Energy Healing is the best kept secret going. You should not only know about it, but you should be having periodic sessions.

Occasional energy healings should be required, a strict non-negotiable, for every person on this planet. We cleanse our bodies, our teeth, our hair; we clean our homes; we clean our cars. And we don't even think to tend to the most important things about ourselves: our soul and our auric field! Indeed, we are at essence energetic beings, beings of light. 


An energy healing with Naomi will cleanse your energy field, re-set your nervous system, and enable you to let go of a heavy load of emotional baggage you didn't even realize you were carrying. 

All this will happen while you are doing absolutely nothing! Just lying face down, on the Mercedes of massage tables, listening to carefully-curated sound-healing meditation music, immersed in the deepest state of relaxation you've ever experienced.

Kind words from a treasured client about his energy healing with Naomi:

I am of course not sure exactly what you did or what happened but the results were a feeling of significantly greater lightness, spaciousness, and playfulness— not bad. And, not only not bad, but very good. Thank you so much.

Naomi has long been a huge fan of energy healing.

For over a decade she's been visiting an array of energy healers for powerful treatments herself. It's the ultimate form of pampering and self-care. It lifts the weight we are carrying unknowingly, and assists powerfully with our personal up-leveling process and our spiritual evolution. 

Given her love of energy healing, in the past Naomi was constantly recommending her favorite practitioners to her clients and friends.

Over a year ago now Naomi decided to become a favorite energy healer.

She traveled to Los Angeles to undergo an intensive training in her favorite healing modality, Harmonyum Healing. She took to it like a duck to water and loves nothing more than to offer her clients this brilliant bio-metaphysical treat. It's been over a year since she learned the technique, and Naomi is now tried and tested, having given many-a-healing to rave reviews. She will LOVE to offer you a healing.

The benefits of having a healing translates into better outcomes in the practical matters of life.

This includes our love lives and other important relationships; our careers, callings, and dreams; our finances; and all aspects of our health and wellness.

Ultra-kind words from a cherished client on her energy healing session with Naomi:

I went to my doctor a few days after our session and the inflammation in my arm had gone down by more than half. My doctor couldn’t explain how that was possible, but I was confident it was because of the beautiful Harmonyum Healing you gave me.


(*In-Person Only*)

Your investment: $400

For the same price as a one-hour intuitive reading, you get a 1.5 hour experience with Naomi. We start with a 40-minute intuitive reading relating to the issues you wish to heal, resolve or release in your life. Then we transfer you to a plush massage table where you radically relax, lying face down for your 40-minute Harmonyum Treatment.

You can expect an ultra-relaxing, non-invasive experience of light tough up and down the entire spinal column, from neck to sacrum. You will find by the end of your session, your energy will have shifted and your vibration will be raised.

In addition to restoring the nervous system and realigning the cellular and auric levels of your field, this energy healing modality activates your own self-healing mechanism. For within us lives a higher self that already knows whatever it needs, on levels of mind, body, heart, and soul. This healing treatment will blow some extra life force energy into this oft deactivated part of you, enabling you to hear its whispers more readily.

Naomi will love to offer you this sacred experience, this uplifting “spring cleaning” for the spirit.  


(*In-Person Only*)

Your investment: $400