What is “the way forward” in these strange and chaotic post-election times? Many have been asking me this question over the past few months. The guidance I’ve been given to share is that we must now find our leadership and our personal authority within ourselves. The gist of our collective call to action is this:


It’s time to become a confident, courageous, committed, empowered, love-filled navigatrix of your life and of the world. It’s time to “BE THE CHANGE you wish to see in the world.”


I spent the month of November 2016 in Ubud, Bali. I’m still processing and integrating the incredible transformation I underwent while I was there. Before I went to Bali, in a powerful meditation, I was guided to go there to do some healing work on myself. I also went there to make a serious dent on the book I’m writing on my experiences at the intersection of race, culture, human difference, and self-realization.


When Spirit gives us orders, that doesn’t mean the carrying out of the order goes smoothly and easily. It was quite an ordeal to be able to make it happen. To make time, to finance the thing, and most importantly, to ensure my three beloved kids were optimally taken care of in my absence.


Even with the doubts I entertained about the soundness of heeding this inner guidance, Bali was totally transformational and it delivered to me all that I was promised in the way of a reset and amazing headway on my book. I admit though, that I spent my first full week there in resistance, not able to take in the magic and wizardry of the place. I felt I had made a miscalculation, with the “irresponsible” allocating of money toward this, and even more so with regards to being away from my kids.


But after a week of grinding the wheels of doubt, the same bellowing Spirit voice that had beckoned me to Bali in the first place commanded me to get my act together. I was commanded to get OUT of resistance and into rapture and radiance and receptivity. I was commanded to take in all that I was there to take in. I was to do what the divine had ordered me to, especially since I already was in Bali, and had moved mountains to get myself there.


One short day after Spirit bellowed at me to stop wallowing in a bizarre sea of melancholia about being in Bali, the U.S. election results came in. I was now a bit glad to be far away as it sunk in how different things would now be going forward under this new administration.


Even though I had created a buzzing career as an intuitive over the past twelve years, I was not among those visionaries who foresaw Trump actually winning. I often reminded the people who were scoffing and writing him off that it was a big mistake to do so. But I still believed our next president would be our first female president, even if by the skin of her teeth.


There in Bali, it sank in for me fully that the new had been born, and the era of looking to external leadership to save us was over. For what we are now seeing in our political landscape is not so much “leadership” from on high, but more so the timely emergence of a perfect social laboratory that will ultimately enable a much-needed cultural evolution.


Even if it’s not the path many of us would have chosen to get there, there is a divine design at play, a cosmic order to the chaos. Whether we “like” this new norm or not—these new socio-political circumstances—it is nevertheless a much needed cultural evolution because it’s time for us to abandon our conditioned habits of looking outside of ourselves for what actually lies within us.


Our leadership lies within us.


Yes, that’s right, our leadership lies within us, within each and every one of us. We must endeavor to do all that we can to own that and claim it. I was told by Spirit there in Bali that it was time to find my leadership within myself. I was shown that it was perfectly possible to be an amazing, present, fun mom while also being plugged into my inner leadership. I was shown that it was perfectly possible to be mired in an endless, debilitating sea of marital and financial struggles and still stay plugged into my inner leadership.


There in Bali, I could see as plain as day that there were certain hurdles I constantly and recurrently threw out onto my own path with a subconscious motivation of preventing myself from having to fully step into the leadership that lies within me. I was shown in Bali how the worries I had allowed to put a damper on my first week in the most magical setting on earth were the very habits and patterns keeping me from stepping into my leadership in my life in general.


We all do a version of this; it’s not just me. We keep the petty problems around (kind of like an addiction) and let them cause us to feel a touch pathetic and unworthy, and hence we play it safe and play small in our lives. In Bali it was made clear to me that it was now time for me (and for all of us !) to move beyond these longstanding patterns, in spite of—in fact to spite—the assorted, on-going challenges of life. Because staying in the comfort zone is not actually all that comfortable if we are honest about it.


We must all learn to activate and fully embody our higher selves.


We must all opt to no longer live with just a toe dipped in spiritual waters. We tend to do too much of living with “spiritual understandings” of things pervading our minds, but yet not actually living out these spiritual understandings in our every day lives. So often we cling stubbornly to our lesser self, our smaller self, our fear-based, survival-oriented self, even as we’ve long since acquainted ourselves with (even fallen in love with) our higher self.


In Bali I was shown that I was to find and instantly step into my leadership within myself and to inspire others to do the same. That is not to be confused for a call to step into the “archetype” of a swaggering boss-cum-authoritarian. It is so not about forcing others to do our bidding or insisting on getting our own way.


Quite the contrary, stepping into our leadership is just a matter of our humbly and nonchalantly being our truest selves and our greatest selves. Yet also a more committed self, a more courageous self, and a more creative self. A self who is willing to be fully functional even if now outside of certain comfort zones and even if now confronted with the uncharted and the unexpected, and frankly, for many of us, the “unwanted.”


Living as our fully empowered selves, our more emboldened selves, our more self-authorized selves, our more visionary selves is the way forward. It’s our collective call to action. The universe has now arranged it so that there is no longer any choice, no other option. It’s step up and rise into a bigger, better version of yourself or else… Let’s do this thing together—I’m here for you, wanting nothing more than to help you to rise into the outsize potentials that are perfectly possible for you. Wanting nothing more than to discover together how we can truly thrive, even—and especially—in this strange, new socio-cultural reality.



Hi Naomi,

Two years ago, I met a person and felt this whoosh of love. It was immediate, giant, and unlike anything I've experienced in the past. I wasn't remotely looking for love. I was in the process of separating from my 26-year marriage to a man. She's a woman, I'm a woman. I've always fully accepted gay people but I'd never questioned my own sexuality before, so I was and am baffled. I knew her in a professional way but we'd see each other around town and flirt and chat.

Then about a year later, she married her long time partner. I'm still here feeling that longing, that whoosh, and I have absolutely no idea what happened to me! When I met her, my life was in meltdown: illness, separation, moving etc., and then the huge mystery of THAT, the all-consuming rush of feeling. I question this because I'm not a frivolous person who pines after unavailable people. Well, I guess I am, because I'm pining after her, an unavailable person. But mostly what I want to know about is that whoosh of energy right upon meeting. It was like a huge wave, it was electrifying, immediate. It was love, and what do I do now?

Thank you!



Life is a journey of self-discovery AND of self-creation. The electric shock, the “whoosh” you describe, is indeed, as you yourself said, nothing other than LOVE. It was Cupid’s magnetizing arrow, a bolt of cosmic life force, the strongest energy in existence. As happened to you, it usually hits us—bulls-eye in the depths of heart and soul—precisely when we aren’t looking for it. And what do you do now, indeed?


You embrace, with gratitude, the gift from the cosmos, designed to show you that you are still fully capable of being lovestruck, even after all you’ve been through in your previous relationship. It’s a miraculous reminder that you are in a brand new beginning that’s only disguised as an ending. It’s a timely reminder that you are still profoundly and cracklingly ALIVE when it comes to romantic longing, shakti-force, lust, eros, and sensuality.


Beyond taking that reminder to heart, what you do is just commit to undergoing the experience. The experience will do the work for you of learning the lessons. Experience the experience. Feel the feelings (yes, feel them fully—embrace them!), and learn the lessons. Other than that, you do absolutely nothing. You just sit in the uncomfortable complexity of all you’ve shared here, and expand into full embodiment of these new truths about who you are.


Eventually it will become more comfortable to embody all of who you are. A woman with these feelings for someone who is unavailable; a woman in the final throes of a divorce; and a woman who has newly woken up to a freer, fuller, vaster expression of your sexuality. With these things more or less reconciled within you, and the container of who you are broadened, that is when the lesson will have been learned.


Our soul measures a successful life by different terms than our culture does. For instance, the soul measures according to how much we grow, how much we learn, how much we self-actualize, how much we evolve, how much we expand, how courageously we live our authentic truth, how much we “give,” and how much we bring forth what’s within us to be brought forth. The soul has no interest in whether or not we “land” a given love interest.


Love is that galvanizing whoosh you described, and then immediately that whoosh becomes a cane hooked around our neck, yanking us into love’s classroom. And there we take a front row seat, whether we like what we are learning there, or not.


Because love is a force stronger than our will-power, we will always be compelled to stay put in that seat. Again, we might not like it, we may try to use our will-power to flee, but ultimately it’s as if we are hi-jacked, through love’s magic, into a new and unexpected course of study.


Love is the lure, the beacon, the magnet, the draw, the cane around our neck, inviting—allowing for—the lessons of love to have their way with us. When love beckons, we will follow its lead, even if no actual physical relationship emerges. For love really just wants to command our attention and is perfectly happy to teach us what we are meant to learn, even with the object of our desire totally absent.


What is love, really? It’s an energy force, the most powerful in existence. It permeates the quantum reality, forms the content of the cosmic consciousness, is the stuff of the “invisible realm” that surrounds us. We ARE love, just as much as we experience it, just as much as we give and receive love in our lives, and just as much as we know it when we see it. AND love is also an ultra-strong, undeniable feeling that takes hold of us.


Love is a force stronger than our own will-power, that’s for sure. It highlights the limitations we ourselves have over the full control of our lives. The fact that we create our own reality does not equal *controlling* it. Love pries and cracks us open, blowing new winds into our sails, letting in slivers of light where before there was darkness. Love does this whether we were looking for that or not.


As we’ve all learned the hard way, love is most certainly NOT a guarantee of anything panning out or even having a remote chance of blossoming romantically. Love can obviously ignite into partnership. But love can just as soon be entirely one-sided and unrequited. Love can be fully felt by two parties, yet not acted upon by one or both. The options are endless, for the forms love takes comprise a vast spectrum.


Generally, the outcome of the sort of whoosh you felt will veer far from the “happily ever after” plotlines of fairy tales and romantic comedies. You’ve obviously already lived the proof of that in your 26-year relationship, a sacred contract that ran its course and is now dissolving.


All in all, love is our greatest teacher and our greatest tool for personal transformation. So along with the electric charge of love you have experienced, you have officially been inducted into a powerful teaching.


Love is a burst of life force coursing through us, forcing us to attend to it. Love catalyzes an excitement and a giddiness within us. It brings an enhanced sense of promise and possibility to our everyday. It adds vitality, pixie dust, and juice to our lives, brightening things up exponentially. Even if the object of our desire has no idea of any of this.


Along with these energizing perks, love also brings its shadowy counterpart. The magic is accompanied by grave discomfort. The excitement doubles as anxiety. We second-guess our feelings, we second-guess our desirability, we might question the soundness of our heartmath, or even of our very sanity.


We decide we’re not good enough for this love to be reciprocated: “Perhaps if I were more of this or that I would be chosen!” OR, “Perhaps, rather, I’m too much of this or that.” And these lessons, ultimately, brought forth so predictably by love’s beckon, become a matter of our needing to commit to a deeper mastery of our relationship to ourselves! These sorts of lessons become a call to love ourselves more.


The thing is, once love has beckoned, we women especially can tend to become quite attached to the object of our desire. We now want that person. We want our fix! We want to partner with them. We want to be close. We want to leap over the cliff together—to FALL. We secretly want to possess them and to be possessed in return.


We imagine foot-rubs. Movies. Reading the New York Times with our beloved on a Sunday morning, wearing plush matching bathrobes, munching on croissants and sipping fresh-squeezed orange juice. We place the object of our desire in our fairy-tale fantasy—projecting them handily into the movie script we had already written, called “A Perfect Love.”


Now, along with projecting onto them and fantasizing, we are also yearning. Now we are longing. Now we are pining. Now we are downright obsessed!! Suddenly that thrilling, divinely-infused life force coursing through our veins—reminding us we are fully alive, gosh darn it, has become a full-fledged “addiction”! Yes, now we are in a fundamental state of addiction, to someone who has no idea of it. And frankly, given the ignobility of it all, thank God for that!


When we find ourselves in the throes of an obsession, it’s more a matter of the obsession having us, than of us having the obsession. Why? Because it is, to a large extent, a force outside our control. An obsession will eventually run its course. We will either land the person indeed (generally once we’ve grown and gotten a handle on ourselves), OR we will outgrow and shed the obsession.


Sometimes it’s a slow boat, having an obsession wind down, but there’s no way to rush the process. What we can’t do is overpower an obsession with our will—to just “snap out of it” and come to our senses. An obsession is something that must be contended with, as it has us in its grip. And it can happen to the best of us.


To sum it all up:


Love is the ultimate lure into life’s classroom. Love is the most powerful teacher. Love will show you who you are and teach you things about life you have never otherwise had any window into understanding. Love is a beacon cry that is hard to resist—it gets our attention, it draws us in. Our will-power and our “common sense” are no match for whatever lessons love is bringing us. We will tend to surrender. And then it’s never quite what we expect. It’s ALWAYS, yes always, a hall of study and never just the thrilling, mind-blowing July 4th fireworks celebration we were hoping for.


Relatedly, a key part of the magic of our identities is how very fluid and flexible they are. Life will for sure throw us some curve balls designed to help us discover things about ourselves that were entirely unexpected. One minute we thought we were full-blown straight, and the next minute we discover we are somewhere more dynamic on the sizzling spectrum of sexuality.


EXPERIENCE is what we are all on this planet to undergo. Some of it is uncomfortable, some of it is exhilarating, some of it is interesting, some of it is beautiful, and all of it counts for so very much. Our life experiences continually reorient us to a more expanded sense of self, a more “open” sense of self. For that is in keeping with the powerful, magical, miraculous truth of being a human being. Or to be more specific, it’s more in keeping with the grand odyssey that is being a spirit having a human experience on planet Earth.



Hi Naomi,

I, like many, am very concerned about what I am seeing on the news and in our world. I’ve read your inspiring newsletters and blogs speaking of “the collective consciousness” and the illusion of the “we/they” divide. I agree that these are the kinds of conversations that need to happen. It’s just that, at the same time, I know that people, myself included, might say, “but listen, the fact is that there are things out there that I didn’t create with my mind that just are not right…there are ways of thinking and acting that hurt people and I have not created these things out of my thinking”… But more and more, I am inclined to wonder what can it mean that I (in connection with the fullness of creation around me) actually do perhaps produce these realities, at least *as they exist for me*? Any thoughts?


The short answer is that our planet is in an ascension process in which we will all sooner than later, in our own time, in our own way, come to realize the shocking power of THOUGHT in the making of our individual AND collective reality.

To go into more detail--indeed to “grapple” with this question as much as to outright answer it—let me say this: 

Our life experience is largely a product of meaning-making and interpretation. These are mental processes, thought processes. Everything we experience is filtered through our interpretive lens, which operates like a souped-up, one-of-a-kind movie camera, that adds color, flavor, a take, and a spin onto everything we behold. We all have a way of seeing that is particular to who we are, the entirety of who we are. That includes nature AND nurture and a whole slew of other factors.

We all have a very particular “point of view”—an outlook. I like to call this our unique personal “matrix.” Our matrix consists of knowledge, wisdom, and would-be “common sense.” It’s in quotes because common sense is not actually “common” or even shared beyond our own matrix at all. It is rather specific to our social location. This holds true whether we went with what we were taught and indoctrinated into, or whether we rebelled against the ideas we were subjected to. Either way, whether we are in opposition to it, or aligned with it, the backdrop into which we incarnated—combined with our personal programming—informs who we are in fundamental ways.

Often what we make of "what has happened"—in our lives and in the world—is a story, a creation, and in a sense a fiction. How is it a fiction? Because we erroneously take our interpretation of an occurrence to be “the truth.” We take it to be a fundamental and inherent truth, an Absolute Truth. Of course, our perspective is true FOR US, and it is perfectly legitimate as a way to see things.

A big part of my own teachings is to discover, connect to, and honor our own truth. Why? Because it’s critical for our personal development—for our freedom, for our wholeness, for our well-being, and for our empowerment—that we establish what our personal truth is. However, we can tend to forget that OUR truth is not the same as THE truth. There are any number of truths out there on any given matter. Indeed, you could consider that there are as many “truths” as there are people on this planet.

We don’t always realize how profoundly limited our own lenses are, and this is shared in common by the vast majority of people on this planet, of all backgrounds. But also, cosmically speaking, we all do share in the creation of reality--even the things we don't like (and even if we can't see how it's so)--by being vibrationally in alignment with those things happening.

What does that mean? Well, as an example, if we subscribe to "we/they" thinking, we are now vibrationally in alignment with things unfolding in the world around us that provide evidence for this way of seeing. These might include various “isms,” forms of victimhood, violence, hierarchies, all manner of A/B power dynamics. So perhaps we don’t like what we see in the world, but at the same time without realizing it, our own thought processes are actually resonating with these things happening.

If we believe there is actual separation rather than interconnectivity between human tribes, if we live in a state of reactivity rather than creativity, if we choose fear and judgment of others rather than unconditional love of all our human brothers and sisters. If we do any of these things, even at the level of thought only, then we are not part of the solution, we are part of the problem.

We are co-creating our reality with every thought we think. And if we monitor our thoughts closely--our own thoughts--we will see that they are not as innocent and clean and pure as we assume them to be. In our minds, we cast aspersions on celebrities, public figures, our parents, our friends, our enemies, our co-workers, and our bosses.

Maybe also other races, cultures, classes, or genders much as we don’t care to admit it. Or perhaps we are truly above that, and we only hate people who hate, and judge people who judge… (making us judgers and haters in the process!) and the list goes on. In our minds, if we are totally honest, for even the best of us, our thoughts can be cruel and malicious and negative and dark and biting and catty.

These energies within our minds merge with the collective consciousness and foster and facilitate the literal evil that others then enact in the world. The suggestible people, the disintegrated people, the low-vibrating people among us act out the things many of us are thinking. Thankfully most of us are too emotionally and psychologically healthy to ever actually act these things out. But we sure see the cruelty and reactivity of the average, more “healthy” person on social media and comment sections. If we look within ourselves we will see it there too, much as we don’t like to look there. We so prefer to point over at others.

We are all interconnected. And our thoughts matter so much more than we’ve been taught they do. Imagine it's like the perpetrators we judge for an evil act had been infected in the first place by our very own thinking. This might sound extreme, but it’s what is operating on an invisible level unbeknownst to us. If you are baffled by what you see in the world and can’t make sense of it, know that much of it is happening on the level of the invisible and can only be explained in metaphysical terms.

Our thoughts matter so much more than we realize and we must clear, purify, and raise the vibration of our mindsets. Our very own thoughts create the set of on-going, seemingly unresolvable polarities and dualities we see before us. We all have tremendous power, every one of us, based on the power of our thoughts. Every one of us human beings is imbued with an incredibly powerful energy field and creative capacities and true genius.

Even perceiving of ourselves or someone else as a victim (while passionately declaring we do not) is to co-create a reality where we or they will be victimized. This is how the universal "law of attraction" works. It works on the individual level and it works on the collective level. It works as straightforwardly as gravity, and like gravity, the law of attraction operates equally for everyone. We attract to us what we fear, and we attract to us what we believe to be true and real. We attract to us the hologram, the matrix, the web of what we believe is true in the world.

We perpetuate the reality we see before us by buying into it and ascribing false meaning to "what is." We can turn this around by embracing the miracle of life and the fact we all chose to be here, in the specific human form, with the specific incarnation we arrived in. To be grateful for the miracle we are a part of. To have reverence for ALL of life. For every species. For our sacred planet. For our beloved Mother Earth. And to learn to accept and even love our fellow human beings from the depths of our hearts and souls.

We signed up to incarnate on this planet in order to be the change we wish to see in the world. We did not come here to be jarred by what we encountered in this world that was already in progress long before we got here. We did not come here to be whiners and complainers, reacting to the state of the world. We can free ourselves from these habits of being through healing and learning to truly love ourselves. We can free ourselves by plugging into our magnificence, by radically caring for ourselves on levels of mind, body, heart, and soul. We can raise our magnetism and dial up our life force, hone our intuition, and the list goes on.

We can all do this, as long as we know how, no matter what our station in life. Shifting our orientation to life and others in this way will mean we are contributing light-filled energy to the collective consciousness rather than simply spewing more darkness into the mix without even realizing we are doing so because it feels so right, so natural, and so justified *in our interpretation of things*.

The key is to come from compassion and even gratitude for all of God's creatures. It's also helpful to know that every human being has power. Tremendous power. If you believe you don't have power and someone else does, you have made it so, right in that instant, just by thinking it. Our personal power, the power that lies within ourselves, is of great magnitude, and every one of us is equal in that, regardless of our status in the world.

Every human life matters tremendously. Yes, EVERY LIFE MATTERS, and that’s a spiritual fact. Even those lives it might appear to the 5-senses don't have the respect, regard, value, or honor they warrant, no matter where they fall on the human spectrum. It is where we ourselves are judgmental and intolerant that we must mend. We must not merely point over at others while believing ourselves to be an angel touristing around on the planet.

Basically what I'm saying is that we, collectively, do shape our reality even if we think we don't. Our reactions and our negative thoughts create a misalignment in our human assignment to love one another unconditionally. And as you can see, the scale of human "reactions" to problems has had little effect on actually eliminating those problems.

As Einstein has famously said, “no problem can be solved at the level of consciousness that created it.” What's needed, then, is mass thinking at a higher level, a raising of consciousness, by one and all. We don't so much "solve" our problems as we outgrow them, said Jung. We must grow. And that applies to all of us. Not just that ever-ubiquitous "them."



Hi Naomi,

I am writing to ask you for some advice on Spirit Guides. My cousin recently said that she received a message from her Spirit Guide. She said that her Spirit Guide had been trying to communicate with her for the past few months, however she had been blocking her Spirit Guide’s attempt at communication. Her Spirit Guide is an uncle that passed away a couple of years ago. Her Spirit Guide finally managed to get her message to her, however, it came “through” a friend/colleague of hers, who was relaying the messages from the Spirit Guide to my cousin.

My question is: 

Can a Spirit Guide communicate in this manner? My belief was that they didn’t communicate in this manner. I’m concerned for my cousin and her believing what this woman had to say. As far as I know, she’s not psychic. In fact, I believe she’s making it up to manipulate her. I would love your professional opinion on this matter, even if it just gives me more clarity as to how Spirit Guides communicate with us.


The UNIVERSE, aka Higher Source, God, Divinity, the quantum sphere, whatever you want to call it, does communicate with us in any way it can. We are all plugged into a “higher intelligence,” a “cosmic consciousness” that sends us signs and signals of all sorts. They are usually soft, profound whispers in the background of our life, easily overlooked and prone to go unnoticed if we don’t go out of our way to get still. Sometimes these signs come through what another person says to us, a song we overhear, a line in a television show, an ad on the subway, a book we are drawn to, an instance of synchronicity (aka, there truly is no such thing as a coincidence), a chance encounter, or a whole slew of other ways.

Spirit Guides are not to be confused with those HIGHER and HIGHEST beings. There are many different spiritual belief systems asserting a lot of different things, and there’s a whole lot of mystery to the quantum realm. So it's not my job here (or yours for that matter) to assess what's "Right" here and what's "Wrong"--what's “absolutely true” and what's not true. This is really between your cousin and her Higher Source, not between you and her. It’s not even between her and the colleague who told her whatever she told her.

I would encourage you to let go of your investments in what your cousin is choosing to believe, allow her to have her own experience and understandings, even if she has to learn some things the hard way. Get into your own backyard, your own center. We are not in charge of other people’s beliefs, actions, and choices. "Worrying" for them isn't the most productive energy, and indeed puts an oppressive and controlling energy out there as its shadow, operating along with the sweet, genuine, heartfelt concern it expresses.

With that stated, in my own spiritual frame of reference, in the teachings I've encountered AND in my own 12-years as a professional intuitive consultant, Spirit Guides are NOT our deceased friends or relatives. Our deceased friends and relatives can and do certainly help us tremendously on our paths after they've crossed over (if they are assigned or authorized to do so.) They are there for us as spirits, as humans crossed over, in many invisible ways, offering subtle guidance and support. But they are not our Spirit Guides. Spirit guides have a far greater responsibility to serve us expertly and intensively on our life paths than do our deceased loved ones.

ALSO: The mind is meant to be the servant of our intuition, and the intuition is the way the universe communicates with us. So our culture has it backwards when we prioritize our brain-based and 5-senses-based interpretations over our soul-led ones, over our Inner Knowing. HOWEVER: It’s important that we not go to the other extreme, ignoring the sound input of the mind and throwing caution to the wind in the face of an intuitive hit—whether our own or someone else’s.

We MUST always use our brains, our intellect, and our smarts, to discern and process the messages of the intuition. It's never wise to assume that because a message comes to us through signs or intuition (much less from someone else’s intuition) that it's correct, that it's to be believed, or to be followed.

WE must position ourselves “at cause” and in the driver's seat of our lives. NO quantum being, not Spirit Guides, not angels or archangels, and not even God, will override our human birthright of free will. Let me also say that I haven't seen a case where a Spirit Guide was aggressive about getting a message to us. They are there in service to us, in a permanent manner, in a silent, invisible manner, and generally speaking they are not allowed to interfere with our HUMAN doings and unfoldings in a way that is apparent to us.

Now let me qualify that: They can only intervene in an overt way *if we ask directly and invite them in, if we initiate and cultivate a relationship with them*. So if someone is, for any reason, energetically blocking them, a Spirit Guide would not be persistent and override that blocking. Now beings of a higher phyla than that might intervene, like God, angels, or archangels in order to wake a person up *if* that is what's meant to be, if the person is ripe for it, if it's for the person's greatest good, AND if it’s what their soul is asking for. But in my understanding, that is definitely not the role of a Spirit Guide.


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1.   If I could wave a wand, we would honor our interconnectedness. We would recognize the existence of a collective consciousness we are all creating and participating in together, as individuals and groups. 

We are all affected by and contributing to the collective consciousness. Hence, if the average person is living in a cloudy rather than a sunny place, why would we not expect people at the outermost fringes and at the depths of disintegration to act out their deepest darkness, which is really but an extreme symptom of the collective darkness held in the collective consciousness. So when we point a finger at these disintegrated folks, three fingers point back at we ourselves. How so? Purely because the truth is we are all in this together.


2.  If I could wave a wand, we human beings would make *love* the bottom line. 

We would place our heart connections with our fellow human beings (all of them—whether we “like” them or not) over and above questions that are purely of the mind, namely about who is right or wrong, good or bad, who is to blame, who is at fault. We would learn to harmoniously relate across our differences, and we would learn to accept and reconcile ourselves to one another’s differences.


3. If I could wave a wand, I would have us all commit to raising our individual vibrations, as the key path to creating a better world.

For a better you truly does make for a better world. You matter that much! You have that much power! And we can only raise our own vibration. No one else can do it for us, and nor can we force anyone else to raise theirs.  

We can’t legislate, mandate, force, or even imprison enough of the so-called “bad guys” to get them to raise theirs. We must raise our own vibrations, and in doing so, we give others permission to do the same. A raised vibration is infectious, it’s inspiring, it’s healing. It can give rise to miracles and magic. Have you ever been around someone whose very energy is healing for being so pure? One raised vibration raises that of the whole. And with enough raised vibrations, we can all live in the sunshine.


4. If I could wave a wand, we would realize that it most definitely wasn’t God (or a higher power of any other name) who allowed this tragedy in Orlando to happen, it was we ourselves, collectively, we human beings. 

It was us, with our choices and our particular ways of being and doing.  These sorts of tragedies are indeed the natural order of things when we consent—all of us—to living in a world of we-they divides, of back-biting, judgment, fear, negativity, grudges, resentments, of separation from one another and from a higher power, of intolerance and viciousness in thought, word, and deed.  Often without realizing it, we all run commerce, to some degree or another, in these ways of being. It would change the world if we simply caught ourselves in the act.


5. If I could wave a wand, our culture would hold a much deeper, richer understanding of death.

We wouldn’t fear it so darn much. No matter how it happens, death is a sacred process of transitioning to a higher state. Usually, achieving that “graduation” from human life requires an illness so severe we die from it, an accident so grave we die from it, or some other catastrophe that catapults us across when our time comes. We’re permanent and eternal beings. We only shed our bodies, not our souls, not our “beings.” If we understood this more deeply, it wouldn’t destroy the lives of those still here on Earth when death happens.  

We would have a more measured outlook about it. We would mourn, it would shake us, the tragedy of losing loved ones would still be great, because every life matters so very much. We would miss those who have crossed over in exponential proportions. But the trauma of the experience would at the same time be kept in perspective. If we shifted our outlook on death, then when tragedy strikes, our lives could go on in the firm knowing that our loved ones who’ve crossed over are more than fine, perfectly, exquisitely fine, having simply graduated to their next playing field.

Dying to Be Me by Anita Moorjani is a great book that I strongly recommend. It's an autobiography about the author's near-death experience that will demystify death and dying, and greatly reduce your fears about it. It even addresses the nuances and the spiritual source of terminal illness. It may well give you some reassurance and peace of mind, especially if you are in the throes of dealing with a death that's been difficult to accept and come to terms with.


6.    If I could wave a wand, we would all be catalyzed to BE THE CHANGE WE WISH TO SEE IN THE WORLD.

In the wake of Brexit and Orlando, my own resolve has increased exponentially, to be an ambassador for love, to be a teacher of our oneness, to help people raise their vibrations, and to continue to raise my own.  So even as these events devastate me to the point of tears bursting forth, they also inspire, expand, and energize me.  And if enough of us are made better for it, and make a more powerful contribution for it, those deaths will not have been in vain. Each of those humans-become-spirits will have left a powerful legacy on this planet of a permanent shift for the better. For those of us still here, and for generations to come.