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E M B / R A C E   A L C H E M Y



(THIS IS A SCRAP) Naomi Pabst is the founder of EMB/RACE ALCHEMY. It's an initiative that focuses on SOLUTIONS to matters of race and racism, and foregrounds personal development as the key pathway to societal transformation.


• . . . if you want to see real change in our world in the arena of race and racism: more reverence for each and every life; more compassion; more empathy; more justice; more peace; more equality; more harmony; and more understanding.


• . . . if the overt, undeniable racism you see in the news and the world around you jars you, sickens you, baffles you, hurts your heart, and makes your head spin.


• . . . if you are of the belief that change begins with the person we see in the mirror. it's not some elusive, projected, imagined "they" who need to change, but rather we ourselves. Mahatma Gandhi put it beautifully when he said, "as humans,  our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world... as in being able to remake ourselves."


• . . . if you wish to transform yourself into an embodied bearer of the change you wish to see in the world. for in order to create more love and light and fairness in our society, we ourselves need to BE that love and light and fairness. to be the change we wish to see in the world, we need to cultivate ourselves into passionate beacons of light and love, empathy and compassion. we also have to deepen our understanding of ourselves and others, developing a palpable understanding of the very real differences between us. 


• . . . if you are concerned that, whatever your own background might happen to be, even as you're certainly not a racist, your very own thought processes on race might not be the healthiest and you'd like to learn ways to conceive of race more fruitfully, in a way that liberates you and everyone you encounter.


• . . . if you want to learn more about--and even get into a position to do something about--the treacherous racial landscape in this society and in our world.


• . . . if you're pretty sure that even as institutional racism is a problem the magnitude of which cannot be overstated, it isn't the only problem when it comes to race. you suspect that there might also be a glitch in our racial logic to begin with, a flaw in the very way we perceive of ourselves and others.


• . . . if you have a hunch that the way we coral people into races and then uphold these categories unquestioningly over decades and centuries, is problematic. as if people truly belong straightforwardly in discreet, neat categories. as if "we" and "they" divides are real. and as if continuing to view things this way will actually lead to any sort of freedom for anybody. 


• . . . if you're certain racism continues to be one of the biggest blights confronting human beings, even in contemporary times. you want to see a radical shift in the matter of "racism" itself, in the form of systems, institutions, and social hierarchies, AND in the form of individual prejudices. you're quite confident that the appalling historical legacies upon which our society was built can't help but to have been carried over into our present, causing people and groups untold pain, suffering, and oppression each and every day. 


• . . . if you are not sold on the "blame game" we tend to play in our society, with so many people--on all sides the color line--quick to offend. so many on the defensive. so many drawing lines in the sand. so many pointing fingers at others. too little actual dialog, too little engagement, too little listening across lines of difference. so many sharing in common the certainty that when it comes to race, they have the answers, and moreover, they are right! others are wrong!


does a movement with these precepts sound compelling to you? if "YES," then by all means join! it's an agenda the likes of which the world has never seen.


E M B / R A C E   A L C H E M Y is an agenda for freedom, for healing, for wholeness, and for empowerment.


because these are the birthrights of every human being on this planet. the circumstances of our lives might cut us off from these intrinsic aspects of ourselves, but they reside within each and every one of us and need only be activated. there are steps that can be taught to accessing and actualizing these dormant parts of us.


E M B / R A C E   A L C H E M Y is a set of teachings and mindset shifts that will enable us to learn HOW TO honor ourselves AND how to fully accept, respect, and yes, emb/race our fellow human beings, no matter who they might be, no matter their beliefs or their positioning in the social schema.


let us learn to love ourselves so we can truly love and emb/race others. indeed, let us love rather than fear and resent one another. let us honor and celebrate one another rather than judge, hierarchize, and "other." let us learn how to see ourselves in other people, and other people in ourselves.


E M B / R A C E   A L C H E M Y is a mindset shift, a mission, a message, and a movement that is dedicated to offering the tools, techniques, skills, and illumination for HOW TO live as the light, how to be the inspiration, how to be the change we wish to see in the world.


it's time for us all to: 

E M B / R A C E   A L C H E M Y