One-Day Workshop


The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.
— Albert Einstein

Your intuition is your greatest inner resource. Throughout this powerful day you will learn about it, connect to it, work with it, play with it, celebrate it, and above all, further develop it! By truly understanding and skillfully honing your intuitive abilities, you will improve your life in every way.

With Naomi Pabst, PhD


Sample teaching from Naomi's latest workshop, with special guest Chella Ferrow, who will also be the special guest at this upcoming INTUITION WORKSHOP.

Naomi Speaks About Listening to Your Spirit Guides and Using Your Intuition


Date: Saturday December 6th, 2014


Time: 10-6pm


Location: Manhattan (Union Square)


Cost: $300


How would you like to:

  • Dial up your own inner magician, mystic, and metaphysician?
  • Drive confidently on your life’s road with ultra-bright headlights illuminating the journey?
  • Learn to trust your intuition, and understand the difference between your “Knowing” and your thoughts or fears?
  • Have a keener sense within yourself of what’s possible for you and the steps you need to get there?
  • Connect with your spirit guides, guardian angels, ascended masters, and loved ones who have crossed over?
  • Understand the spiritual laws and realities that render your intuition possible?


If you are a “yes” to any of these, then you are a perfect fit for Naomi’s upcoming intuition workshop! Beginners are welcome, as are those who have already made significant headway on your path toward fine-tuning and heightening these abilities! You will further develop your intuition at this workshop regardless of your level of prior preparation. Naomi herself expects to improve her own intuitive abilities by spending this powerful day with you!


Note: The beautiful, brilliant actress, model, master channeler, and spiritual teacher, Chella Ferrow, will be Naomi’s special guest at this workshop. She will grace us with her healing presence, guide us deeper into the experience of connecting to our intuition, and share her profound insights with our group.


In this workshop, we will learn a ton, we will work, we will play, we will practice, and we will do some group readings together. Naomi will share her artful, inspired lecture material on the topic, and she will also pull cards and do mini-readings for the group. Feel free to bring your tarot decks, pendulums, and any of your favorite divining tools if you use them. If you come empty-handed, that’s just fine, too! 


Please join Naomi for this amazing workshop on honing your intuition!

  • 1 payment of $300

Aside from falling madly in love with her husband and birthing her three adorable children, the most important experience of Naomi’s life was when she awakened fully to her intuitive abilities. Now, her heartfelt desire is to help you awaken more deeply to your own. 


Naomi would love to put herself out of business as an intuitive by teaching you to be your very own psychic. 


  • Imagine turning to yourself for powerful guidance, insight, perspective, directives, and clarity? Not just at times, but in an on-going, deliberate, purposeful, and sustained way. 
  • Imagine accessing within you the answers you need to your questions on love, personal relationships, career, life purpose, prosperity, health, and spirituality? 

You have the innate capacity to do this for yourself! We all do. We just need to learn how, and then practice, practice, practice and make it a way of life. In this workshop, Naomi will show you how.


Our intuition is a funnel connecting us to realms unseen; to higher, wiser, more benign realms; to realms of greater illumination, intelligence, peace, harmony, and above all, love. Our intuition is our pipeline to our real status as so much more than mere human beings, but rather sacred, spiritual beings. 


There are many forces at play on this planet of ours that keep us in sad states of being cut off from all that is possible for us. We live our lives as less than our higher selves, our true selves, and our most magnificent selves. We’re fretful, depressed, anxious, resentful, and insecure. We’re bored, lonely, and under-stimulated, even as we keep ridiculously busy. So much of culture and society is designed to keep us in scarcity consciousness, limited thinking, and fear. These fraught, soul-numbing, spirit-dulling ways of the material world keep us all operating infinitely below our potential. 


Your intuition, applied correctly, is your one-way ticket out of fear and limitation, and into freedom, abundance, confidence, security, personal empowerment, and well-being.


Naomi’s one-day intuition workshop will tackle all these topics and more. Come and more fully develop and understand your sixth sense!


We all have powerful intuitive abilities. They just need to be acknowledged, embraced, and honed in order that we can rely on them to our fullest advantage, in every aspect of our lives.


Opening up to your intuition more will allow you to enjoy:

  • greater lightness-of-being
  • increased confidence, clarity, personal authority 
  • heightened wherewithal
  • spiritual maturity
  • savvy on your path. 

Honing your inner knowing will also give you a far more fruitful window into your love life, personal relationships, career prospects, prosperity, and optimal health. And best of all, it will allow for a greatly enhanced spiritual journey, for a true connection to “source,” which yields an irreplaceable power-surge, a feeling of being plugged into your own socket.

  • 1 payment of $300