I couldn't be more moved and excited about marriage equality having become a reality! Finally, in this matter, love has become the bottom line. And that is as it should be--indeed long overdue. I eagerly checked in with my cards to see what they had to share with us about this historical development and they gave us the following message:


This change of tides you are celebrating in the U.S. with marriage equality having become the law of the land represents a powerful “new beginning” not in any way diminished by the fact that many, many countries had legalized gay marriage long before the U.S. did.


You are in the early stages of a series of many wonderful changes that will take the world into a higher level of elevation, a set of circumstances that will benefit many and serve the greater good.


A new world order is in the making in which the equality, oneness, interconnectivity, freedom, rights, and above all the well-being of all human beings will be honored. This development was only possible because a critical mass of people unapologetically stepped into their authenticity and fully embodied who they are.


Their refusal to cow-tow to socio-cultural norms, to stand on ceremony around upholding “tradition” and instead to stand in their own power, truth, and authority created an energy vortex with enough force that it shifted your collective reality in an important and a positive way.


The fact that the human rights of people regardless of their genders are being honored in this way is not the only matter of significance here. It’s also significant that it’s an extreme win for LOVE, for freedom, and for the specific growth and expansion that’s possible only through matrimony.


Notice “matrimony” shares the same root word of “mother” as the term matriarchy. And indeed, the energy around this shift carries us into more feminine energies of “allowing” and “flow” and out of more rigid masculine energies of controlling and patrolling the (false) divides between people.


Marriage equality offers you a moment to celebrate many things, in other words, including: LOVE, marriage, compassion, inclusion, freedom, empowerment, equality, oneness, interconnectivity, LGBTQ rights, and the simultaneous difference AND sameness of all of you.


Finally, as this potent planetary evolution continues and your world becomes ever more humane and humanitarian, “survival of the fittest” will come down to simply who has the greatest stamina and capacity for handling interpersonal differences and the great diversity among humanity.

The more open-minded and open-hearted you are, the more well-being you will be able to access. And your well-being is the greatest currency you will ever have as a human being. Those who are "fittest" for life on your planet as the present emerges into the future will be those who can gracefully and effortlessly negotiate the simultaneous differences and similarities between you all.


I have throughout my life found myself close to many people in the LGBTQ community. For a few years in the 90s I lived in San Francisco's famed Castro neighborhood where I certainly got an intimate glimpse of a world that's as purely human as any other, while also imbued with its own codes, flavor, a "matrix" encompassing a particular spectrum of life. It's a place with a wide range of people, to be sure, yet with its own one-of-a-kind "fingerprint." 


Here I am, two decades ago, studying hard toward my PhD, on the roof deck of my Castro Street apartment overlooking the San Francisco Bay.


Having lived in many communities throughout my life in various places in the world, the truth I’ve taken away is simply this: we are all different AND we are all the same. Both are equally true, and to be able to hold BOTH of these truths in tension all at once will be critical in learning to relate to one another more masterfully. This holds true in our intimate relationships, and it holds true across cultures and our various categories of belonging.


We are ALL equal—none of us better or worse in essence than anyone else. We are all interconnected, even if we don't always have a big enough vision to see the ways in which it's so. It’s mind-blowing in the best possible way when we have a huge and positive breakthrough in the matter of honoring love, equality, and the powerful spectrums of human difference. I couldn't be more elated about this historical shift we are celebrating right now!