A key part of becoming a better, bigger, higher version of yourself is the process of dialing up your intuition. Your intuition is an incredible inner resource. Relying upon it skillfully can be a game-changer. You can use it to dramatically improve your quality of life, whether your love life, relationships with family and friends, health matters, finances, and your career. 

No matter the level you are already at in relying on your inner Knowing, the following three tips will help you go to the next level in strengthening your relationship with your sixth sense.


1.  USE IT!


Use it or lose it. The more you rely on your intuition the more accurate it will be. This is not just a matter of “getting more practice.” It is just as much a matter of trust. Do you trust your intuition? If you aren’t sure, if you have mixed feelings about using it for important life decisions, then you will find your intuition mirrors your ambivalence by giving you mixed messages and mixed levels of accuracy.

Intuition is like a dear friend. If you expect it to be a good friend to you, you have to be a good friend to it. Your intuition has to learn to trust you. You can’t just ignore or be skeptical about your intuition for decades and then suddenly, one day to the next, demand that it do your bidding.

Lean in to learning to trust your intuition. It is a learning curve. Indeed, you may not always be right at first (indeed, you may never have the “perfect” accuracy rate you wish to achieve) and you must make your peace with the possibility of your intuition being wrong from time to time. But just like going to the gym will render greater levels of fitness over time, your intuition will yield greater clarity and accuracy over time.




Every day for 15 minutes, commit to a practice of Radical Relaxation. This will enhance every aspect of your life, but for our purposes here, it will help dial up your intuition with no additional effort than just this. For the duration of your meditation, do absolutely nothing. Get comfortable, still, and silent. For those 15 minutes relax your body and relax your mind.

Sit as comfortably as possible with your spine in an upright position. Ignore the thoughts that will creep across your brainscape like clouds on a sunny day. Let them be, don’t let them be a cause for worry. Simply don’t engage with them—don’t get into their grip. You will have thoughts, but you will just relax your way through that. Feel your brain heave a sigh of relief at this sweet, wakeful “nap” it gets to take.

Radically relax yourself from head to toe as if you’ve just smoked a joint on a beach in Jamaica. (I am personally not at all into pot, it’s just a good visual for what meditation is about.) Scan yourself from top to bottom in a process of softening your being. Surrender the “bracing” and the vigilance you bring to your day-to-day. From the electromagnetic charge in your very hair to the whites of your toe-nails, to the top tips of your ears, go altogether limp.

Know for these 15 minutes all is well. Nothing needs doing or thinking. Once you get used to sitting still like this regularly, you will learn to expand your awareness and you will become more “spiritually fit.” You will be more tapped into a higher source of intelligence, and you will have improved your level of intuition.



Self-care is self-love in action. Care for yourself Mind, Body, Heart, and Soul. Intuition responds well to a “self” kept in optimal condition. Eat nutritionally, get enough sleep, move your body in some way, whether exercise, yoga, dance, or the activity of your choosing. Listen to the bidding of your soul. What are you hungering for? More time alone? More lightness of being? Sunshine? A visit to a favorite museum? Some quality time in nature? Down time?

Care of self is directly correlated to well-being and quality of life. Occupying a state of well-being will help increase your intuition. Being at a deficit will curtail and limit your intuition, for instance being in a state of anxiety, worry, fretting, depression, fear, paranoia, or melancholia. The more radiant you are, the more your intuition will expand right along with that.

Try these tips out for yourself and watch your Inner Knowing expand before your very eyes. It’ll be amazing for you to reap the benefits in your life of enhanced intuitive abilities. If you want to learn more about using your intuition, click here to read about my upcoming workshop on the topic. (It’s called: “Master the Art of Knowing: Use Your Intuition as High Beam Headlights on Life’s Road”) When you click the link, you will also be able to watch a quick video about your intuition and contacting your spirit guides.