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I couldn’t be more inspired having just returned from four blissful days at Miraval Resort and Spa in Arizona, where I attended REVITALIZE, a truly amazing wellness event hosted by MindBodyGreen. It was nothing other than magical. The desert was so beautiful. I loved the bone-dry air. The cacti. The palm trees. The blistering blue sky. And you can’t imagine what that full moon looked like, perched against a back-drop of star-splatter. Breathtaking!


My spirits were uplifted from the change of scenery and the peaceful surroundings. I was immersed among the most amazing people in all areas of the wellness field. From yoga instructors like Tara Stiles, to doctors like Frank Lipman, to Joe Cross, the guy who made the movie “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead.” Everyone there had powerful prescriptions for optimal quality of life.


I was the only professional intuitive present and in all likelihood the most woo-woo person in the house, and people were most welcoming and generous of spirit—I felt right at home. I gave my first ever non-academic talk on “How to Live Your Best Life Through Self-Care,” and I did ten-minute tarot readings for many of the attendees. Absolutely loved that.


But best of all, being at this event positioned me at the vortex of my fantasies, a vantage point from whence I could behold the leading edge of what we all must do to optimize our well-being. So what must we do? It’s obvious—we already know what we must do. But we need to actually do it! Here are four key ways:


1. Eating mindfully remains, to me, at the top of the list. We truly are what we eat and our bodies deserve the best. In order to thrive, we must eat tons of vegetables above all, ideally organic. Our bodies need whole, real foods with enzymes and life force energy. As Dr. Mark Hyman advised, referring to the highly processed food in grocery store aisles, “eat what God makes, not what man makes.”


2. We must move our bodies. As Michael Taylor, co-founder of Strala Yoga, aptly put it: “Movement is medicine.” Our bodies are not designed to sit at a desk all day and a television screen all evening. Do yoga, dance, rollerblade, walk, work out at the gym, anything at all! Just get active.


3. Meditation was posited by many, including myself, as a key game-changer. “Radical relaxation” on a daily basis is critical for thriving in our lives. Because we need to recharge, we need to go within, and we need to plug in to our own socket.


4. There was a relationship expert there, Sue Johnson, who espoused cultivating harmonious relationships as our ticket to well-being. We can find wellness through the simple act of loving and being loved in return.


There are many paths to well-being. The key is that we must prioritize it more highly and actually deliver unto ourselves that which our minds, bodies, hearts, and souls are asking of us. Yes, our minds, bodies, hearts, and souls are always whispering to us that which they are requesting and requiring.


The way we run our lives, however, we tend to ignore and tune out these signals. Our response to being tired, for instance, is more likely to have a cup of coffee and override that wise inner plea for rest. We get annoyed at ourselves for being tired when we should instead heed that inner signal that we are operating beyond our limits or in need of real sustenance.


We insist we don’t have time to meditate, but in saying as much we are basically saying we have ample time to feel stressed and anxious and wigged out and overwhelmed. I don’t mean to be dramatic, but our willingness to just muscle through “feeling bad” is downright abusive toward ourselves!


Our heeding the requests that issue forth from within ourselves—mind, body, heart, and soul—becomes our self-care. Our self-care becomes our well-being. Our well-being becomes our magnetism. Our magnetism becomes our good fortune. It becomes our success at drawing to us the experiences and circumstances we are wishing for. Our magnetism becomes the floodgates opening up for us in terms of the difference we wish to make in the world around us.


So I personally hereby make a promise to myself (especially on the heels of having myself been under the weather and burnt out for the past several weeks) to take better care of myself. I hope you will do the same! Let’s pledge to do for ourselves, fill our tanks, replenish, and indeed REVITALIZE ourselves.