Naomi has been a professional intuitive for over a decade now, helping clients resolve their problems, step into greater clarity, and bring about the circumstances they are wanting in their lives.

The majority of Naomi’s clients come to her seeking:

  • More galvanizing love lives.
  • More harmonious interpersonal relationships.
  • Stronger career prospects.
  • Greater abundance and prosperity.
  • Enhanced beauty, style, and self-expression.
  • Optimal health.
  • Radiant well-being.

Well, guess what. You can straightforwardly draw all these things into your life, but getting them starts with connecting more deeply to yourself and stepping into your soulful self-mastery.

The magic bullet is to plug into your own socket.

How do you do that? Naomi’s work as an intuitive and transformational teacher is designed to show you how.

 Would you enjoy having more:

  •  Luminosity
  • Confidence
  • Empowerment
  • Strength
  • Clarity
  • Expansion
  • Beauty
  • Fabulousness
  • Vibrant health
  • Command of self

These are the qualities that make us magnetic. They make us attractive to other people and compel them to respect, admire, adore, and do for us. These are also the qualities that if on display will draw to us the circumstances and opportunities we are wishing to experience.

Suddenly life’s “starting gates” open up to us. Suddenly, we find ourselves playing the game of life more juicily, on a grander playing field. For embodying these charms will transform our lives in all the ways we are secretly praying for.

Naomi’s intuitive consulting and transformational teaching is designed to help you step into your soulful self-mastery. To soulfully master yourself is to commit to become your truest and greatest self. It’s also to commit to loving your life and loving yourself with ardor.

Sound compelling? Ready to go to the next level of yourself?

Then you have found yourself in the right place at the right time! Serendipity is a powerful thing. Naomi is delighted your paths have crossed in this fortuitous way. It's time to start mastering the art of Y-O-U.

So what are your ideal first steps with Naomi?

The favored way to work with Naomi is in the unique magic of a one-hour, one-on-one *iNsight* session. Naomi books out approximately 3-4 weeks in advance, so go ahead and jump in the schedule now! Your session will be here before we know it. BOOK NOW


Dive into Naomi's life-altering digital course, JOURNEY TO Y-O-U: THE ART OF SOULFUL SELF-MASTERY. You can have the lectures, discussion sessions, and sacred homework assignments in your hands this very minute! In this 7-week online class, Naomi provides the stepping stones and the "how to" for becoming your truest and greatest self. Who doesn't want that?! READ MORE


Get in the roster for Naomi's one-day workshop: MASTER THE ART OF KNOWING: USE YOUR INTUITION AS HIGH BEAM HEADLIGHTS ON LIFE'S ROAD. Your intuition is your most powerful inner resource. Join Naomi in learning how to use this super-power to your full advantage in your life! READ MORE


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Here's to your truth and your greatness!