated, and as though life has intrinsic meaning? Then you must cultivate a far more intimate relationship with yourself. That is what's missing for the vast majority of people. We are living in a state of disconnection from ourselves, without realizing it.

Plug back into yourself. Embark on a thrilling journey of self-discovery. Seek the treasure embedded within you. Mine your invaluable trove of inner resources. Reclaim the elaborate booty of raw materials you were bequeathed to work with on this one-of-a-kind life path of yours. Along with "discovering" the depths of who you really are, you will learn the art of self-creation. The art of creating your most luminous, magical self out of the basic ingredients that make you who you are. You will be offered the tools to become who you are meant to be and shown the way to step into a life you truly love. Even in these turbulent times, you can live your own custom version of true quality of life.


Naomi, you beam with brightness. I can’t thank you enough for your incredible wisdom, support, and intuition. Your guidance is nothing short of brilliant and has served me tremendously and helped me push further in all aspects of my life. I am realizing my dreams! Better still, you’ve helped me come to understand myself better. Having that increased knowledge and acceptance of myself has made such a huge difference on my path.

THE IMMERSION | a private 1:1 retreat

2 days $4997 | 4 days $9997 (in-person only)

Join me for a most magical and ultra-transformative experience. A total up-leveling, a complete overhaul of the self you thought was you. Awaken dormant faculties. Access new dimensions of yourself. Discover new aptitudes that were there all along. Feel yourself expand and rise on the spot. Catapult forward and upward on your life path. Understand your unique journey deeply and thoroughly. Learn to live this one-of-a-kind incarnation of yours to the absolute fullest. Bask in the delight of all of who you truly are. Reclaim lost and forgotten parts of yourself. Understand how an entire world lies within you, even as you are also an intrinsic part of the larger world outside of you. Step into a deeper mastery of yourself. Receive the tools to apply that self-mastery in your relationships with all others--loved ones and strangers alike. 

Immerse in the majesty and splendor of who you really are. Plug into the power of your unique individuality. Discover how the profound significance of your individuality dovetails with your fundamental interconnectedness to all that is. On this private retreat, you will be handed the tools for the mastery of the self. You will be shown how to fully embrace the art of being you. You will learn how to take that ability to make an art of your life and apply it to the art of relating magically with all others. Then you will be guided on how to take that artistry of life and that ability to relate well to others, and you will access a higher level of the self, positioned in the swirl of oneness. When we live as a default in the oneness swirl, we recognize readily that all in existence is one. That nothing is separate from anything else. And that we are, each of us, a sacred and indispensable part of that all.



30 MINUTES $199

Let's shine a bright spotlight of illumination on the one matter that's of most concern to you right now. Let's deep dive together. Lets immerse ourselves in the most intricate layers of YOU and your life's unfolding. Let's address the absolute most pressing question weighing on your heart right now. What do you most need to know at this time, in order to move forward and upward in your life? What problem do you most wish to resolve? What obstacle do you passionately wish to remove from your path? What sparkling clarity do you wish would come into focus before your very eyes? What vision do you wish to manifest? What roadmap would you like to access? Ask me any one question you have. I will offer you substantive insight, guidance, and directives. I will love to lend you my expertise, my wisdom, my knowledge, my insight, and my intuition.


60 MINUTES $397

This is my most requested session length by a long shot. One powerful hour together packs a punch. Let's immerse ourselves thoroughly in YOU and your life's elaborate landscape. Let's do an in-depth and comprehensive look at the 3-5 matters in your life that are most pressing to you right now. Ask me about your calling, your service, or any aspect of your personal life. Let's see if you're on track and aligned with the path you are meant to be on or if there are some tweaks and edits you need to make in your life.

Let's assess how we can get you up-leveled to the ever higher playing field you so intensely wish to be playing on. Let's get you into a greater level of authenticity and personal power so you can live your best possible life and so you can make a bigger difference in the world. Let's deep-dive into your optimal next steps and endeavor to unravel any thorny, pesky knots you happen to have in your life. Let's catapult you into who you are meant to be and into who it's possible for you to be.


120 MINUTES $794

This session is a matter of flying first class. The luxury element here however, is the luxury of time. Time to sink in. Time to savor. Time to be thorough. Time for me to thoughtfully answer any questions you might have. Time for you to process and assimilate the messages you get, right then and there. Time for me to unpack and spell things out for you. That makes a big difference, enabling you to take away more from your experience with me, that option to slow down and plug in more fully.

This session is for when you want an extra deep, thorough, comprehensive assessment of the lay of your life's landscape. For when you want to get to the bottom of things. For when you want to truly understand the dynamics presenting themselves in your life and how to overcome them. For when you want more thorough explanations. For when you want the bigger picture. For when you want to know how it all fits together. For when you want to know the specific steps you need to take to yield the outcomes you are wishing to experience.

For when you want directions to your goal and your aims. For when you want deep understandings of where you're at, guidance on your path, and also some strong ideas for how to implement the guidance. How to incorporate it into your life, into your very being. So that you not only have deeper insight to work from, but you have a deeper sense of confidence, of clarity, of inspiration, of personal power, of volition, and of inclination. So that you can proactively reach out and grab whatever it is you wish to be, do, have, or experience.


60 MINUTES $397

Let's spend one hour together, relentlessly focused on your mission. What world change are you proactively working to bring about? This session is for change agents, messengers, edge-makers, influencers, and light-workers. If you are heeding a powerful calling, let's discuss it. Let's examine it. Let's scrutinize it. Let's get to the bottom of it. Let's figure out the intricate nuances and the larger parameters of your mission. Let's bring it into ever more sparkling clarity.

Let's discover what needs to happen so you can make a bigger difference in the world. Let's figure out what steps you need to take and what mindsets you need to master. More so, let's assess who you need to be and in what particular ways you need to evolve in order to be a match for the ever bigger game you are hungry to play. Let's make sure you are walking your talk. Let's make sure you are locked into your truth and your greatness. Let's make sure you are operating in your full power and splendor. Let's ramp up your prowess and the level of sway and influence you are able to wield. Let's enhance your magnetism, your radiance, and your very life force. Let's get your message more clear and your mission brought more keenly into focus. 


















A Four-Hour VIP Intensive with Naomi is the surest path to manifesting the specific life circumstances you want to draw to you, and to ensuring that you are optimally equipped to make the powerful difference you wish to make in the world.

Naomi's passion is to offer you a transformational deep dive into yourself and your true nature, as well as into your life's landscape. She takes you on an ultra-illuminating immersion in YOU that leaves you a perfect "match" for all the things you wish to draw into your life experience. Above all, Naomi wishes for her one-on-one work with clients to be paid forward in YOUR mission to make this world a better place. 

The four-hour session is currently the only private consultation Naomi offers. This is because over the past several years this length has been her sweet spot in terms of delivering the truly life-changing, dramatic, and radical shifts she lives to offer people. She will LOVE to work with you one-on-one in an intensive, as you focus on one of the following arenas of your life:





A VIP intensive with Naomi in any of the three areas of focus (Self-Mastery, Life Purpose, or Change Agent Activation) will offer you deep insight, powerful guidance, a flood of illumination, masterful strategy, grounding, and bolstering as related to your unique life path and soul purpose. 

The benefits you can expect range from having more vitality and increased life force, to more energy, more resolve, personal empowerment, intensified certitude, crystal clarity, higher levels of inspiration, motivation, and inclination in your goals for your life.


• Greater well-being, outright "thriving;" a huge relief and weight off your shoulders; plus increased confidence, certitude, and clear-headedness.

• A thrilling freedom that comes from knowing the steps you must take in order to close the gap between where you are and where you wish to be in fulfilling your life purpose.

• A feeling of coming home to yourself and plugging in to your own socket. Feeling supercharged, expanded, centered, and grounded all at once.

•  More energy, volition, and discipline to live out your dreams and realize your goals. 

• A healthier, broader, more positive outlook on every aspect of your life, with a palpable sense of the larger picture, and deep optimism about what's possible for oneself, in every arena of life that matters to you. 

• Healing and letting go of limiting beliefs, releasing built-up emotional pain, putting down baggage once and for all, and putting the past where it belongs, in the past.


• a grand immersion in self

• a dive into the depths of your life's landscape

• pure inspiration, uplift, healing, and personal empowerment

• potent, game-changing guidance on your path

• a surrender to the flames of transformation--after which you will never be the same


I am just beginning to absorb the incredible time we spent together in our VIP Intensive. The magnitude of the healing and wisdom you gave me is becoming clear and I am filled with overwhelming gratitude. My life will never be the same.

You looked after me impeccably and I am truly grateful for the amazingly tender care you gave me throughout - from our beautiful, comfortable and harmonious surroundings to your constant vigilance over my wellbeing.

I am so grateful for your huge investment in my growth and success; and am truly appreciative of your tremendous wisdom and masterful skill at channelling and conveying messages. Total game-changer, every last word.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your generosity of time, energy and soul and for the part you continue to play in my expansion.

I am honored by the conspiring of guides and masters in other realms to provide me with this escalation of revealing at the highest level. You are a gift from God.

My soul feels full, nourished and imbued with complete love and support.

Thank you! Thank you!


Ask yourself the following questions:

• Are you hungry to extract the maximum possible amount of life from your life? Are you hungry to thrive? And to live plugged into your power? Are you thirsting to live your best life and to be your best self?

• Do you have designs on making a mega-powerful contribution to the world around you? Are you seeking to further expand your empire and dial up your impact?

• Do you have a dream, agenda, movement, book, or other project you are wishing to bring into the world?

• Would you love having expert guidance, powerful insight on every question you have about how to realize your dream? Imagine getting the concerns that keep you awake at night addressed so you free up headspace and heart-space to keep moving forward on your mission, getting more efficiently to the next set of requirements that will take you closer to reaching your goal.

• Would you love nothing more than a masterful midwife to assist with the birthing of the project, and to shine a light on exactly what will be required to succeed in your mission?

• Would you love to offered a "lay of the land" of your very own life, a "state of the union" regarding *you*? One that addresses matters of your personal and professional development, needed mindset mastery, ways to attune and activate yourself more highly on a spiritual level so you can have more impact, and also a map of the specific on-the-ground steps you must take?

• Are you looking to get more LIFE out of your life, to help others and be more influential in this, and to get as much bang as possible out of this current incarnation of yours?

• Do you want to know how live out your professional calling while at the same time mastering your love life, optimizing your health, and conquering the realm of your finances?

• Would you like a meticulously detailed prescription for the self-care practices you need to be engaging in to be at your best? And wouldn't it be amazing if that protocol comes directly to you from the resonant world of Spirit? Would you like also to be handed the formula that will best undergird your unique spiritual journey? There is something about receiving this information directly from the cards that is deeply inspiring, motivating, and catalyzing.

• Are you seeking to grow and evolve and to fully access your truth and your greatness?

• Do you wish to unravel and resolve any thorny, challenging, mind-bending matters currently cropping up with regularity in your life, to banish the blocks and the recurring potholes you encounter?

• Are there matters you need to heal, release, and forgive in order to be free, whole, and securely plugged into your personal power, so that you are a match for who you need to be, in order to be able to receive from life that which you're wanting?

If your answer to any of these questions is "yes," then Naomi will be honored to serve as your personal sage, wisdom warrior, wizard, steward, guide, alchemist, support system, and high beam headlights as you undergo that journey. She will clarify, catalyze, and galvanize your mission. 


My life has been completely transformed as a result of my Intensive with Naomi. The benefits of working with her cannot be overstated. During my full-day session Naomi said, ‘I want to be straight with you. The guides are telling you to stop playing it *normal*. There’s nothing normal about you. You’re a real mystic and they want you to claim that.’

That was a huge turning point for me. It was like coming out of the spiritual closet. I had always been deeply connected to my spirituality, but Naomi was very firm that I needed to bring it into my professional life in a meaningful way. Fly my spiritual flag. Now I have a website, several widely read columns on sex and spirituality, and am a coach myself. She really delivered the message I needed to fully step into my mystical power and prowess.


• Clients report that after an intensive they feel profoundly inspired, validated, bolstered, self-assured, clear, confident, light, calm, empowered, courageous, impassioned, and free.

• Naomi is able to tune into the amazing potentials for you along with the steps you can take to get there. She will illuminate the invisible bridge that runs directly from where you are now to where you wish to go in your life. 

 • When you work with Naomi, you bask in the light of someone who sees you and gets you to the depths of your soul. It’s a gorgeously unusual connection you form between yourself, Naomi, and a realm of higher consciousness/infinite intelligence: piercing, loving, and true.

• In an intensive with Naomi, there is no trace of judgment so your soul will heave a sigh of relief. Being seen, finding yourself Known is very healing--there is nothing like being bathed in a spotlight of illumination, to have a mirror held up that shows you to yourself in the truth of who you are. You will literally be restored, come home to yourself, be plugged securely into your own socket.

• An intensive will immerse you in your soul’s blueprint. With this, you are empowered to create the life you actually want out of the one you are currently living. Naomi understands your inner workings. She sees into your one-of-a-kind soul signature. She grasps at a glance your unique, complex, and extraordinary life path. She comprehends your life’s plot-line including its built-in challenges. And with that, she will guide you masterfully.

• Naomi lives to help people just like you to unravel your life’s complexities--the more unusual the better--in order to tap into the higher picture and into the higher meaning of it all. For this will restore you to wholeness and self-love so you can prevail in every aspect of your life. But above all so that you can serve in the world and make the powerful difference you are meant to make.


Naomi’s work is profound. She’s an incredible messenger that is deeply in service to our highest self. Each session is a reminder to honor the self totally and fully. I constantly remind myself of the loving guidance Naomi has passed on to me in the areas of self-care and self-love, and how we are all a work in progress.

Whether in an intensive or in a regular session (I’ve had both, in multiples), Naomi creates a safe space of self-accountability. You can’t hide from her and you certainly can’t hide from your guides! She’s fearless and totally confident in her abilities. She takes risks and tells it like it is. She uses her cards for guidance but it’s her innate wisdom and inner knowing coupled with her intellectual background that creates the perfect combo for bringing the spiritual into the material.

With Naomi, you get #realtalk. Plain and simple. Also there is nothing like her bellowing laugh when she knows her client has had a transformative insight. Working with Naomi, you can count on the synchronicity and magic that is bound to occur.


•a laser-sharp intuitive reading, tuning into you, your life, and the matrix of your destiny

• impactful life coaching

• masterminding, brainstorming, and strategizing for your life path

• the magical, spirit-feeding qualities of a one-on-one retreat

• practice and reflection assignments done together

• Q&A 

• soulful conversation

• you will come away from this session with a powerful vision for your life and deepened INCLINATION to carry it out.

• you will come away from this session with a map just for you, a bold plan of action assured to get you where you wish to go

You will come away from your Four-Hour VIP Intensive more enlightened in that you will have your high beam headlights shining brightly upon your life’s road. That additional illumination as you move forward will benefit you exponentially and in myriad ways. You will also feel a lightening of the load you’ve been carrying, a loosening up of pressures and anxieties.

Enlighten isn’t the highfalutin term we’ve made it out to be. We are not talking about “achieving enlightenment” here. “To enlighten” simply means “to give knowledge or understanding to someone; to explain something to someone; to illuminate; to furnish knowledge; and to offer spiritual insight.” Without any grandiosity whatsoever, there is no word to better describe exactly what happens in this four-hour session. Throughout your time with Naomi, you will literally become enlightened about who you are, immersed in the specific nuances of your life path, clear on your sacred life's curriculum, and plugged into the very matrix of your unfolding destiny.


I worked intensively with Naomi to take my business to the next level. Naomi saw immediately the stagnant energy that was taking place in my business and that needed to shift. She was able to see that yes it was working, but that it could be so next level. She could see that it was too “mom and pop” which was the perfect way to phrase it, and that it was now time to “go pro.” Her words were just the push I needed to take actions that I was dancing around and avoiding. Everything has now changed in my business.

Without my telling her anything, Naomi was able to intuitively see the dynamic between my assistant and I and how unfruitful it had become, and yet also see that I care for her and that she is a really sweet person. In a nutshell Naomi saw the whole layout of how my business had been going and the specific actions, strategies, and people that were needed to catapult my business to the next level. After my Intensive, I feel so clear headed about it all and very excited! This Intensive made all the difference in the world for me. Naomi is such a gift!


  • Catalyze incredible momentum, traction, and truly miraculous outcomes when it comes to the manifesting of your deepest desires for your life.
  • Access your natural wellspring of confidence, calm, courage, certitude, passion, self-assurance, inspiration, and clarity—more fully than you ever have before.
  • Illuminate for you the path from where you are now to wherever you wish to be, in any aspect of your life whether in your relationships, love life, career, life purpose, health and well-being, prosperity, self-care, and spiritual journey.
  • Identify and dissolve your blockages, challenges, and limitations—whether these be spiritual, material, or both.
  • Expand your spiritual awareness and intuitive understanding of yourself, your life, and even of the inner workings of the universe.
  • Develop a crystal clear protocol for how to proceed in whatever circumstances you are dealing with.
  • Radically expand the possibilities for your life and set you solidly in the direction of your soul’s desires.
  • Become the person you wish to be, living the ideal, exquisitely aligned life you have in mind for yourself


What I LOVE most about working with Naomi is how alive and vibrant Naomi is, how true to herself she is, which is so inspiring for living in my own authenticity. There is no judgment from her, just a true sense of her love to help and heal and illuminate the best paths for my life. She really is the easiest person to talk to with a massive heart! You can talk to Naomi about ANYTHING and she totally gets it.

I also love that Naomi is walking her own talk. Just being around her makes me feel very alive and reminds me that I can take loving responsibility for my life rather than reverting to the little ways that I might sabotage my life out of habit. I also adore Naomi’s playfulness, her cozy down to earthness, the dance between the cards and her own intuitive self. Her total honesty no matter what she reveals. She cuts to the chase and makes it very real, no wishy-washiness.

I love her amazing light energies and how inspired I feel when we talk about creating magic in my life. I always know we will cover all my pressing questions and get to the bottom of things. She never leaves me hanging with open ended concerns. I always know I will leave feeling excited about stepping into my life with a new clarity.

It’s also very inspiring that although she is tapping into these very high energies of source, god, love and helping to restructure my life for the better, she is also a career woman and a present, active mother of three. It shows me what’s possible and that you can be in both worlds. For a long time I felt I would have to pick between my spiritual life and my more mundane everyday life. She proves you can be deeply connected to spirit and also a perfectly ‘normal’ human being.