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Shine • Ascend • Self-Actualize: Master the Art of Being Y-O-U

Being exactly who you are, at your highest level, is your ticket to magnetizing the things you want most in your life. This is true for your love life, personal relationships, career, prosperity, and health. It’s also the magic formula that will enable you to make a more powerful contribution to this world than you ever thought possible."

This full-day workshop is designed to facilitate your journey into your personal truth and greatness. It is designed to help you fall in love with yourself and your life. This workshop will serve as your catapult to magnetism, self-mastery, and true well-being.

location: Manhattan, Union Square Area

Thank you SO MUCH for the incredible, life-changing workshop on Sunday. It was sheer perfection. You created an incredible healing dynamic, which produced real healing in the room, such that the women even started to seem less polished and more vulnerable as the day went on, in the most beautiful way.


- step more fully into your power

- raise your vibration

- become more magnetic

- attract the people/experiences/opportunities you wish to attract

- make the difference only you can make

- align with your most authentic, highest version of self

- shine and radiate

- be the master of your own destiny

- fall madly in love with yourself


if you are a "yes," to any of these, then this workshop is for you.


cost: $200 (through September 2nd 2014 at midnight. Full price is $400.)


I LOVED your workshop! I just want to share my own healing experience with you, because it’s been so powerful I can hardly contain it. . . All day Sunday, throughout the workshop and continuing through the evening, and even all throughout yesterday and this morning, it was as though this giant internal knot unraveled and I was able to see myself with a sustained compassion I’ve only had glimpses of.

step into your brightest, biggest, and most magnificent self!

by learning to actively love yourself, you will feel better to the core.  your personal well being, your happiness and serenity, your very quality of life, will expand exponentially.


when you love yourself, you gift the world with the full and uninhibited splendor of who you really are. being at your best not only empowers you, it empowers everyone with whom you come into contact.  you will attract the things you want and make the contribution you wish to make.


in this workshop you will learn what it means to be fully and freely yourself.  you will get to know and understand yourself better, connect with yourself, and share this uplifting experience with a group of wonderful women who are curious, seeking, open-minded, and open-hearted just like you.


please join Naomi for this powerful day of transformation, magic, and fun!


cost: $200 (through September 2nd at midnight. Full price is $400.)

your relationship with yourself is the most important relationship in your life. by improving your relationship with Y-O-U, you will correspondingly improve every other area of your life, from career, to finances, to interpersonal relationships, and especially to love life! for who we are is the source, the foundation of our lives. if this foundation is shaky in any way, if we find ourselves at a deficit (because of anxiety, worry, fear, insecurity, self-doubt, self-criticism, fatigue, overwhelm, disappointment, anger, being spread too thin, or not having our needs met), then everything we do will be under its full potential.

This workshop was wonderful in every way! Great community, interesting ideas, helpful handouts, tons of useful information. I loved doing the worksheets. They made it easy to take what I learned into my life after the workshop. I’m glad I can look back at my notes and refresh. I loved the vibe you created and laughing with everyone.


 • accept, embrace, and come home to who you truly are?

• heal, free, and forgive yourself; learn to be less self-critical?

• dial up your personal power and a healthy sense of self-importance?

• care for yourself radically and exquisitely?

• hear and heed your own inner directives?

• love yourself with abandon?


if your answer is “yes,” to any of these questions, please join Naomi for this enlightening, life-enhancing workshop!


from a place of being fully Y-O-U, you have the capacity to receive all the amazing things you wish to have in your life. from a place of being truly yourself, you are empowered to contribute amazing things to this world!

As a result of attending your workshop, so many internal contradictions that were really slowing me down and keeping me stuck resolved themselves, including dilemmas about the importance of the body, how the conscious/unconscious mind interact, the need for discipline vs. the need to be gentle with the self. I just felt dramatically strengthened overall, as though I could handle anything. And there’s just this easy, loving happiness and peace that’s taking over the way I look at everything, including uncomfortable, fearful issues that need to be addressed.


 •  love yourself with abandon, as deeply and unabashedly as you love others.

  dramatically dial up your confidence, courage, well being, fabulousness, faith, and trust in yourself—let your light shine!

  identify and honor your personal needs—mind-body-and-soul—so as to greatly enhance your quality of life.

  care for yourself exquisitely even when your life is superhumanly full and busy!

  be your own best friend and mother yourself as you always wish you’d been mothered.

  accept, embrace, and celebrate yourself; understand that you are perfectly perfect, exactly as you are.

  become truly empowered, self-authorized, self-governing, and self-possessed

  heal and conquer self-limiting habits such as worry, fear, self-criticism, disappointment, and self-doubt and turn down the volume on  anxiety

• truly place importance upon yourself. it’s not about being selfish, it’s just about honoring and holding space for yourself!

This workshop was AMAZING. It really, truly sold the self-love concept to me on such a deep level, such that for the first time ever I actually felt it was attainable.


commit to being the person only you can be, and to making the difference only you can make.  

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I loved coming together with a community of women who were each very radiant in their own way. I loved looking around the room and thinking about everyone present, “you’re awesome!” I loved having healthy foods and snacks with room for indulgence (dark chocolate, yum!). I also loved that you shared from your own experience.