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EMB/RACE ALCHEMY is an invitation to you and to humanity. It's a school of thought. A portal into a paradigm shift. A message. A mission. A mindset. A movement that focuses on SOLUTIONS to the predicament of race and racism on our planet.

EMB/RACE ALCHEMY holds that personal transformation is the path to societal transformation. It places priority on what we can create in the future as opposed to what went so wrong in the past. It emphasizes the infinite possibilities for achieving true equality and reverence for each and every life.

EMB/RACE ALCHEMY honors the vast spectrums of difference between the billions of people on this planet, while also honoring our fundamental sameness. It highlights the interconnectedness of every human being rather than the false divides between us.

EMB/RACE ALCHEMY stands in the truth that WE ALL ARE ONE. Even with our differences, conflicts, and grievances about one another, our ONENESS is nevertheless a fact. 

It's time to move forward and upward as humankind. It's time to live from the truth rather than from the illusions and misunderstandings that serve to separate rather than unite us.

Naomi Pabst is the founder of EMB/RACE ALCHEMY. She is also a transformation strategist who helps leaders, visionaries, artists, writers, and wellness warriors enact their visions for making this world a better place. Her greatest gift is to catalyze people into BEING the change they wish to see in the world. For when it comes to facilitating true transformation, WHO YOU ARE BEING is far more impactful than anything you could possibly say. Naomi prepared for this work above all through her own life experience, but also in two separate career paths. She taught black studies for 12 years at Harvard and Yale respectively. And for 12 years she served as the intuitive of choice for a global client base, numbering in the thousands.

I had this incredible reading [with Naomi]. She was so accurate! She brought up stuff that she couldn’t possibly have [known]… She spoke of the deeper meanings of what was happening to me and I believe that the best intuitives do that. Her gift is absolutely dead-on. She’s a hundred percent.
— Colette Baron-Reid, World Renowned Intuitive and Spiritual Teacher


Naomi shares the fascinating story of her transition from Ivy League professor to professional intuitive. Colette and Naomi engage in a lively discussion of the nature of intuitive work and conduct mini-readings for callers.