Join Dr. Naomi Pabst for two exhilarating, life-changing days! 

With the tools, techniques, information, and inspiration you will receive, these may turn out to be two of the most important days of your life.


master your dealings with others; have the life you want


Because the quality of your relationships is key when it comes to the quality of your life.



• Y-O-U enjoying harmonious, smooth, and positive relationships with the people you love the most.

• Y-O-U in a fulfilling, rewarding, and satisfying romantic union.

• Y-O-U feeling confident, excited, and in charge of your romantic dealings.

• Y-O-U in a love match based on mutual understanding, respect, adoration, deep connectedness, and best of all, truly getting along.

• Y-O-U having risen above drama, strife, and interpersonal politics with your family, friends, and co-workers.

Well, you need not merely imagine it any longer, because it's about to become your reality. Yes, you can have all this and more. Naomi will show you how.


Take the quality of your relationships into your own hands!


Wouldn't you be ecstatic to find yourself in the driver's seat when it comes to the quality of your relationships with others? Wouldn't you be thrilled to be in charge of your interpersonal dealings, and hence in charge of your quality of life? Well, you can be. You simply have to commit to getting the know-how. And you've found yourself in the right place because it's Naomi's highest calling to serve as your guide on your journey to m.a.g.i.c.a.l. relating.



I feel very empowered and so much more equipped after yesterday’s Love Life Mastery workshop. I feel like we are all holding this amazing secret that the rest of the world doesn’t have a clue about. And yet these tools could really save a lot of relationships.


Naomi created *M.A.G.I.C.A.L. RELATING* especially for you. Because she wants you to be the captain of your own romantic destiny and knows how to teach you to become just that. This workshop has arisen out of her own experience in love's trenches (she will share liberally from her own powerful love story with her husband), her extensive knowledge and training on the fine art of relationships, plus twelve years of serving as a professional intuitive on a global scale. As an intuitive, her especial gift is her ability to problem-solve and restore harmony and deeper understanding in all manner of relationships.

Naomi especially loves helping people resolve the tensions in their romantic relationships and will love to do this for you. Indeed, she has made quite a name for herself and is highly sought after when it comes to helping people improve their love lives.



Your teachings on the art of relating are utterly and entirely transforming and liberating. Your rich and extraordinary inner database of knowledge, paired with your true wisdom and embodiment of Love creates a most powerful quantum ground for shift and evolution within the realm of love and relationship... a realm in which we all so deeply long to reside, with so much more grace and fulfillment. Your teachings are indispensable, and I consider them high-priority for all those who are navigating the seemingly ungraspable ways of relationship. You have the codes for the most puzzling and painful love conundrums!



You will leave these two days with a rich understanding of . . .

• . . . How to relate MAGICALLY with others. How to cultivate mutual understanding, connection, and peace, even--and especially when--there is difference involved. You will receive tools, techniques, and a tangible set of skills for succeeding at this.

• . . . LOVE. What it is. Its contours. Its vicissitudes. The role it is intended to play in our lives. With this spelled out it becomes much easier to take love on its own terms. Love is the most powerful energy in the universe. It behooves us to comprehend its workings! Only in this way does it become possible for love to serve us in our lives rather than befuddle or even fry us!

• . . . The spiritual, esoteric, and karmic aspects of relationships and the degree to which these invisible forces shape the mysteries of relating far more than we realize. When we understand these mysteries we can operate with more ease and flow in our interpersonal dealings.


Naomi has been on her own powerful, altogether unique journey to true love, and she has also studied love and relationships extensively for many years.

She was mentored by the great Alison Armstrong, world-renowned expert on male/female differences, completing Armstrong's one year Mastery and Leadership intensive program. Long before that, Naomi's doctoral dissertation explored the most effective ways we humans can relate to each other across our many lines of difference. She taught these topics as a professor of literature and cultural theory at Harvard and Yale respectively for twelve years. The truth is that effective negotiating of difference is the sum and substance of what it takes to make any relationship sing, whether in romantic partnerships, familial bonds, friendships, professional contacts, or even dealings with total strangers.

In other words, teaching M.A.G.I.C.A.L. RELATING is a matter of Naomi truly living out her life purpose. 


It's true, in the words of that great ballad, that "the greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return."


And indeed, we must learn to love and be loved in return. When it comes to relationships we tend not to realize we are functioning without basic mathematics or A-B-C's. We do the best we can, indeed being good, open-hearted, loving people, we try everything. And somehow we still find ourselves bungling and fumbling, and sometimes even falling flat on our faces. This bears out if we look at the macro-level, observing the world and our general inability to get along with one another across our lines of difference.

It also bears out closer to home, for instance in the tensions in the average home during a holiday dinner or drama between co-workers. It bears out based on the outsize divorce rate. And it bears out in the tragicomic misadventures one can expect to experience in the dating scene. Even though it all seems like bad luck, having the specific skill set you will receive in this workshop will dramatically improve your luck as it will enable you to relate more effectively with others. The insight and the skill set you will receive over these two days will prove to be a game-changer.



THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU FOR YESTERDAY’S LOVE LIFE MASTERY SEMINAR!!!! It was a true eye opener. As I write this, the tears are rolling down my face with gratitude. You see, I still love my ex-husband, terribly, and although I realize that this was all meant to unfold as it has, I think that if I’d known what I know now we might still be together.



• her game-changing *love life mastery* teachings. A goodly portion of this workshop will focus on your romantic relationships and how you can get in the driver's seat of your love life. Everyone can enjoy a clear victory in that department, if they only know how to bring it about!

• potent, foolproof tools and techniques to create amazing relationships with everyone in your life.

• insights on how to cultivate harmonious, pleasurable, and powerful dealings with intimates and acquaintances alike.

With the information you will receive in this workshop, your partnerships, friendships, family ties, and connections with co-workers will strengthen and take on new, far more fruitful forms. You will learn to bring out the best in everyone you encounter. When you have these skills in your pocket, you will not only uplift others with your presence, but your own personal reality will become infinitely charmed.



Naomi has undeniably transformed my life in ways I could of never imagined. Not only through her unique workshops that create a safe haven to honor yourself and work on the nitty gritty—of self and of relationships—but also through her one-on-one sessions which always leave you inspired. Working with Naomi has given me an opportunity for unbelievable self-growth and an awakening that has truly been of the mind, body, heart, and soul. She has guided me with open heart, connecting me to true self-knowing, mastery of my relationships, and learning to trust my own intuition. I honestly can’t imagine a better person to have by my side through this journey and I am forever grateful for all of her guidance and support.



Saturday March 28th 2015, 10-6

Sunday March 29th 1015, 10-4



Manhattan's Union Square Area




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(Full price is $600)

Note: Naomi is keeping this event small, cozy and intimate for maximal impact on each participant. Hence, there are only a select number of seats available. There are still seats left, but they are going fast, so do sign up quickly to secure your spot.

* The 60-day full-refund period has already lapsed. At this time, there are no refunds or transfers for any reason, so please be sure you are hungry for this information and committed to attending before you sign up. The cancellation policy is strictly and firmly enforced.* 


  • One payment of $440


I LOVED your workshop! I just want to share my own healing experience with you, because it’s been so powerful I can hardly contain it. . . All day Sunday, throughout the workshop and continuing through the evening, and even all throughout yesterday and this morning, it was as though this giant internal knot unraveled and I was able to see myself with a sustained compassion I’ve only had glimpses of.