Throughout my decade-plus as a professional intuitive, I’ve seen it all. In guiding you, my beloved clients, I’ve witnessed your joys, coups, raging successes, incredible transformations, and literal miracles. Marriages, pregnancies, graduations, meeting the love of your life, making that move abroad, curing that illness, landing that amazing job, manifesting that deeply-held dream.


Just as often, I’ve worked with you when you were in the depths of despair, undergoing all manner of trauma and tragedy. I’ve offered my intuition to some of you when you were in the throes of addiction, ranging from drugs and alcohol, to food-related issues, to over-spending.


I’ve handed Kleenex to most of you, three or four sheets at a time, as tears began to flow. I’m only half-joking when I lovingly reassure you that crying (with its sweet, unique release) is mandatory if you come for a session with me. I’ve lent my insight through the demise of your friendships, divorces, miscarriages, abortions, called-off engagements, even in more than one case, your being left at the altar.


I’ve been of assistance to you when your dreams weren’t coming true, when jobs were lost, when bank accounts were empty, when you felt stuck, when your children were in some sort of trouble. Many a time I’ve been consulted with because of an upheaval, an illness, a hurt, a slight, an insult, an injury, a lawsuit, or the death of a loved one. I am deeply honored that you invite me into your life in this way. I thank you for your vulnerability and your trust.


During a reading, I step outside of myself. I become devoid of a personal opinion. My Higher Knowing takes over, and I’m immersed in a deeply spiritual way of seeing that comes with an understanding that every circumstance I’ve laid out in the paragraphs above comes down to one thing: Life. Every one of the scenarios I documented above is nothing other than life on its own terms. With this expanded spiritual awareness, I’m able to offer profoundly non-judgmental, unbiased guidance, insight, and clarity.


Yes, no matter the magnitude of what you share with me, in the context of a reading, I remain “un-moved” by it. It’s because once I’ve entered that state of higher awareness, that more expansive state of being, I literally Know you are going to be perfectly fine in every way. In the context of a reading, I don’t feel bad for you, per se. And that is purely because no matter what you’re going through, I know it’s for your personal betterment. It’s happening for you and not to you.


I mean this in a tangible way, not as a platitude, nor in an abstract, metaphorical, “to everything there is a silver lining” way. I know in a reading that you yourself will someday look back on a particular trial, and be grateful it happened. You will know for yourself the truth that, “there is no such thing as rejection, only selection.” And that, “when one door closes, another one opens.” This holds true whether when it comes to a job, a relationship, or anything else. You will one day be glad for the increased understanding of life your ordeals have brought you, for the additional strength, soul, character, and life experience you now have.


My keeping a calm, unsentimental, neutral state of heart and mind translates into a fertile ground for spontaneous creative ideas I can share with you, and solutions to your problems present themselves, or visions for steps you can take to overcome them and put them in your past. If I weren’t able to be a pure and neutral vessel for the messages that come through, and to hear and relate to your problems from a spiritually objective place, I wouldn’t be able to do the work I do at anywhere near the same level.


But I tell you, once my day of readings is over, once the tarot cards are put away, once I’ve grounded myself again in my Manhattan life with my dearly loved kids and my darling husband (and heck, let’s just say it, even my own array of personal challenges!), I marvel at each one of you. I say “hats off” for your courage. I say “bravo” for your tenacity and on-going strength in life’s trenches.


Being alive and in human form is a hero’s journey, and it’s worthy of a standing ovation. I say this even as the kind of people I attract into my practice are not the kind you’d pass on the street and assume they were going through a lot. The average person who consults with me appears to be very charmed. Many of you are high-profile, some of you are serious game-changers making a huge difference in the world, setting the terms of the cultural landscape. All of you are successful by some measure, and usually extremely so. Each of you is smart, incredibly so.


More importantly, you are a good person, a thoughtful person, an open-minded, and an open-hearted person. You are fair and just in your dealings with others. You have a great sense of humor—oh the laughs I’ve shared with so many of you across the cards. You are curious about things, hungry to know and understand more. You are, by nature, on some level, a seeker. You are already “evolved.” Yet even as you go out of your way to do the right thing, life nevertheless places problems in your lap, sometimes mind-bogglingly complicated, sometimes labyrinthine, sometimes absurdly unseemly.


There is, in my experience as an intuitive, ONE solution to every problem. The solution to every problem is to evolve to even higher levels as a person. The solution is to embark on a deliberate journey of moving forward and upward on your life path. In other words, solving a problem requires personal growth. In sum, growth is the ONE solution to every single problem. Karl Jung underscored this when he famously stated, “we don’t so much solve our problems as outgrow them.”


With an overt commitment to grow, with an intention to actively facilitate our growth (rather than allow it to happen passively and incidentally), we grow a whole lot faster. Indeed, when we grow purposefully and intentionally, we catapult ourselves to the next level of who we are, and we leave the old playing field behind altogether. In graduating beyond the old playing field, we also graduate beyond whatever problems happened to litter that particular field.


Throughout my years as an intuitive, I have (with the divine assistance of my tarot cards) taught thousands of people how to resolve their problems through accelerating their personal growth and through deliberately expanding who they are. I love to share with people how to increase their level of wherewithal so that a “level five” problem can be addressed with a “level nine or ten” wherewithal. Yes, we must commit to growing to a “level ten” in our capacity to handle life. For if your general competency in the art of life is at a “level ten,” then a “level five” problem won’t cause you to blink an eye—it’ll barely register as a problem.


I also love to help people problem-solve by dialing up their Inner Knowing. With your third eye wide open, you can drive on life’s road confidently, sure-footedly, as if with high beam headlights turned up bright. Just as importantly, by dialing up your Inner Knowing, you yourself can access the same expanded spiritual awareness I occupy when I do a reading.


We can all access that neutral inner state of taking life on its own terms. It’s a place beyond fear and anxiety, beyond attachment to certain outcomes, and beyond the petty worries of life. From that place, our habits of limited thinking can be lessened dramatically. But we do need to be taught how to do that, and then once taught, we need to practice what we’ve learned until it becomes our default setting.


If you’re hungry to learn how to resolve your problems through personal growth and evolution, know that it’s a key component of the self-mastery journey I live to take people on. I love to catapult your growth, help you to evolve to a higher level of who you are, and funnel you into a more expanded state of awareness.


With this, you will leave behind the low-grade suffering, anxiety, fear, worry, or the general state of contraction you’re barely aware of that percolates just below the surface of your reality. Instead you will feel as though your life is infused with pixie dust; instead you will feel inspired; instead you will be able to THRIVE.