What is “the way forward” in these strange and chaotic post-election times? Many have been asking me this question over the past few months. The guidance I’ve been given to share is that we must now find our leadership and our personal authority within ourselves. The gist of our collective call to action is this:


It’s time to become a confident, courageous, committed, empowered, love-filled navigatrix of your life and of the world. It’s time to “BE THE CHANGE you wish to see in the world.”


I spent the month of November 2016 in Ubud, Bali. I’m still processing and integrating the incredible transformation I underwent while I was there. Before I went to Bali, in a powerful meditation, I was guided to go there to do some healing work on myself. I also went there to make a serious dent on the book I’m writing on my experiences at the intersection of race, culture, human difference, and self-realization.


When Spirit gives us orders, that doesn’t mean the carrying out of the order goes smoothly and easily. It was quite an ordeal to be able to make it happen. To make time, to finance the thing, and most importantly, to ensure my three beloved kids were optimally taken care of in my absence.


Even with the doubts I entertained about the soundness of heeding this inner guidance, Bali was totally transformational and it delivered to me all that I was promised in the way of a reset and amazing headway on my book. I admit though, that I spent my first full week there in resistance, not able to take in the magic and wizardry of the place. I felt I had made a miscalculation, with the “irresponsible” allocating of money toward this, and even more so with regards to being away from my kids.


But after a week of grinding the wheels of doubt, the same bellowing Spirit voice that had beckoned me to Bali in the first place commanded me to get my act together. I was commanded to get OUT of resistance and into rapture and radiance and receptivity. I was commanded to take in all that I was there to take in. I was to do what the divine had ordered me to, especially since I already was in Bali, and had moved mountains to get myself there.


One short day after Spirit bellowed at me to stop wallowing in a bizarre sea of melancholia about being in Bali, the U.S. election results came in. I was now a bit glad to be far away as it sunk in how different things would now be going forward under this new administration.


Even though I had created a buzzing career as an intuitive over the past twelve years, I was not among those visionaries who foresaw Trump actually winning. I often reminded the people who were scoffing and writing him off that it was a big mistake to do so. But I still believed our next president would be our first female president, even if by the skin of her teeth.


There in Bali, it sank in for me fully that the new had been born, and the era of looking to external leadership to save us was over. For what we are now seeing in our political landscape is not so much “leadership” from on high, but more so the timely emergence of a perfect social laboratory that will ultimately enable a much-needed cultural evolution.


Even if it’s not the path many of us would have chosen to get there, there is a divine design at play, a cosmic order to the chaos. Whether we “like” this new norm or not—these new socio-political circumstances—it is nevertheless a much needed cultural evolution because it’s time for us to abandon our conditioned habits of looking outside of ourselves for what actually lies within us.


Our leadership lies within us.


Yes, that’s right, our leadership lies within us, within each and every one of us. We must endeavor to do all that we can to own that and claim it. I was told by Spirit there in Bali that it was time to find my leadership within myself. I was shown that it was perfectly possible to be an amazing, present, fun mom while also being plugged into my inner leadership. I was shown that it was perfectly possible to be mired in an endless, debilitating sea of marital and financial struggles and still stay plugged into my inner leadership.


There in Bali, I could see as plain as day that there were certain hurdles I constantly and recurrently threw out onto my own path with a subconscious motivation of preventing myself from having to fully step into the leadership that lies within me. I was shown in Bali how the worries I had allowed to put a damper on my first week in the most magical setting on earth were the very habits and patterns keeping me from stepping into my leadership in my life in general.


We all do a version of this; it’s not just me. We keep the petty problems around (kind of like an addiction) and let them cause us to feel a touch pathetic and unworthy, and hence we play it safe and play small in our lives. In Bali it was made clear to me that it was now time for me (and for all of us !) to move beyond these longstanding patterns, in spite of—in fact to spite—the assorted, on-going challenges of life. Because staying in the comfort zone is not actually all that comfortable if we are honest about it.


We must all learn to activate and fully embody our higher selves.


We must all opt to no longer live with just a toe dipped in spiritual waters. We tend to do too much of living with “spiritual understandings” of things pervading our minds, but yet not actually living out these spiritual understandings in our every day lives. So often we cling stubbornly to our lesser self, our smaller self, our fear-based, survival-oriented self, even as we’ve long since acquainted ourselves with (even fallen in love with) our higher self.


In Bali I was shown that I was to find and instantly step into my leadership within myself and to inspire others to do the same. That is not to be confused for a call to step into the “archetype” of a swaggering boss-cum-authoritarian. It is so not about forcing others to do our bidding or insisting on getting our own way.


Quite the contrary, stepping into our leadership is just a matter of our humbly and nonchalantly being our truest selves and our greatest selves. Yet also a more committed self, a more courageous self, and a more creative self. A self who is willing to be fully functional even if now outside of certain comfort zones and even if now confronted with the uncharted and the unexpected, and frankly, for many of us, the “unwanted.”


Living as our fully empowered selves, our more emboldened selves, our more self-authorized selves, our more visionary selves is the way forward. It’s our collective call to action. The universe has now arranged it so that there is no longer any choice, no other option. It’s step up and rise into a bigger, better version of yourself or else… Let’s do this thing together—I’m here for you, wanting nothing more than to help you to rise into the outsize potentials that are perfectly possible for you. Wanting nothing more than to discover together how we can truly thrive, even—and especially—in this strange, new socio-cultural reality.