A transformational tarot experience with Naomi will offer you powerful guidance, keen insight, and shine a light on your blocks and challenges, enabling you to push past them. It will also offer you healing and more enlightened ways of looking at your life's unfoldings, whether in relationships, career, finances, or health and well-being. 


Experience the incomparable, soul-fueling, healing adventure of a reading with Naomi! You can expect to receive keen insight and compelling guidance on any burning questions you have about your life, delivered with a profound level of depth and detail. 

Naomi will connect you to your higher self, shine a brilliant light of illumination on your path, and immerse you in the matrix of your own personal destiny. With this powerful bolstering of self, you can expect to dramatically dial up your quality of life and ascend to ever higher levels of who you are.

Ultra-kind words from one grateful client:

You leave a session with Naomi feeling totally empowered from the inside out. It’s the delicious sensation of spiritual validation. Naomi is fearless and totally confident in her intuitive abilities. She takes risks and tells it like it is. She uses her cards for guidance but it’s her innate wisdom and inner knowing coupled with her intellectual background that creates the perfect combo for bringing the spiritual into the material. Her intuition is next level. She also has an amazing ability to access her client’s spirit guides, not just her own.


• Are you looking to get more LIFE out of your life?

• Do you want mind-blowing insight on your career path, love life, health, finances, self-care, and/or spiritual journey?

• Do you have designs on making a mega-powerful contribution to the world around you, to further expand your empire?

• Are you seeking to grow and evolve into the absolute best person you can be, to fully access your truth and your greatness?


If your answer to any of these questions is "yes," then let Naomi serve as your personal sage, wisdom warrior, wizard, steward, guide, alchemist, support system, and high beam headlights as you undergo that journey. 60-minutes with Naomi enables you to dive into your life's landscape in a fairly comprehensive way. You will emerge from your reading with incredibly powerful take-away. Many clients report that even one reading with Naomi changed their lives forever.


A one-hour session is $400




• Clients report that after a session they feel a weight off their shoulders, calmer, more confident, more self-assured, more clear, more empowered, more courageous, more impassioned, and more free.

• Naomi is able to tune into the amazing potentials for you along with the steps you can take to get there. She will illuminate the invisible bridge that runs directly from where you are now to where you wish to go in your life. 

 • When you work with Naomi, you bask in the light of someone who sees you and gets you. It’s a gorgeously unusual connection you form across the cards: piercing, loving, and true.

• In a session with Naomi, there is no trace of judgment so your soul will heave a sigh of relief. Being seen, finding yourself Known is also very healing--there is nothing like being validated and shown to yourself in the truth of who you are.

• With this glimpse into your soul’s blueprint, you are empowered to create the life you actually want out of the one you are currently living. Naomi sees into souls. She grasps at a glance your unique, complex, and extraordinary life path. She comprehends your life’s plot-line, including its built-in challenges.

• Naomi lives to help people just like you to unravel your life’s complexities--the more unusual the better--in order to tap into the higher picture and into the higher meaning of it all. For this will restore you to wholeness and self-love so you can prevail in every aspect of your life.

Here are the ultra-kind (and sweetly poetic!) words that one grateful client used to explain the benefits of Naomi's magical work with her: 

What Naomi offers to you is a clear, bright spring where you can kneel and wash off those parts of yourself that are tired, confused, disguised, or afraid and see them reflected in the light and clarity of her intuition. She illuminates the most direct path into your own heart when the forest becomes blinded by its own leaves so that you, too, can find those secret, amazing possibilities planted in yourself.

Her gift is to speak to you in that same language as the most intimate voice inside your own mind, the one that always knows more and better than you think you do. Always supportive, always loving, always empathetic, always honest, she speaks your own truth to your own ears. Amazingly, they always listen. Suddenly—-here you are, committed to discovering and building a true life out of whispered dreams. I have nothing but appreciation and love and enormous gratitude for the beautiful guidance she has given me.