Discover the six stepping-stones that will enable you to love your life madly and be your best self.


• feel empowered, whole, and free.

• BECOME who you need to be in order to find and fulfill your unique purpose. 

• live a life infused with magic.

• outgrow your thorniest problems.

• embody your authenticity. 

• align with the intrinsic magnificence of who you are.

• BE the change you wish to see in the world, because the change you wish to see begins with you. 

This soul-fueling experience is presented to you with love by renowned transformation strategist, intuitive consultant, wellness warrior, and former professor at Harvard and Yale:


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I’ve learned more about myself in these first few modules of the *JOURNEY TO Y-O-U* than I did in decades of intensive talk-therapy! What a difference this course is making already. I feel like I’m more alive!


It's a megadose of inspiration, a cartload of indispensable information, and a flood of illumination on how to live your best life and be your best self. Being at your absolute best requires stepping into your truest truth and more fully embodying the greatness that already lies within you.

It's a meticulous map to self-mastery with soul.

The *JOURNEY TO Y-O-U* will provide the perfect laboratory for your own profound personal transformation. You are missing you, and you probably have no idea just how much.

•Discover who you truly are. 

•Plug into your socket. 

•Come home to yourself.

•Connect to that one-of-a-kind power-hub that is your unique personhood!

• Move forward and upward on your path.

These are the outcomes that are possible for you, if you do the work, and if you have the step-by-step itinerary that is Naomi's *JOURNEY TO Y-O-U* curriculum.

Thriving, being your best self, and living your best life all require self-mastery. Self-mastery requires an intensive, soulful quest into the true contours of the self.



Overcome your most stubborn, persistent problems.

This course will enable you to look at your problems from a higher perspective. It's when we expand our awareness beyond our "default point of view" and see our challenges from a different angle that solutions come readily into focus. Though life is never going to be "problem-free," you will have expanded your strength and your bandwidth. You will have increased your level of wherewithal to handle your problems wisely, capably, and gracefully.


Get out of your own way.

You are placing more obstacles in your own path than life ever could. This holds true whether your challenges tend to reside in the matter of your career, your love life, your finances, your familial relationships, or your general well-being. Banish your blocks and release the long-held patterns that prevent you from having the life you want. Eliminate pesky blindspots and entrenched habits of implementing the same solutions over and over and (surprise!) still failing to produce your desired outcomes. This is the definition of insanity, as we all know, yet we all do it. This course will help get you unstuck and moving forward, free, whole, and empowered!


Let go of the past. 

Put down your baggage. That includes baggage you're not even aware you are carrying! Lighten your load. Unburden yourself so you can take flight. Learn to embrace the less savory aspects of yourself (we all have them!). Having first accepted all of who you are, you can then release much of what is no longer serving you, a spring-cleaning of the self. This includes your inner reservoir of accumulated pain; your shadow side; your ego; and the areas where you need to forgive yourself and others. We will also identify your unique, solo path to personal integration and ascension. To heal is to return to wholeness. You are already fully stocked and a complete package. Everything you require lies within you, a treasure trove of gleaming diamonds, ready to be mined. The JOURNEY TO Y-O-U is your treasure map.


You are so much more powerful than you know.

Step into the vast power reserve that lies within you. Live a self-authorized life. A self-generated life. A self-governed life. Tune out the irrelevant opinions of others and the constraining voices of society and culture. Instead heed your inner whispers, an ever more reliable compass. Know what's for you and what's not; know your "non-negotiables" and where to compromise. Learn how to say "no" with firm conviction and "yes" with full commitment. Learn to set boundaries and place importance upon yourself. Live courageously and creatively. Stretch the borders of your comfort zone. Reach out for the things you want, the experiences you want, and the LIFE you want.


Live with genuine personal authenticity.

This is the number one secret to being your best self, living your best life, and making your most powerful possible contribution. It means playing the game of life with an agenda to be as true to who you are are as possible. This as opposed to what we are conditioned into from birth, to please, pander, fit in, subtly contort, and not rock the boat too much. It's not just the "pleasers" who do this--they are only more obvious about it. Even those of us who live boldly outside the box can tend to be living less authentically than we realize. For authenticity is like the proverbial onion, with ever more layers to be peeled away. The more you plug into your truth, the more spontaneous "win-wins" you will create on your path. The more good fortune you will generate.


Create the exact life your soul is craving. 

We don't tend to be living our ideal lives, even though most of us do have a vague, percolating sense of what that would be for us. The first reason is that we tend to be clearer on what we don't want than what we do want. We're more oriented to the glitches in our lives and what's not working, and hence not attuned to the "solutions" and the fresh beginnings that would position us more optimally, more fruitfully on our life path. The second reason is that living our ideal lives requires a journey of both self-discovery AND self-creation. We each have a unique programming all our own. Within that general blueprint, we have all kinds of room for agency and being proactive about stepping into lives that would be far more fulfilling and far better suited to us, than the lives we are living right now.


Make a more profound impact on the world around you.

Within you is a sense of purpose--a nagging Knowing that you are on this planet for a reason. With your inborn hunger to feed your fellow human beings in some meaningful way, you are probably also hungry to be of greater service than you currently are. You want to be making more of a difference. The truth is, the missing link between the impact we wish to have versus the impact we are actually having comes down to some measure of being unplugged from ourselves without realizing it. This limits our authority, our magnetism, our shine, and the influence we would otherwise be able to have. The world needs you to plug into your truth and your greatness. Because of the billions of people on this planet, only you can offer what only you have to give. The JOURNEY TO Y-O-U will help you plug into your passions and the power of your natural inclination. It will also enable you to truly make that difference only you can make.


• She's committed to leaving you a better person than she found you AND her teaching style will keep you engaged, inspired, informed, and entertained.

• She has 12 years of teaching wildly popular courses at Harvard and Yale under her belt.

• She is an expert in matters of culture, society, diversity, and human difference.

• She has a Phd in a field called the "History of Consciousness," having had legend scholar/activist Angela Y. Davis as her dissertation advisor.

• She has for the past 12 years been the intuitive of choice for a global client base of thousands of people. Through delivering many thousands of messages from Spirit, she has a crystal clear sense of the higher meanings of the times we are finding ourselves in. She also grasps in an ultra-powerful way our call to action as individuals; our call to action as members of various social groups; and our call to action as planetary citizens--as "Earthlings," we might say.

•The fitness brand Athleta, in partnership with online wellness behemoth MindBodyGreen, named Naomi "A Woman to Watch in Wellness." 

• For the past six years, she has been teaching (to rave reviews) workshops, masterclasses, and online courses on such topics as Self-Mastery; Self-Creation; How to Relate Across Lines of Difference; How to Hone Your Intuition; and How to Access Extreme Well-Being.



  • Luminosity
  • Confidence
  • Certitude
  • Clarity
  • Creativity
  • Command of self
  • Expansiveness
  • Natural Beauty
  • Fabulousness
  • Fierceness
  • Vibrant health
  • Vitality

These qualities will make you magnetic. They will give you a shine, a sparkle, a charisma. They will "attract" other people to you and compel them to respect, admire, adore, and do for you. These are also qualities that will draw to you--magnet-like--the life experiences you are wishing to enjoy. You must, of course, embody your own custom version of these qualities--not a cookie cutter version.

By raising your magnetism quotient, you will be able to transform your life in the very ways you are secretly praying for.

The JOURNEY TO Y-O-U will give you access to the qualities listed above. And it will help you step into the version of self you are longing to embody and live the life you are hungering to live. For becoming your most authentic, exquisite, and sovereign self is the bridge from where you are right now in your life, to where you wish to go.


I was so riveted by these video lectures that I [the CEO of a Fortune 500 Company] couldn’t stop myself from watching them on my computer while in the middle of my workday!


You will feel better to the core. You will feel more alive and more vibrant. Your soul will heave a long overdue sigh of satisfaction, once you’ve committed to live as who you truly are; once you’ve come into alignment on the levels of your mind, body, heart and soul. 

Your newfound connection with yourself will enhance your well-being, your joy, your serenity, your very quality of life.

When you embody the truth of who you are, and when you love yourself and your life, you gift the world with your full and uninhibited splendor. Your inner diamond gleams and bursts forth. With this, being at your best not only empowers you, it empowers everyone with whom you come into contact.

You will now have a much easier time attracting the things you want--the experiences you want--all the things you wish to do, be, and have. You will also be way better positioned to make the meaningful contribution you wish to make in the world around you.

In the JOURNEY TO Y-O-U, you will learn what it means to be fully and freely yourself. You will get to know and understand yourself better. You will cultivate an amazing relationship with yourself, which will by extension only improve your relationship with others. 

You will share your uplifting excavation of the landscape of the self with a group of wonderful people who are doing the very same thing. Others of tremendously diverse backgrounds but of shared sensibility. Others who are seeking the same freedom, wholeness, and empowerment within themselves that you are. This will be a dynamic group ofpurpose-filled, curious, brilliant, open-minded, and open-hearted souls just like you. Folks who are hungry to take a bigger bite out of life, folks who are hungry to get out of life as much as they are putting into it. For that is precisely the difference it makes when we access our truth and our greatness.

Join Naomi for these seven weeks of wisdom, insight, and transformation of the self.

LOCATION: Your trusty internet, right here on your computer!

Naomi is thrilled to have an offering that any and all of her clients can enroll in, including those spread far and wide across the globe! This one-of-a-kind on-line journey will provide you with the tools, knowledge, wisdom, and inspiration you need to become the person it’s possible for you to be, and to live the life it’s possible for you to live. 


NEXT COURSE DATE:  TBA (please check back soon!)


Taking this course with you was and continues to be a godsend! I am deeply inspired by your knowledge, your enthusiasm and vivid passion for this work. It has been a remarkably expanding source of awareness and growth. The manner in which you organized and presented the class was very effective. The combination of independent reading, weekly video lectures and the personalized group conversation reinforced the lessons while covering all the bases. I was amazed at how effective it was to review the group intuitive coaching recordings and the lectures—which I continue to do even now.


WEEK ONE--Course Intro

One-Hour Lecture:


75-Minute Q&A/Group Intuitive Readings Call (Pre-Recorded)


Week Two

One-Hour Lecture: Module One


75-Minute Q&A/Group Intuitive Readings Call (Pre-Recorded)


Week Three

One-Hour Lecture: Module Two


75-Minute Q&A/Group Intuitive Readings Call (Pre-Recorded)


Week Four

One-Hour Lecture: Module Three


75-Minute Q&A/Group Intuitive Readings Call (Pre-Recorded)


Week Five

One-Hour Lecture: Module Four


75-Minute Q&A/Group Intuitive Readings Call (Pre-Recorded)


Week Six

One-Hour Lecture: Module Five


75-Minute Q&A/Group Intuitive Readings Call (Pre-Recorded)


Week Seven

One-Hour Lecture: Module Six


75-Minute Q&A/Group Intuitive Readings Call (Pre-Recorded)


- 7 Weekly One-Hour professionally-recorded HD quality Video-Lectures (also available as Audio) facilitated by Naomi (these are available for your viewing or listening pleasure anytime and from anywhere in the world). 


- 7 Weekly 75-minute Q&A sessions with Naomi, pre-recorded for your listening pleasure in a teleseminar format over the phone. (This call takes the form of Intuitive Group Coaching, as Naomi breaks out her tarot cards in answering the caller's questions.)


- Weekly worksheets providing practice and reflection assignments, soulful homework that is strategically designed to help raise your vibration, shift you into your next level, and facilitate your journey to Y-O-U.


- A suggested reading list of the most important books you need to read right now for your self-mastery journey!


- A list of suggested enriching experiences that will greatly enhance your experience of this class. Naomi will share with you the names of her favorite healers, palm readers, astrologers, massage therapists, shamans, and the list goes on. So you will be able to, if you choose, enjoy some powerful new spiritual adventures and strengthen your Journey to Y-O-U. 


- To supercharge your experience and catapult you, we invite you to do at least one, ideally two, one-on-one hour-long sessions with Naomi, at regular monthly intervals during the 7 weeks. 

This course will immerse you in your own personal power, dial up your well-being, and connect you to your truest authenticity. 


Being exactly who you are, at your highest level, is your ticket to magnetizing the things you want most in your life. This is true for your love life, career, finances, health, personal relationships, creativity, and spiritual journey. It’s also the magic formula that will enable you to make a more powerful contribution to this world than you ever thought possible.


To sign up for this course is to commit to becoming the person that only you can be, and to making the difference only you can make. 


You matter tremendously. It’s no accident you are here on this planet precisely in the form of Y-O-U. It’s absolutely worth busting out and being yourself at your best. It’s worth singing the song and dancing the dance that is the ultimate expression of Y-O-U.

LOCATION: Your trusty internet, right here on your computer!

Naomi is thrilled to have an offering that any and all of her clients can enroll in, including those spread far and wide across the globe! This one-of-a-kind on-line journey will provide you with the tools, knowledge, wisdom, and inspiration you need to become the person it’s possible for you to be, and to live the life it’s possible for you to live. 


NEXT COURSE DATE:  TBA (please check back soon!)

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You’re doing something truly extraordinary here and I’m thrilled to have been a part of it!
Thank you SO MUCH for the incredible, life-changing workshop on Sunday. It was sheer perfection. You created an incredible healing dynamic, which produced real healing in the room, such that the women even started to seem less polished and more vulnerable as the day went on, in the most beautiful way.
I loved having this class in my life. The way you framed it made it feel delicious to be learning this subject matter. For it’s really about new levels of awareness rather than a sense that we needed to be “fixed” or to learn the “tricks.” It was a highlight of the season, and I really look forward to continuing to come to other classes and seminars you teach.
I LOVED your workshop! I just want to share my own healing experience with you, because it’s been so powerful I can hardly contain it. . . All day Sunday, throughout the workshop and continuing through the evening, and even all throughout yesterday and this morning, it was as though this giant internal knot unraveled and I was able to see myself with a sustained compassion I’ve only had glimpses of.
This workshop was wonderful in every way! Great community, interesting ideas, helpful handouts, tons of useful information. I loved doing the worksheets. They made it easy to take what I learned into my life after the workshop. I’m glad I can look back at my notes and refresh. I loved the vibe you created and laughing with everyone.
As a result of attending your workshop, so many internal contradictions that were really slowing me down and keeping me stuck resolved themselves, including dilemmas about the importance of the body, how the conscious/unconscious mind interact, the need for discipline vs. the need to be gentle with the self. I just felt dramatically strengthened overall, as though I could handle anything. And there’s just this easy, loving happiness and peace that’s taking over the way I look at everything, including uncomfortable, fearful issues that need to be addressed.
This workshop was AMAZING. It really, truly sold the self-love concept to me on such a deep level, such that for the first time ever I actually felt it was attainable.
I loved coming together with a community of women who were each very radiant in their own way. I loved looking around the room and thinking about everyone present, “you’re awesome!” I loved having healthy foods and snacks with room for indulgence (dark chocolate, yum!). I also loved that you shared from your own experience.