Q: What kinds of clients do you attract?

A: Naomi's client practice consists of people of all backgrounds scattered throughout the globe who share in common being smart, successful, savvy as well as curious, seeking, questioning, open-minded, and open-hearted. She attracts many clients who wouldn’t normally solicit the guidance of a psychic, and many who seek her guidance are household names.

The clients Naomi most loves to work with are visionaries, luminaries, game-changers, pioneers, up-and-comers, creative types, and fellow intuitives. This is because she is happiest when her readings are in support of people working to bring positive change to our world.


There is no specific preparation needed before your session other than to identify your top 3-5 questions or concerns you wish for Naomi to address.

Identify those aspects of your life that are most likely to keep you awake at night or have you in a state of confusion. It helps to write these questions down and have them on hand to share with Naomi at the beginning of your session, as many times, once they are swept into the enchantment of the reading, clients forget something they meant to ask.


Q: How should I prepare for my session?

Q: What can I expect to experience in my one-on-one session?

A:   You can expect to walk away from your session feeling more clear, confident, calm, self-assured, inspired, impassioned, empowered, and energized. 

Naomi's 60-minute sessions usually take place over the phone, but if you're in the New York City area, sometimes she can get you in in-person. You can rest assured that you will experience the same magic and receive the identical same intuitive messages over the phone as you would in-person. 

Most sessions start with you sharing, briefly, your questions and concerns, what brought you to the reading, or what you hope to get out of or learn in your session. Naomi then takes over, masterfully addressing your questions. 

Naomi usually offers you a "Present Position" segment, which assesses whether you're on track or off on a detour, and gauges the life themes you are confronting right now. It's a matter of hearing the messages Spirit has to share with you, above and beyond whatever specific questions you may have asked.

Clients report that it feels for the duration like a radical giving of self-care, a basking in a glow, a flood of warmth. You should feel at ease and understood. Naomi tunes into you, relying on her natural gift of "claircognizance," which is simply "to know."  

You will receive important information, keen insight, powerful guidance, helpful tips, dazzling clarity, and sound advice. You will be shown the higher meaning embedded within whatever you are going through and given tools to navigate your predicament more effectively. The lessons you are to learn reveal themselves, as well as areas for needed growth. 

You will also come away with useful, more enlightened ways of looking at things. For looking at things differently causes those things to change before your very eyes. Our interpretive lens is generating what we see, creating a self-fulfilling prophecy. And our active presence is precisely shaping the terms of what we are experiencing, and not always positively.

What Naomi does would not be considered "tarot reading,” but she does use cards to steer and ground the session, and to provide optimal accuracy. You can expect an unrivaled level of depth, detail, and intricacy.

You can expect to feel swept into something significant and you can expect what Naomi says to have resonance for you. Basically, Naomi is doing the work of bringing your own inner knowing from your subconscious recesses to your conscious awareness. 


Q: Can I record my session?

A: You may not record your session with Naomi. We do, however, encourage you to take notes. Naomi is highly sensitive, as both an intuitive and as a thinker. Naturally self-conscious and already very thoughtful about every word she says, with a recording device rolling she finds she can't help but to be painfully aware of it in such a way that limits the quality of your reading.

If you record your session, you will get a tame, risk-free, play-it-safe reading that will be less useful for you. You will get softened truths, and benign assessments of the people in your life as Naomi worries they might listen to your message some day. Lest this sound a touch paranoid, please know this has actually happened to Naomi in the past, where people abused the recordings of her sessions.


Q: Do you give predictions?

A: Yes, Naomi does give predictions when a particular outcome is suggested powerfully by her guidance. Some things on our life path are written into our soul's blueprint, and a gifted intuitive can tap into that blueprint--IF they are meant to.

Any human being, however, even a gifted intuitive, is going to be limited in what they are able to foresee. We are not meant to know our futures, we are meant to live them out, and undergo the richness of experience that lies in that. There is only so much you will be able to know.

A key part of life is its inherent suspense and lack of guarantees. Naomi likes to describe her work as helping you to get your high beam headlights turned up. With that additional illumination on your path, you can get a whole lot of insight and clarity, even confidence and peace of mind, you wouldn't otherwise have. However, this is not the same thing as omniscience or knowing for certain what is going to transpire.

Naomi encourages her clients to think of predictions as "strong possibilities and probabilities" and to treat life as an adventure in which truly anything can happen. Not knowing exactly what lies ahead is truly part of life's magic.

So while Naomi offers predictions, and has an extremely high accuracy rate, she encourages clients to be prepared for anything, and to remain fully participatory in manifesting their own destinies and making their own decisions and choices on their life path.


Q: Do you ever see bad things in store for people?

A:  Naomi can tune into any aspect of a person's life, the good, the bad, and the ugly. Sometimes some "tough love" messages come through for a client, some truths about the client's blocks or limitations, narrow beliefs, things that are holding him or her back in life, ways they are hurting people in their lives without being aware of it. Naomi doesn't see this as "bad." It's actually extremely fruitful, freeing, and healing to be told some tough truths.

Naomi also doesn't see the natural seasons of life as "bad." We all go through ups and downs, hardships and upheaval, losses and challenges, dark nights of the soul. It's pretty much assured something along these lines lies in store for you. And it's not "bad"--it's just life.

We live in a dualistic world. Newton's law is true: for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. For everything we might perceive as "bad" there is a major silver lining, and same for the reverse. So regardless of the content of your reading, even if some tough truths get told to you, clients generally leave Naomi feeling uplifted, inspired, at peace, and bolstered by white light.


A: Naomi does not censor her readings. If she gets a message for you, no matter what it is, she tells you. A gifted intuitive is not just gifted with their intuition, but with their delivery, their ability to heal and inspire through the process of imparting a message. With both gifts in place, Naomi is comfortable sharing any message she gets for you (however much you might not wish to hear it) with grace, aplomb, straightforwardness, and with a positive spin.


Q: Do you share with the client whatever messages you get or do you censor a little?

Q: How often should I return for a one-on-one session?

A: Ideally you will let at least one month lapse before booking another session, though Naomi doesn't currently have any enforced limits on how often you can come see her for a reading. In special situations, Naomi sometimes works with clients through a series of a handful of sessions and they come as often as every two weeks. It's almost never appropriate to come more often than every two weeks, even if you are in a serious crisis.

In general Naomi asks you to trust your own intuition as to when to book again. Almost all of Naomi's clients enthusiastically return to do another session with her at some point. Most of her clients come a handful times per year, while others come more often and some slightly less.

Naomi currently books out 2-4 weeks in advance, so please be aware that when you do get that tell-tale urge for a session with her, you will most likely have to wait a little while until your session. So do go ahead and book as soon as you start getting that whisper in your soul that it's time for your next session.


Q: If I experience a crisis or unexpected emergency and wish to book a session, can I get in Naomi's calendar without having to wait?

A:  Almost every single person who solicits a reading from Naomi asks to get in sooner than our client schedule is able to accommodate. And many clients feel the matters they wish to address in their reading are time sensitive or urgent. If Naomi honored each of these requests, she would literally be doing readings in every spare second, which would be far from ideal for her well-being or for the quality of work her clients could expect from her. The truth is that in order to be able to give the absolute best of themselves, everybody needs to recharge, to maintain balance, and to cultivate true quality of life. 

With this, Naomi has had to implement a surcharge in order to be able to book clients outside the regular schedule. If you have an emergency, and if Naomi is able to accommodate a reading with you, your surcharge over and above the regular price of the session is $200. It's the perfectly fair price of asking Naomi to extend to you the courtesy of a short-notice reading and to agree to work "overtime."  To book a short-notice session email us at scheduling@naomipabst.com.


Q:  What is your policy on how to book, pay for, cancel or reschedule a session? 

A: Our normal booking process consists of you requesting a session via email at scheduling@naomipabst.com. Naomi offers one-hour sessions on Tuesday afternoons and evenings only, Eastern Daylight Time (NYC time zone). You can book now by clicking the link displayed at the top, or directly below this answer, at the bottom of this FAQ page. Payment for all sessions is due in full upon booking in order to reserve your appointment slot (a 60-minute session costs $400).

After we set up a time and date with you, we will send you a PayPal invoice which you can pay using a credit card, debit card, or PayPal account. We hold your slot for 24 hours after you book, in order to give you enough time to process payment. If no payment is received in that window of time, we release your slot and offer it to the next person seeking a session. This policy eliminates no-shows and keeps Naomi's client roster filled with only serious, keen, committed clients.


You may reschedule your session anytime. If notice is received after your session start time and you are a no-show, in that case only, you will forfeit your session. (This is enforced strictly, unless you had a genuine emergency or sudden illness or the like). There are no refunds under any circumstances.