• Do you long to feel whole?

• Do you crave freedom?

• Do you wish to live soulfully plugged in to your personal power?

• Do you want to be able to truly thrive? 

• Do you want this for your fellow human beings as well?


If you answered "YES" to any of these questions, then your call to action is this:





Monday October 19th - Wednesday December 2nd


Naomi Pabst, PhD invites you to join her on this incredible journey that will lead you home to yourself. Discover how to plug into your own socket and become inner-directed. Throughout this course, Naomi will serve as a masterful catalyst and guide, offering you the tools that you require in order to become whole, empowered, and free.



• the fires of transformation.

• a seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination.

• a seemingly miraculous power or process of changing a thing into something better.


The 7-week EMB/RACE ALCHEMY journey will be hosted on-line, but it will take place in real-time, unfolding live with Naomi fully present the whole time. All lectures and discussions will be offered live, but they will also be recorded for later review or in case you have to miss a class. This seven-week journey could very easily change your life. It's designed to catapult you into a far more positive, inspiring, and fulfilling reality than you are currently experiencing, even if your life right now is pretty darn good!



• You will feel more confidence, certitude, and self-assurance on your life path.

• You will learn to cultivate an extraordinary relationship with yourself, to develop a connection to yourself that supersedes and trumps anything you've been taught about who you are by society, by members of your various categories of belonging, your family, or your educational or religious institutions.

• You will grow, expand, and move forward and upward on your life path. Because growth is the key to solving any problem we might happen to have, with the growth you will experience in this course, you will have a new skill set to apply toward resolving some of your peskiest, thorniest, recurring problems.

• You will feel a sense of liberation. You will break through certain shackles that may currently confine you.

• You will experience relief; a weight will be lifted off your shoulders.

• You will feel greater lightness of being. An immersion in the magic of life to replace former default states of anxiety, low-grade fear, and a perceived need for hyper-vigilance.

• You will have deeper wisdom on life's meanings and how to navigate your reality more effectively. You will come away with a new paradigm, a more expansive way of looking at things that is wonderfully conducive to increasing your happiness as a person.

• You will have a far greater appreciation of the miracle that is you, and the miracle that is this current incarnation of yours.

• The continuing struggles and challenges of life (for they will still be there) will make more sense and be far easier to navigate.



Your intrepid leader for this course, Naomi Pabst, earned her PhD in the History of Consciousness, a department ranked #1 of its kind in the world, at the University of California at Santa Cruz. From there she went on to spend twelve years as a professor of black literature and cultural theory. First at Harvard, then at Yale, she taught classes that were wildly popular with students. Three years ago she courageously walked away from academia in order to fulfill her calling to become a full-time intuitive consultant, healer, and transformational teacher. She is currently named "A WOMAN IN WELLNESS TO WATCH FOR 2015" by MindBodyGreen; a sought after speaker; a seasoned leader of workshops and masterclasses on the art of life and love; and the intuitive of choice for a client base that spans the globe and includes many high profile people across many industries.



With Naomi's unusual and many-splendored credentials, the EMB/RACE ALCHEMY e-course will be that unheard-of context where matters of personal development, spirituality, and race intertwine. Here you will receive the platinum standard in personal development and spiritual teachings. Here you will be offered a multi-dimensional learning experience ranging from gripping lectures, engaging discussions, intuitive coaching, sacred homework assignments, and weekly healing adventures.


The course is designed to operate way beyond the limits of traditional cognitive, brain-based ways of learning. Rather, this course is designed to inspire and outright transform you. It is designed to affect you on the cellular level, to positively impact your nervous system, and to work magic in your auric field. This course--if you do the work and engage it as it is intended to be engaged--will impact you on levels of mind, body, heart, and soul.


With Naomi's expertise on identity, race, and culture, this course will also do what is so rarely if ever done, which is to account (in a generalized way very unique to Naomi's work) for the diversity and difference among those taking the course. In this e-course, we will honor the true meaning of race (our society's got it all wrong), we will discover the higher purpose it carries in our individual lives and on our planet, and we will examine some of the powerful lessons it offers to all of us. 



•  to "radically accept."

• to "hold a person or a thing close to oneself" in a spirit of endearment.


In this e-course you will not only learn to "emb/race alchemy" which means embrace radical transformation. In this e-course you will also learn to radically accept who you are. This will include the specific form and set of parameters in which you chose to incarnate this time around. Indeed, the course will explain how indeed we choose the circumstances of our current incarnation on the soul level. With this broadened and deepened understanding of our reality, self-acceptance becomes easier, and by truly accepting ourselves, it becomes easier to accept other people even across our lines of difference.


By extension, it becomes easier to accept the local and global contexts into which we incarnated. For this deeply flawed world of ours, when looked at from a spiritual perspective, is actually far more perfect than it is flawed. It's the exact chess game our souls wanted to play, with the pieces on our personal chess board set up exactly as we elected for it to be, to best facilitate our growth and evolution. We didn't sign up for ease and justice and privilege and fairness. We signed up for a particular flavor of experience, and as far as the soul is concerned, the more intense, the better.


For most of us, seeing it this way requires a paradigm shift, a change in our outlook, an edit to our interpretive apparatus. But this is the very paradigm shift that is necessary if we are to choose to thrive instead of simply survive; if we are to experience true well-being. And little do most of us know that well-being (not money, not power-mongering, not "success" by society's measure, not even having everything we could possibly want) is our greatest currency. Well-being is the singular thing we should be pursuing if we are wishing to experience happiness--it should be our highest priority in life. This e-course offers the stepping stones that lead toward the paradigm shift that is the gateway to being able to thrive.


This powerful e-journey is intended for anyone wishing to evolve and ascend on their path. But it will take into account important matters that make us who we are, including and especially those matters related to race and culture and identity. For who we incarnated as, the specific socio-cultural webs into which we are placed as people, matters tremendously on our path to personal growth.



• Weekly 1.5-Hour Lectures on Mondays at 2pm Eastern Time

• Weekly 1.5-Hour Q&A/Intuitive Coaching/Healing Transmission Calls are on Wednesdays at 2pm Eastern Time (Note: There will be no coaching call on the week of American Thanksgiving, the 25th of November).

• Weekly practice and reflection assignments will enhance and deepen the journey.

• There will be occasional bonus calls featuring brilliant, inspiring special guests sharing profound insights on course-related topics.



1.     Monday October 19th + Wednesday October 21st  2pm EDT

2.     Monday October 26th + Wednesday October 28th  2pm EDT

3.     Monday November 2nd + Wednesday November 4th  2pm EST

4.     Monday November 9th + Wednesday November 11th  2pm EST

5.     Monday November 16th + Wednesday November 18th  2pm EST

6.      Monday November 23rd + (Q&A cancelled for Thanksgiving)  2pm EST

7.     Monday November 30th + Wednesday December 2nd  2pm EST



Week One:

You Are Magical:  Step into your status as a miraculous being


Week Two:

Love is The Answer:  Beam light unto yourself and all others


Week Three:

Know Who You Are:  Plug in to your socket; access your truth and your greatness


Week Four:

Healing Will Set You Free:  Put the past in the past and purge the pain-body


Week Five:

Your Power Lies Within You:  Rise and expand into your highest potential


Week Six:

Your Intuitive Self is your Higher Self:  Dial up your Inner Knowing


Week Seven:

Self-Care = Well-Being = Magnetism:  Nourish your mind, body, heart, and soul and thrive




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