Happy MLK Day to you, dear reader! Dreams are where new realities and visions are born. And it becomes our job to realize those dreams worth dreaming. With the developments we've seen in the world of late, locally and globally, it seems the time for denial and keeping our heads in the sand has come to an end. It's time to evolve out of the era of tribe, division, separation, and "we/they" divides.

Regardless of the myriad differences between us, we humans are all one, as individual light rays emanating outward from the same sun. Our infinite diversity, 7.3 billion human beings on this planet, each one totally unique, create a type of interpersonal gravity that holds everything in place just perfectly. With this, regardless of the tremendous diversity among us, we are all fundamentally interconnected, each one indispensable to the whole.

In other words every life is sacred, equally so, and we are all in this together. You have your incarnation, I have mine. Honor your own, and honor mine. If we all did simply this, the world would be an entirely different place. We are still in 2015 living out ancient legacies, centuries in the making, that shape our current reality in ways that don't serve any of us. It's nobody's fault because it's an inheritance, and yet it is all of our fault, because we ourselves have to be the change we wish to see in the world.

There is just way too much pain, suffering, displacement, rejection, discrimination, oppression, depression, "othering," and lack of belonging caused by racism and racial-thinking. We cannot continue to stand by and ignore it. Whether it's the outright violence we see in the news, or the insidious covert forms wafting around in the ether, it's time to put the old paradigm to bed. Racism and racial-thinking are not just behavior patterns, they are a pollution in the air, such that none of us can breathe. WE CAN NOT BREATHE!

So where do we find our oxygen, and what is the answer? Martin Luther King had it right all those years ago when he said, "I have decided to stick with love. Hate is to great a burden to bear." Yes, the answer is love. Let us love one another. And let each of us step into our personal power and be the light. Let the change start with we ourselves, and whatever our background, let us choose love, today and everyday.