Hi Naomi,

I, like many, am very concerned about what I am seeing on the news and in our world. I’ve read your inspiring newsletters and blogs speaking of “the collective consciousness” and the illusion of the “we/they” divide. I agree that these are the kinds of conversations that need to happen. It’s just that, at the same time, I know that people, myself included, might say, “but listen, the fact is that there are things out there that I didn’t create with my mind that just are not right…there are ways of thinking and acting that hurt people and I have not created these things out of my thinking”… But more and more, I am inclined to wonder what can it mean that I (in connection with the fullness of creation around me) actually do perhaps produce these realities, at least *as they exist for me*? Any thoughts?


The short answer is that our planet is in an ascension process in which we will all sooner than later, in our own time, in our own way, come to realize the shocking power of THOUGHT in the making of our individual AND collective reality.

To go into more detail--indeed to “grapple” with this question as much as to outright answer it—let me say this: 

Our life experience is largely a product of meaning-making and interpretation. These are mental processes, thought processes. Everything we experience is filtered through our interpretive lens, which operates like a souped-up, one-of-a-kind movie camera, that adds color, flavor, a take, and a spin onto everything we behold. We all have a way of seeing that is particular to who we are, the entirety of who we are. That includes nature AND nurture and a whole slew of other factors.

We all have a very particular “point of view”—an outlook. I like to call this our unique personal “matrix.” Our matrix consists of knowledge, wisdom, and would-be “common sense.” It’s in quotes because common sense is not actually “common” or even shared beyond our own matrix at all. It is rather specific to our social location. This holds true whether we went with what we were taught and indoctrinated into, or whether we rebelled against the ideas we were subjected to. Either way, whether we are in opposition to it, or aligned with it, the backdrop into which we incarnated—combined with our personal programming—informs who we are in fundamental ways.

Often what we make of "what has happened"—in our lives and in the world—is a story, a creation, and in a sense a fiction. How is it a fiction? Because we erroneously take our interpretation of an occurrence to be “the truth.” We take it to be a fundamental and inherent truth, an Absolute Truth. Of course, our perspective is true FOR US, and it is perfectly legitimate as a way to see things.

A big part of my own teachings is to discover, connect to, and honor our own truth. Why? Because it’s critical for our personal development—for our freedom, for our wholeness, for our well-being, and for our empowerment—that we establish what our personal truth is. However, we can tend to forget that OUR truth is not the same as THE truth. There are any number of truths out there on any given matter. Indeed, you could consider that there are as many “truths” as there are people on this planet.

We don’t always realize how profoundly limited our own lenses are, and this is shared in common by the vast majority of people on this planet, of all backgrounds. But also, cosmically speaking, we all do share in the creation of reality--even the things we don't like (and even if we can't see how it's so)--by being vibrationally in alignment with those things happening.

What does that mean? Well, as an example, if we subscribe to "we/they" thinking, we are now vibrationally in alignment with things unfolding in the world around us that provide evidence for this way of seeing. These might include various “isms,” forms of victimhood, violence, hierarchies, all manner of A/B power dynamics. So perhaps we don’t like what we see in the world, but at the same time without realizing it, our own thought processes are actually resonating with these things happening.

If we believe there is actual separation rather than interconnectivity between human tribes, if we live in a state of reactivity rather than creativity, if we choose fear and judgment of others rather than unconditional love of all our human brothers and sisters. If we do any of these things, even at the level of thought only, then we are not part of the solution, we are part of the problem.

We are co-creating our reality with every thought we think. And if we monitor our thoughts closely--our own thoughts--we will see that they are not as innocent and clean and pure as we assume them to be. In our minds, we cast aspersions on celebrities, public figures, our parents, our friends, our enemies, our co-workers, and our bosses.

Maybe also other races, cultures, classes, or genders much as we don’t care to admit it. Or perhaps we are truly above that, and we only hate people who hate, and judge people who judge… (making us judgers and haters in the process!) and the list goes on. In our minds, if we are totally honest, for even the best of us, our thoughts can be cruel and malicious and negative and dark and biting and catty.

These energies within our minds merge with the collective consciousness and foster and facilitate the literal evil that others then enact in the world. The suggestible people, the disintegrated people, the low-vibrating people among us act out the things many of us are thinking. Thankfully most of us are too emotionally and psychologically healthy to ever actually act these things out. But we sure see the cruelty and reactivity of the average, more “healthy” person on social media and comment sections. If we look within ourselves we will see it there too, much as we don’t like to look there. We so prefer to point over at others.

We are all interconnected. And our thoughts matter so much more than we’ve been taught they do. Imagine it's like the perpetrators we judge for an evil act had been infected in the first place by our very own thinking. This might sound extreme, but it’s what is operating on an invisible level unbeknownst to us. If you are baffled by what you see in the world and can’t make sense of it, know that much of it is happening on the level of the invisible and can only be explained in metaphysical terms.

Our thoughts matter so much more than we realize and we must clear, purify, and raise the vibration of our mindsets. Our very own thoughts create the set of on-going, seemingly unresolvable polarities and dualities we see before us. We all have tremendous power, every one of us, based on the power of our thoughts. Every one of us human beings is imbued with an incredibly powerful energy field and creative capacities and true genius.

Even perceiving of ourselves or someone else as a victim (while passionately declaring we do not) is to co-create a reality where we or they will be victimized. This is how the universal "law of attraction" works. It works on the individual level and it works on the collective level. It works as straightforwardly as gravity, and like gravity, the law of attraction operates equally for everyone. We attract to us what we fear, and we attract to us what we believe to be true and real. We attract to us the hologram, the matrix, the web of what we believe is true in the world.

We perpetuate the reality we see before us by buying into it and ascribing false meaning to "what is." We can turn this around by embracing the miracle of life and the fact we all chose to be here, in the specific human form, with the specific incarnation we arrived in. To be grateful for the miracle we are a part of. To have reverence for ALL of life. For every species. For our sacred planet. For our beloved Mother Earth. And to learn to accept and even love our fellow human beings from the depths of our hearts and souls.

We signed up to incarnate on this planet in order to be the change we wish to see in the world. We did not come here to be jarred by what we encountered in this world that was already in progress long before we got here. We did not come here to be whiners and complainers, reacting to the state of the world. We can free ourselves from these habits of being through healing and learning to truly love ourselves. We can free ourselves by plugging into our magnificence, by radically caring for ourselves on levels of mind, body, heart, and soul. We can raise our magnetism and dial up our life force, hone our intuition, and the list goes on.

We can all do this, as long as we know how, no matter what our station in life. Shifting our orientation to life and others in this way will mean we are contributing light-filled energy to the collective consciousness rather than simply spewing more darkness into the mix without even realizing we are doing so because it feels so right, so natural, and so justified *in our interpretation of things*.

The key is to come from compassion and even gratitude for all of God's creatures. It's also helpful to know that every human being has power. Tremendous power. If you believe you don't have power and someone else does, you have made it so, right in that instant, just by thinking it. Our personal power, the power that lies within ourselves, is of great magnitude, and every one of us is equal in that, regardless of our status in the world.

Every human life matters tremendously. Yes, EVERY LIFE MATTERS, and that’s a spiritual fact. Even those lives it might appear to the 5-senses don't have the respect, regard, value, or honor they warrant, no matter where they fall on the human spectrum. It is where we ourselves are judgmental and intolerant that we must mend. We must not merely point over at others while believing ourselves to be an angel touristing around on the planet.

Basically what I'm saying is that we, collectively, do shape our reality even if we think we don't. Our reactions and our negative thoughts create a misalignment in our human assignment to love one another unconditionally. And as you can see, the scale of human "reactions" to problems has had little effect on actually eliminating those problems.

As Einstein has famously said, “no problem can be solved at the level of consciousness that created it.” What's needed, then, is mass thinking at a higher level, a raising of consciousness, by one and all. We don't so much "solve" our problems as we outgrow them, said Jung. We must grow. And that applies to all of us. Not just that ever-ubiquitous "them."