In Naomi’s half- and full-day intensives, you are given the tools to become the best Y-O-U that you can be. Amazing things can happen for a client when divine guidance meets a genuine readiness to evolve. Nuance, complexity, and detail are Naomi’s specialties, and this longer format allows her talent free reign to serve you in ways that are genuinely life changing.  

 Naomi’s extraordinary gift is to see what’s possible for you and the quickest and easiest path to get there. She can lay out the steps you need to take. And she is able to intuit and give voice to this new reality existing as real potential within you, and to begin the process of pulling it from the ether to the ground.  

In the intensive format, Naomi simply walks you through this process much more thoroughly than is possible in a one-hour session. She does the thinking and planning with you, so that by the end of your time together, your work is simply to follow through with the crystal clear vision and action-plan you’ve co-designed.

 In the intensive format, Naomi takes the guidance of your reading to the next level. She goes through the process of rethinking, reframing, and exhausting all seeming contradictions to the proposed action of your reading with you. Depending on the nature of your question(s), this might mean mapping out a detailed, concrete weight loss strategy, that not only gives you the larger spiritual picture and basic framework you need to begin, but also breaks down a budget for your new endeavor, a timeline for when you should aim to reach your goal, and the specific foods/activities/behaviors to avoid and to emphasize, as well as a fool-proof approach to handling social situations, and whatever else might be relevant to you.

This same approach would be applied to a complicated breakup, or the selling of property, or freeing yourself from debt. Essentially, this intensive serves as an incredibly powerful and divinely guided brainstorm session, that generates the ideas, clarifies them, and creates the detailed course of action for how to manifest their reality.

Whether you opt for a half-day or a full-day, the focus of your session is entirely up to you.

Topic One:

The Custom-Designed Intensive

This is for those of you with highly individualized concerns, or confronting special challenges or transitions in your life. Naomi happily offers half-day and full-day intensives tailored for your unique circumstances.


Through her decade-plus work with clients, Naomi has developed topics you can cover in these intensives, based on the core themes behind her clients’ usual questions and problems. In other words, you can choose from the modules listed below.

Note: Approximately 3-4 modules can be covered in a half-day intensive, and 5-6 in a full-day. Or, you can customize the intensive entirely to your own individual needs.

The modules you can cover in an intensive with Naomi are listed below.

Topic Two:

Master the Art of Y-O-U

            • How to accept, embrace, and come home to who you truly are. 

• How to hear and heed your own inner directives.

• How to dial up your personal power and a healthy sense of self-importance. 

            • How to care for yourself radically and exquisitely.

            • How to heal, free, and forgive yourself; learn to be less self-critical. 

            • How to love yourself with abandon. 

Topic Three:

Design and Live Your Ideal Life

  • Learn to Love, Embrace, and Invest in Yourself
  • Identify Your Longings and Goals for your life, including How You Want to Feel
  • Clarify your Soul’s Deepest Core Desires 
  • Optimize Your Health and Well-Being
  • Ramp Up Your Financial Fitness
  • Wear Your Personal Style on Your Sleeve
  • Turn Your Home into Your Temple
  • Spring Clean Your Life
  • Manage Your Personal Priorities Through Time and Schedule Management
  • Design Your Weekly Life Regimen


Topic Four:

Love Life Mastery

  • Become a true match for the quality of love and romance you want to experience.
  • Free yourself from your blocks to love 
  • Embrace your calls to action, sacred assignments, and larger destiny 
  • Discover, embrace, and fall in love with yourself
  • Understand personality dynamics and learn to deal with difference 
  • Become an A+ student in the classroom of love 
  • View love from expanded awareness and as a call for healing and forgiveness 
  • Acquire the wisdom, the tools, and the knowledge to make you a master of your love life


Topic Five:

Hands-On Life Design (Special Circumstances only)

In this hands-on intensive, Naomi visits you in your home. Scanning your environment and tuning in, she is able to intuit what’s needed in order for you step into your truest and greatest self. In this intensive, Naomi not only helps you birth your dream life into reality, but she physically implements your action-plan with you. If it is determined that your job search requires an updated wardrobe, for instance, Naomi will shop with you (online or in the store), intuitively illuminating perfect items you likely would never have considered, but that will up the vibration of your style and appearance exponentially.

 You may discover that in order to bring romance into your life, you need to clear up the energy of your home, and Naomi will intuitively determine what needs to be moved, thrown away, enhanced, purchased, painted, or whatever the case may be.  

 Many elect to take this process further, electing to have Naomi come to your home to spend a prescribed set of days together. In this “in-home” intensive, Naomi examines up-close and in-person the details of your surroundings, as these always relate to your larger life circumstances. You will work on whatever Naomi “sees” (intuitively) is needed for you to harness your optimal personal development and to truly shine. Areas of focus range from matters of mind, body, and soul, to organizing and streamlining your belongings, to sprucing up your home décor and refining your wardrobe.

A Hands-On intensive with Naomi will often generate or at the very least “coincidentally” or synchronistically anticipate a new development in a client’s life. Clients will generally find that the intensive has prepared him or her for a serious relationship, or for expanded professional responsibilities, or for increased visibility. These “coincidences” are no accident, but rather a powerful product of intention and serendipity.