Naomi's TRANSFORMATION STRATEGIES Sessions are available in three different levels of depth and substance.

SILVER LEVEL:  one-hour power session via phone

PLATINUM LEVEL:  four-hour intensive in-person or via phone

By application only you can experience the magic of Naomi's work in an in-depth personal transformation process:

 THE IMMERSION: a 4-day private 1:1 retreat



Are you on a passionate mission to make this world a better place, to in some special way alleviate suffering for the people of our planet? If you are, then Naomi wants to be of support to you as you carry out your agenda. Her calling is to help game-changers like you find your unique way forward, especially in these strange and chaotic times in our world. Her calling is to lend you her sparkling insight, inspiration, and bolstering as you make the difference only you can make in the world around you.


More often than not, the healers among us need more than a little healing ourselves. More often than not, the messengers among us need a potent blast of illumination, guidance, and support of our own. Even as you're already making a meaningful contribution, it's most likely the case that you would benefit tremendously from having a greater measure of clarity and precision in the matter of the razor-sharp specifics of what your message is, as well as the detailed contours of your calling.


The visionaries and pioneers and way-showers among us need someone to look out for the state of our minds, bodies, hearts, and souls. The leaders among us need someone to help optimize the quality of the leadership we are offering. The light-workers need someone to assist in enabling our luminosity to shine at its absolute brightest.


Also, and this is not insignificant, if you are endeavoring to make a huge impact in the world, it's imperative that you keep your tanks fueled. It's of utmost importance that your service is offered from a place of your inner bounty, your full-to-overflowingness, and not from depletion. If you hunger for raging success in the fulfillment of your mission, know that your journey will require of you a commitment to being in a state of true well-being, inner alignment, and wholeness. 


Naomi's chief passion is to help people like you who are fulfilling a powerful purpose, to indeed fulfill that powerful purpose. But to do so while having aligned with your full measure of life force. Ultimately it's all about you mastering yourself AND mastering your mission, such that the two become so powerfully aligned that they are one. It's Naomi's calling to help you achieve that ultimate alignment between YOU and your mission. Her calling is to make the world a better place by helping YOU make the world a better place.


It's your magnetism that will enable you to be highly effective in spreading and landing your message, while getting a hearing far and wide. Your magnetism is what will ultimately enable you to live at the outermost limits of what's possible for you to achieve and contribute. Magnetism is precisely a matter of how much of your life force you are plugged into. Magnetism also equates to your good fortune. It's your magnetism that will cause the doors to fling wide open at your very approach. 


Experiencing a TRANSFORMATION STRATEGIES session with Naomi will be ultra-empowering for you.


It will help you discover your unique path to making a difference that truly makes a difference in the world. It will offer you the tools and insights that you require in order to indeed succeed at making that difference only you can make.