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the | SOUL FREEDOM | salon

let’s set the whole world free.

and let’s start by freeing ourselves.

At this gathering we will explore those avenues that will empower us to find our freedom within ourselves. With our soul freedom intact, we can exit the cycle of anxiety, stress, a focus on survival, and a sense of ourselves as victims of circumstance. Once we liberate our souls, we can fully live and truly thrive. Having accessed this way of living, we can inspire others to do the same. It’s only through freeing ourselves that we have even a half a chance of freeing others.


LOCATION:  Manhattan’s Upper West Side

(a convenient location with super easy access to various subway lines, express and local)

The exact address will be sent to you via auto-responder, immediately upon signing up for the event.


COST:  $40

(Actual admission price of $60 will take effect after Tuesday October 20th at midnight EDT)



Connect to your purpose and tap into the source of your creativity.

Want to liberate your soul by connecting indelibly with your life purpose, to the quantum source of creativity, and to the mighty reservoir of universal intelligence?