Naomi Pabst, PhD is a transformational teacher, a writer, and a healer.


She is also a strategist for change agents and messengers enacting various forms of societal transformation. A lifelong grappler with the riddles of race, culture, identity, and difference, Naomi is a passionate ambassador for love and the oneness of all human beings. Naomi lectures, leads workshops, and teaches online courses on:


SELF-MASTERY:  Plugging into our truth and our greatness.

SELF-KNOWLEDGE:  Understanding the layers of who we truly are.

MAGICAL RELATING:  How to negotiate our human differences.

ONENESS:  Understanding our individuality AND our interconnectedness to everything else.


For twelve years Naomi was an Ivy League professor. Five years ago she walked away from academia, heeding the dictates of her soul. For the past twelve years, she has served as a sought-after consultant, with a global client base numbering in the thousands. She has specialized in helping high-profile people plug deeper into their true purpose, and to identify and remove any blocks that stand in their way to fulfilling their highest calling. Naomi is also formally trained as an energy healer in a powerful modality called Harmonyum. 


With these varied hats she wears, Naomi is at once a scholar, a wisdom warrior, a guide, and a catalyst for transformation. In this capacity, Naomi has served leaders, luminaries, visionaries, and game-changers in many powerful ways. Some of those she works with are household names and others are "up-and-comers" on the rise in industries ranging from the arts, to politics, to publishing, to entertainment, to fashion, to wellness, to academia, to personal development, and to spirituality. 


Naomi’s greatest calling--which also happens to be her area of academic expertise--is to offer a healing and a reorientation of how we address the ever-charged topics of race and racism. She earned her PhD in the History of Consciousness under the guidance of scholar-activist Angela Y. Davis. She then taught for two years in Harvard's famed black studies department, and then for ten years in Yale's. 


Naomi is currently writing a book about her fascinating journey through the racial trenches, which turned out to be a path toward self-realization and discovering her true purpose. She lays out how it's true for us all that standing in our authenticity and our greatness is the gateway to thriving and deeper quality of life. Naomi is a contributor to such online publications as the Huffington Post and MindBodyGreen.


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