a flood of illumination |  a transmission of timeless wisdom |  a portal into enhanced understanding

Let's mine the depths of your life's landscape and discover the shared themes that lie at the the heart of your most pressing concerns. That way we'll find the pathways for you to transcend and outgrow the knots in your life.


30 MINUTES $197 (NOW $147, UNTIL SEPT. 21ST)

Let's shine a bright spotlight of illumination on the one matter that's of most concern to you right now. Let's deep dive together. Lets immerse ourselves in the most intricate layers of YOU and your life's unfolding. Let's address the absolute most pressing question weighing on your heart right now. What do you most need to know at this time, in order to move forward and upward in your life? What problem do you most wish to resolve? What obstacle do you passionately wish to remove from your path? What sparkling clarity do you wish would come into focus before your very eyes? What vision do you wish to manifest? What roadmap would you like to access? Ask me any one question you have. I will offer you substantive insight, guidance, and directives. I will love to lend you my expertise, my wisdom, my knowledge, my insight, and my intuition.


60 MINUTES $397 (NOW $297, UNTIL SEPT. 21ST)

One powerful hour together packs a punch. Let's immerse ourselves thoroughly in YOU and your life's elaborate process of unfoldment. Let's do an in-depth and comprehensive look at the 3-5 matters in your life that are most pressing to you right now. Ask me about your calling, your service, or any aspect of your personal life. Let's see if you're on track and aligned with the path you are meant to be on or if there are some tweaks and edits you need to make in your life.

Let's assess how we can get you up-leveled to the ever higher playing field you so intensely wish to be playing on. Let's get you into a greater level of authenticity and personal power so you can live your best possible life and so you can make a bigger difference in the world. Let's deep-dive into your optimal next steps and endeavor to unravel any thorny, pesky knots you happen to have in your life. Let's catapult you into who you are meant to be and into who it's possible for you to be.


60 MINUTES $400

Let's spend one hour together, relentlessly focused on your mission. What world change are you proactively working to bring about? This session is for change agents, messengers, edge-makers, influencers, and light-workers. If you are heeding a powerful calling, let's discuss it. Let's examine it. Let's scrutinize it. Let's get to the bottom of it. Let's figure out the intricate nuances and the larger parameters of your mission. Let's bring it into ever more sparkling clarity. I can offer you potent insight on your vision, your branding, your book project, and on your unique genius and how to harness it.

Let's discover what needs to happen so you can make an even bigger difference in the world. Let's figure out what steps you need to take and what mindsets you need to master. More so, let's assess who you need to be and in what particular ways you need to evolve in order to be a match for the ever bigger game you are hungry to play. Let's make sure you are walking your talk. Let's make sure you are locked into your truth and your greatness. Let's make sure you are operating in your full power and splendor. Let's ramp up your prowess and the level of sway and influence you are able to wield. Let's enhance your magnetism, your radiance, and your very life force. Let's get your message more clear and your mission brought more keenly into focus. 


access the bigger, better you | experience the magnitude of your personal power | feel the inner crackle of true inspiration

Let me guide you on a game-changing journey into the truth of who you are and of who it is possible for you to be. Join me on a soul-stirring path of self-discovery, self-creation, and self-mastery.


4 HOURS $2400 (skype or in-person)

Longer sessions are my favorite way to work with you. It's a matter of you getting to fly first class in that you have the luxury of time to truly sink into our work together and benefit exponentially from having done so. This session yields extraordinarily powerful and transformational results. If done by Skype, your session is broken up into two parts. We connect for two-hours each time, either later the same day or one day apart. For PLATINUM level work with me, I take your detailed questions in advance. I tune in and ruminate on your concerns and queries, and I meditate on them (and on you) in advance of our session. In this session, you can ask me up to seven of your most pressing questions.

In this session we go supremely deep and we get extremely thorough as we excavate the contours of your life. We will address the themes you are working through on your path, the challenges you are facing, the problems you wish to resolve, the dreams and goals that you have and how you can achieve them. We will assess how you can best create the life you want to be living and how you can instantaneously blossom into your best possible self. In these four magical hours, you will be the beneficiary of my expertise, wisdom, knowledge, insight, guidance, and intuition.

THE PROCESS | mastery • magnetism • magic

3 MONTHS $4000 (payment plan available) 

Welcome to your personal alchemy. A gripping journey back home to yourself. A game-changing three-month transformational experience that will facilitate your full blossoming, activate your personal superpowers, and reveal your unique genius. In our three months together we will plunge you into the deepest depths and the truest truths of who you are, who it's possible for you to be, and who you are meant to be. Do you wish to experience genuine satisfaction and fulfillment in your life? Do you want to truly feel alive? Do you want to feel the inner delight of inspiration and exhilaration? Do you wish to just know within your bones--because you feel it for yourself--that life has profound intrinsic meaning?

Then you must cultivate a far more intimate relationship with yourself--for there is magic within you waiting to be discovered. There is a treasure chest within you waiting to be opened. What's missing for the vast majority of people--the source of our mass anxiety, fear, depression, dis-ease, numbness, and disorientation--is that we are living in a state of disconnection from ourselves, without even realizing it. We are wearing our very selves at an arm's length. And we need to undergo a process of fully embodying and fully reclaiming ourselves.

It's time for you to plug back into yourself. It's time for you to embark on a thrilling journey of self-discovery. Seek the treasure embedded within you. Mine your invaluable trove of inner resources. Reclaim the elaborate booty of raw materials you were bequeathed to work with on this one-of-a-kind life path of yours. Along with "discovering" the depths of who you really are, you will learn the art of self-creation. The art of creating your most luminous, magical self out of the basic ingredients that make you who you are.

In our three months together, you will be offered the tools to become who you are meant to be and shown the way to step into a life you truly love. I will offer you the guidance and the action-steps that enable you to close the gap between the life you have right now and the grander, shinier, more meaningful life you have in your mind's eye. For even in these turbulent times, you can live your own custom version of true quality of life.

THE IMMERSION | a private 1:1 retreat

2 days $5000 | 4 days $10,000 (in-person only)

Join me for a most magical and ultra-transformative experience. A total up-leveling, a complete overhaul of the self you thought was you. Awaken dormant faculties. Access new dimensions of yourself. Discover new aptitudes that were there all along. Feel yourself expand and rise on the spot. Catapult forward and upward on your life path. Understand your unique journey deeply and thoroughly. Learn to live this one-of-a-kind incarnation of yours to the absolute fullest. Bask in the delight of all of who you truly are. Reclaim lost and forgotten parts of yourself. Understand how an entire world lies within you, even as you are also an intrinsic part of the larger world outside of you. Step into a deeper mastery of yourself. Receive the tools to apply that self-mastery in your relationships with all others--loved ones and strangers alike 

Immerse in the majesty and splendor of who you really are. Plug into the power of your unique individuality. Discover how the profound significance of your individuality dovetails with your fundamental interconnectedness to all that is. On this private retreat, you will be handed the tools for the mastery of the self. You will be shown how to fully embrace the art of being you. You will learn how to take that ability to make an art of your life and apply it to the art of relating magically with all others. Then you will be guided on how to take that artistry of life and that ability to relate well to others, and you will access a higher level of the self, positioned in the swirl of oneness. When we live as a default in the oneness swirl, we recognize readily that all in existence is one. That nothing is separate from anything else. And that we are, each of us, a sacred and indispensable part of that all.