All 30- and 60-minute sessions with Naomi take place by phone. Please call from a quiet, private location so you can optimize your magical experience with Naomi. You can expect to leave your session feeling lighter, freer, more empowered, more confident, and more clear. 

At the start of your session you share, briefly, your questions and concerns, what brought you to the reading, or what you hope to get out of your session. Naomi then takes over. Generally, she starts by looking into what she calls your “Present Position.” This provides you with a clear sense of the life themes you are experiencing right now, and whether you are on track.

This portion of the reading also reveals to you the higher meaning of whatever you are going through. Knowing your Present Position will equip you with greater clarity and better tools to handle the predicament you find yourself in. Also, the lessons you are to learn reveal themselves as well as areas for needed growth.

Knowing your Present Position will also help you ascertain how you should be thinking, feeling, and conducting yourself in the different arenas of your life. With this heightened perspective on the larger picture, you will come away from your session with greater understanding of yourself and your life. This means you will get more than just answers to the questions you came in with. You will leave your session feeling calmer, more confident, and with a greater sense of what’s possible for you.

You will also come away with useful, more enlightened ways of looking at things. For looking at things differently causes those things to change before your very eyes. Our interpretive lens is generating what we see, creating a self-fulfilling prophecy. And our active presence is precisely shaping the terms of what we are experiencing, and not always positively.  

What Naomi does would not be considered "tarot reading”, but she does use cards to steer and ground the session, and to provide optimal accuracy. You can expect an unrivaled level of depth, detail, and intricacy. You can expect to feel swept into something significant and you can expect what Naomi says to have resonance for you. Basically, Naomi is doing the work of bringing your own inner knowing from your subconscious recesses to your conscious awareness. 


Still trying to decide if a 30- or 60-minute In­tu­itive Con­sul­ting session with Naomi is right for you?

Here is a checklist to see if you are a great fit for what Naomi has to offer clients:

  • Are you willing to immerse yourself in a thorough, loving, intimate examination of your life circumstances?
  • Are you open-minded, open-hearted, curious, conscious, and a seeker?
  • Are you a game-changer, luminary, leader, visionary, creative, healer, or fellow intuitive?
  • Do you have a big dream you wish to realize, are willing to do whatever it takes to make it happen, and want powerful illumination on whether it’s possible and what the steps are to get there?
  • Are you open to gaining deeper un­der­stand­ing of your patterns, habits, and mindsets that might be holding you back?
  • Are you excited to learn some tough love truths about yourself?  
  • Are you eager to find out what possibilities and potentialities lie in store for you?