If you’re looking for the tools, mindsets, and soul settings that will fire your rocket-ship directly to abundance and prosperity, check out:


MONEY: A Love Story by Kate Northrup.


This book offers far more depth and detail (I daresay brilliance!) than it promises. I was pleasantly surprised, to the degree that I felt that the marketing and promotion of this book missed the mark in “dumbing it down” overmuch. It’s one thing to deliver more than you promise, it’s another to deliver a hundred times more than you promise. This book does precisely that.


The quality of writing is airtight, which I find endearing for a “self-help” book in this day and age, but friendly warning, her turn of phrase can be a bit cutesy. But the cuteness comes with cleverness and the book serves up powerful, healing, clarifying substance. Plus it also dispenses a whole heck of a lot more crackling wisdom and spiritual insight than books on personal finances generally provide. She strikes a beautiful balance between the interrelated matters of money, mindset, and the human soul.


Kate Northrup pretty much hits a girl right where she lives in this book—she positively nails it in speaking intimately and personably to her target audience, with equal parts authority, vulnerability, and compassion for wherever you might be in your financial life. She candidly shares her own stories of her wide range of money mishaps, mortifications, and miscalculations.


While she does get repetitive with re-referencing the same stories throughout the book, they serve to drive home a powerful point, and combine together to lead the author to the same sorts of raging victories and coups in money mastery that she is now equipped to help you to enjoy. I highly recommend this book for those of you seeking to go the next level in your financial fitness.