Today I felt inspired to offer you a friendly reminder of how very much you matter. Yes, little ol’ you matters so very much, even against the backdrop of a vast cultural landscape and an infinite universe.  You are on this planet for a reason. That reason is simply to be you. Your purpose is to step into an actualized version of who you truly are.

By being authentic, by living as your true self, a deeper call to action will most certainly reveal itself. Aka, the being will lead to a more palpable doing. You will be presented with clarity about the contribution you are meant to make and the life you are meant to lead. Even if you already know the general trajectory of your life purpose, it will evolve and shift, as mine keeps doing.

Every one of us humans shares in common that we are ultimately on a solo journey. At our birth, we come onto the scene as individuals, having booked a slice of time for an incarnation into specific circumstances. The contrast between who we are within ourselves (aka, our personality, programming, inclinations, orientations, and preferences) and what the world around us projects onto us and expects of us, becomes the forge and the needed tension for the birth of our truest and greatest selves.

We couldn’t discover much less create ourselves without the raw materials of our specific cultural backdrop, down to its last details. We couldn’t be who we are without that unique set of influences and foils in our lives. I’m talking about our families, our friends, our schools, our churches, our many social networks, our cultural categories, and our various societal infrastructures, the government included.

Speaking of the government, I wonder if, like me, you’ve fallen into the grip of the election proceedings, here in the wild and crazy U.S.A.? I’m finding myself intrigued by the political on-goings. I find it fascinating to see our society’s disavowed shadow make an appearance, showing us the untended-to parts of our culture that are begging for attention, ironing out, and a full-scale restoral to wholeness.

We’re seeing that xenophobia, sexism, racism, ego-mania, and just good ol’ fashioned “bad behavior” is alive and well within a much larger portion of the population than many of us suspected. All these being hot-button issues that forward-thinking people would love to file away as relics of a distant, tragic-comic past.

Yet the truth is that as long as we let our shadows loom, pretending they don’t exist, they will re-appear in forms increasingly impossible to ignore. This is how it works for individuals, and this is how it works for nations or any social categories. What we are witnessing is nothing other than a collective return of the repressed.

Which plunges me back into our individuality and how much we matter as solo entities in the larger picture. As newborns, we are born into a world not of our making and already in process. The basic tenets of the game of life were established long before we got here, and some of the going rules for the game are frankly bizarre, skewed, and wrong-minded. There is much on this planet to not like and to not agree with.

But we are not here to buckle in the face of what’s pre-established or to react to the way things are. For we have each come here to play the role of a great creator. We come to this planet with an assignment to live our truth. The task is to BE ourselves, authentically. And to DO what’s in our hearts to do. Regardless of what the naysayers and the gate-keepers in our midst might have to say about it.

By being ourselves and by doing those things that make our spirits rise, we fulfill our soul’s purpose. And with just those pieces in place, we can change the rules of this crazy game of life for the better. That’s how effortlessly we can leave this world better than we found it.

Each one of us is here to change the world in our own unique way, on however small or large a scale. Whether we realize it or not, we are indeed changing the world, simply by our mere existence. Because intrinsically and inherently, we matter that much. When we develop ourselves spiritually, live from our authenticity, and stand in our “greatness,” we make even more of a difference through the power of our presence alone.

Mahatma Gandhi said it beautifully: “As human beings, our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world… as in being able to remake ourselves.” And while we’re in that thorny “remaking of self process,” let us remember that we are already magnificent just as we are. We are already the golden product of an alchemical equation.

Even as we are admittedly less than perfect, we are also perfectly perfect. Even with our personal foibles, weaknesses, and shadows, we are so much stronger and more powerful than we realize, exquisitely poised to have positive impact on the world around us. So let the wonder of being you radiate from every cell and every pore. Plug into the power socket that is your soul and let the light of your authenticity shine forth.

You can single-handedly change the world just by doing that alone. And imagine if we all did it, or even just a critical mass of us… Our planet would be unrecognizable, in the best possible way.