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The Art of KNOWING: Use Your Intuition as High Beam Headlights on Life's Road

Your intuition is your greatest inner resource. Throughout this powerful day you will learn about it, connect to it, work with it, play with it, celebrate it, and above all, further develop it! By truly understanding and skillfully honing your intuitive abilities, you will improve your life in every way.


How would you like to:

  • Dial up your own inner magician, mystic, and metaphysician?
  • Drive confidently on your life’s road with ultra-bright headlights illuminating the journey?
  • Learn to trust your intuition, and understand the difference between your “Knowing” and your thoughts or fears?
  • Have a keener sense within yourself of what’s possible for you and the steps you need to get there?
  • Connect with your spirit guides, guardian angels, ascended masters, and loved ones who have crossed over?
  • Understand the spiritual laws and realities that render your intuition possible?

If you are a “yes” to any of these, then you are a perfect fit for Naomi’s upcoming intuition workshop! Beginners are welcome, as are those who have already made significant headway on your path toward fine-tuning and heightening these abilities! You will further develop your intuition at this workshop regardless of your level of prior preparation. Naomi herself expects to improve her own intuitive abilities by spending this powerful day with you!

Naomi would love to put herself out of business as an intuitive by teaching you to be your very own psychic.

  • Imagine turning to yourself for powerful guidance, insight, perspective, directives, and clarity? Not just at times, but in an on-going, deliberate, purposeful, and sustained way. 
  • Imagine accessing within you the answers you need to your questions on love, personal relationships, career, life purpose, prosperity, health, and spirituality? 

You have the innate capacity to do this for yourself! We all do. We just need to learn how, and then practice, practice, practice and make it a way of life. In this workshop, Naomi will show you how.

Location: Manhattan's Union Square Area

Cost: $400

*Sign up now for an early-bird rate of only $300*